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Flight Confirmation VFODAN
Flight # 649 Nov 7, 2017, scheduled departure of 7:30 PM Kathmandu to Doha

This is in reference to my return flight from Kathmandu, Nepal to Doha-New York-Fort Lauderdale, USA. I had an unusually bad experience with Qatar Airways at Tribhubhan International Airport on my return flight from Kathmandu-Doha-New York-Fort Lauderdale. I'm greatly regretting that I chose Qatar Airways for this travel at all, as it has caused me a lot of inconveniences. It is my hope that you will read my account below and at the least refund $652.00, which I should have been never charged.

On Nov 7, 2017, I arrived at Kathmandu's Tribhubhan International Airport for Qatar Airways Flight# 649, scheduled to depart 7:30 pm that evening. Due to an unusually bad traffic condition in Kathmandu that evening, I arrived at the airport later than I would have liked, about 40minutes before the flight was scheduled to depart, even though I was staying 15minutes away from the airport, and had left 2.5 hours in advance - I was still delayed.

However, despite this unfortunate traffic jam, that resulted in my later arrival at the airport, it was not too late for me to make it to the flight because as I completed my security checks and arrived at the Qatar counter, the monitors at the airport were showing that my scheduled flight was boarding and the airport announcements were requesting the passengers to proceed for boarding. But to my dismay, your staff that the Qatar Airways counter told me, that I couldn't get on my scheduled flight, as I was late and that my seat that been sold to someone else.

I may have arrived late (and again, through no fault of mine), but I know for a fact that it was not too late to board the plane (and please feel free to refer to the CCTV at the airport). If your staffs had wanted to help, I could have easily made it to the flight because Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport, is quite small and anyone who has been there knows that it is quite simple to get to the gates. And if your staffs had wanted to help, that process could have been easily expedited also, as it happens in airports around the world every day. Also, your own boarding passed states that gates close 20 minutes before the flight departure. But the truth of the matter is, as your staff stated, the seat had been sold to someone else.

Once they told me my seat was given to someone else, I was in dismay, because my ticket stated it was a confirmed seat (I had gotten it printed from Qatar's office in Hattisaar, just a few days prior), repeated announcements at the airport were requesting passengers for boarding and I know from my numerous flights with Qatar Airways that every boarding pass states that the gates close 20 minutes before the flight depart. And I know well enough I was there way before that. But when my seat had been given away, they could not do much I guess. So, I requested that I be accommodated on the next flight, which was scheduled to depart at 8:50pm that evening a little over 2 hours from that time. They informed me that there were open seats but that they would not be able to accommodate me. They didn't give a reason why, just that I should go to Qatar Airways office in Hattisaar, Kathmandu, which was closed and would open at 9 am next morning. By the time I got out of the airport after failing to receive any help, the announcement in the airport was still asking the passengers to board the plane. I travel frequently, and how uncooperative your staffs were and the lack of customer service, is beyond my belief.

Unable to receive any concrete answers or any kind of assistance from your staffs at the airport, I was left with no option but to get out of the airport, and wait till next morning. The next morning at Qatar's Office in Hattisaar, I was told that they could put me on a 4:40pm flight that day, but I would have to pay 662.00 dollars. Their reason was that I was a no-show and that's why the system had changed me that amount and that there was nothing they could do. I asked them how I could be a no-show when I was there in person while the airport announcement was asking passengers to board the plane before the gate had closed. They didn't have any answer except that the system did and they had no way around it. It was impossible to talk logic or sense with your staffs at Qatar Airways. With no option left, and already delayed by a day leaving for home, I paid the 662.00 dollars and left.


In summary, even with my delayed arrival, I could have easily made it to the flight if either your staffs at the airport wanted to help or more importantly, had not given my seat to someone else. Furthermore, for whatever reason they gave my seat to someone else, they could have easily accommodated me to the next flight scheduled to depart at 8:50pm that very evening or to the one next morning. But they refused to do that instead asked me to go to Qatar Airways office in Hattisaar, only to be told that I was a no-show (which is absurd because I did show up with a confirmed ticket before the gates closed) and that the only way I could get home is to pay $662.00. This is the most absurd thing I've even encountered. It is like asking me to pay for your employees' incompetence. So, please refund my $662.00 which was charged quite unfairly and unreasonably and I hope we can resolve this in an efficient and a timely manner.


Joe Minick

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