Purolatorjaylee automotive depot in cranbrook bc - lack of customer service

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I ordered a pair of teva sandals from for my husbands birthday. Shipping was free- says so on my invoice BUT when I went to pick up my package at Jaylee Auto I was told I owed $38+ for collect shipping. I called Shoeme and they said, no it's been paid. We will send a fax to Jaylee. So the young lady there (I use that term loosely), proceeded to tell me that this wasn't good enough. "you could be talking to your friend on the phone or anybody or just pretending to avoid paying these charges". My jaw hit the floor that she would actually say that to my face. I almost lost it. Then she said they needed to send a fax. So Shoeme sent a fax saying that there was an error, shipping was no collect. Not good enough for little miss morning sickness! Nope, now it had to be on letterhead and from Purolator or the company that shipped the shoes for Shoeme. The sticker on the box looked like someone had just put it on. Another friend said that she had the same issue with random packages saying collect with some handwritten amount. I think it's a scam but right now, I just want my husbands birthday present before his birthday is over!


  • Purolator Help Jun 15, 2015

    Hello Sioux,

    I am deeply sorry to hear about your experience with our authorized agent.

    Could you please send me the Purolator tracking number of the sandals to [email protected] ? I will send the details to the regional retail management team, for a follow up.

    Best regards,

    Customer CareTeam/ Purolator Inc.
    E-mail: [email protected] / Twitter Handle: @PurolatorHelp

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    Col Nago Apr 03, 2018

    Jay lee has the worst customer service I've ever encountered. It seems as though they should look for new jobs where they do have to interact with the public as customers obviously upset them.

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  • Mi
    Michael500ca Jul 12, 2018

    Package not delivered. I emailed them and they did not respond and then hid their email address. Package not delivered at less than 1 kg. Stay away from these people, not worth it. I know Canada Post sucks, but at least they deliver eventually. Jaylee Automotive might be a front for stealing packages. I really hope they are not. They have been very late with packages lately, and even sending those back to the mailer to people who complain. If they do that to me, I will take legal action and raise hell that they do not want and the RCMP will investigate (It is good having RCMP as family members). Sellers really need to stop using them. I'm sure now I will not get my package as per their retaliation, but I will be refunded and will look elsewhere. Look for an update on this stolen property. I still have not gotten my package so the RCMP are now investigating. They are frauds!!! Jail times are minimum to the law! Bottom line, package not delivered on time and not as promised. Waited 16 hours for delivery with anxiety disorder and no delivery and now frayed nerves. If someone else can deliver as promised at a time I could be available then order would be accepted for only 16 hours 6 am to 6 pm for that Friday Jul 13, 2018. Doubt will happen.

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  • Mi
    Michael500ca Jul 13, 2018

    @Michael500ca July 13, 2018. They finally delivered it. I would delete this complaint if I could but I don't see an option to.

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