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PuppyFind review: their big money comes from puppymills!

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I bought a puppy from PuppyFind from a supposed breeder who turned out to not be a breeder but a puppymill. First they said to use PayPal to be covered, Paypal said to go back to the merchant. PuppyFind said to write a review about the seller yet all of the truthful negative reports about the sick and dead puppies are pulled off immediately! They are in with all these puppymills because that is where they make all of their money! DO NOT use this site and definitely never use supposedly in Fl but the puppies come from puppymills in GA!


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May 08, 2017 4:20 pm EDT

I purchased a puppy in 2016 and Nikki was great to deal with to get the sale, but silence after. I purchased a Frenglish puppy, which I see she is no longer breeding and it appears she switches breeds quite frequently and changed her website. My puppy has some health issues and I have been attempting to contact her but to no avail. A health guarantee is just a fake sense of security being provided if in the end, you are ignored. I would be very cautious about dealing with this breeder

Apr 24, 2011 12:54 am EDT

Nikki Allen 's puppies are so cute ! We purchased a puppy from her named Bella and she is the love of our lives! She was happy, healthy and well socialized when we got her. I will be adopting from her again soon! She was awesome to deal with and you can tell that she really cares about her dogs!

Oct 18, 2010 11:46 pm EDT
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I get REALLY upset over you people calling EVERYONE that raises puppies PUPPYMILL. YES there are a LOT of puppymills and believe me I would love for them all to be shut down. However there are people like me that truly love our babies and want other people to share the loving companionship that we feel with our dogs. THAT is why I raise my babies. My brother went thru an experience of selling a German Shepard to a person in Texas. About a week passed and this person contacted my brother stating the dog had died. EVEN had a vet report. Little did these people know that my brother has an older brother that lives in Texas. They went to Texas for a visit and these people lived in a town that was close to where my older brother lived. They just took a little trip to this fellas house and guess what... THE DOG WAS ON A CHAIN ON THE FRONT PORCH ! Happy and very healthy! Can you imagine the owners surprise when my brother introduced himself ! Folks, let me tell you, for every horror story, thre is a very wonderful story. PLEASE do your home work and research the seller. Contact the references, contact the BBB to see if they are legit. Check it out as I learned the hard way and was recently scammed. I TRULY love my puppies and I am GOOD friend with all my clients. I treat them with dignity and repsect. They, in turn treat me the same way.

Jul 07, 2010 2:54 pm EDT
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Nikki Allen is not who yu should associate with as far as buying a puppy because she had broken our agreement . this is what she wrote to me threatning me.

Nikki sent you a message.

Subject: no subject

"I honestly hope you die a horrible death for what you did. You are a liar and you know it! You are so broke that you could not come up with the rest of the money for the dog so you filed a chargeback stating that you did not recieve the dog when actually, you couldn't pay for the rest of it. That's really sad Natasha! You must need the money really bad. If I ever come to Washington I will look you up :) oh, and i'll pray for you!"

Jul 22, 2009 10:35 pm EDT


Jun 29, 2009 9:20 am EDT

I bought 2 of the best dogs that I have ever had from Nikki. They are now 3 1/2 years old and everyone loves them! When one of my dogs was close to 1 years old (Brooklynn) she became ill and she was diagnosed with renal disease which I had a hard time believing. I contacted Nikki to see if there was any history of this. Nikki stayed in touch with me through the whole process and answered all of my questions (there was no history of renal disease). It turned out (to make a long story short), through my diligent care and investigation and Nikki sticking with me that Brooklynn had food poisoning. Brooklynn became sick in Jan and in Feb the food poisoning was announced - i heard this and immediately looked at the food that Brooklynn was eating (as soon as she was sick I stopped feeding her the food and saved it). The food was on the recall list. I told my Vet about my suspicions and she would not listen to me. My Vet, which of course I no longer go to, gave Brooklynn a prognosis of 1-4 yrs with renal disease. I took her to a specialist and the food poisoning was confirmed. Nikki stayed with me through the entire process. At that time I saw a complaint on Nikki on the internet and was scared that I was sold a sick dog - Nikki assured me that she was legit. I was talking with her on the phone and through email through Brooklynn's entire ordeal. Brooklynn is a thriving 3 1/2 year old dog with no harm from the poisoning of her kidney's. I have routine blood tests taken to make sure.
Nikki was always available to me to discuss any concerns I had about my dogs. I just want to post my positive story with dealing with Nikki. Thanks Nikki!

They have their contact information hidden, but it is listed on the website

Nov 29, 2008 3:14 pm EST

To whom this matter concerns:
There are alway two sides to every story.. correct me if I am wrong.
I sold this puppy to Jill Zeimer with a 1 year health guarantee and if there was anything wrong with the puppy she NEVER told me about it. She would always send me emails stating that she loved the puppy and it was the best dog she had ever had! If the puppy was indeed "contagious" then I would have given her money back for the trouble that she had been caused. The puppy was not contagious, nor did it ever have anything wrong with it. But, I feel, that is why she never came to me and told me that this was wrong with it because she had nothing to back it up, no vet record..ect. I feel that she was making it up!
Another thing was the AKC papers. Now, anyone that know's AKC knows that they are very slow sending papers back to you. So, when Jill emailed me on Precious she insisted that I could mail the papers to her and we could just meet right away with her. So I met her mother and father (Jill sent them 7 hours to pick up the puppy). About 2 weeks later to be exact, I got the AKC papers in and as I stated, I would send them as soon as I got them. I sent them off, along with 2 other sets of papers going to other individuals(one in New York and one in Oklahoma). The other 2 ladies recieved their papers and it wasn't until 3 months later that Jill emailed me and asked me to send the rest of her paperwork... I was confused... She waited this long to let me know that she had not recieved her papers? Maybe she lost them... Ok, well I emailed her back to let her know that it would cost $30 to re-order them. She was not happy. Why was it my fault that she lost her AKC papers? I was nice enough to reorder them FREE of charge to her and send them to her. This time I sent them with insurance, a tracking number and she had to sign for them when she recieved them.
If I was dishonest I would have never given Jill my vet's name and number! My vet did not even speak to her! The receptionist spoke to her telling her that she could not give out any information because she had no idea who she was. I have no idea where she got the story that Precious was only checked at 5 weeks! They have her whole vet record from the time she was born until I met Jill's parents!
Puppyfind only removed the review because Jill could not prove what she wrote and that these things actually happened. I showed them proof that I sent the AKC papers and I showed them all of her emails that she wrote to me. How was that my fault?

In the end, I am so upset that she now has Precious because no telling how she is being treated. I put my trust in Jill that she would take good care of my baby and she completly showed me another side of her that I had never even expected from her. I think she is a coward, to say the least, for not even meeting me in person and that should have been the first red flag for me. I feel sorry for her parents for having to drive so far being that old. Please know that there are two sides to every story and if anyone ever has any questions you can email me anytime. Thank You.

Oct 31, 2008 1:21 am EDT

I too, have had a horrible experience on A breeder, Nikki Brattin-Allen, sold me a puppy with contagious parasites (to other animals and humans)! She is a FRAUD! She kept trying to get more money for paper work that was supposed to be included as stated in the listing. This lady is very dishonest! I called her vet to make sure the puppy had all of her shots and they had NO RECORD of the puppy! The puppy may have been seen at 5 weeks old! I got her at 4 months! She sent me several nasty harassing emails that threatened me because I called her vet! encouraged me to leave a review and 1 month later the breeder told puppyfind my review was "invalid" so it was removed! Removing "only" the reviews that the breeder wants is discrimination!People that have a good or bad experience should be treated the same! Leaving only "good" feedback DEFEATS the PURPOSE of a review system! NIKKI BRATTIN-ALLEN IS A FRAUD! If you have had problems with the same breeder, please feel free to contact me. You are not alone! removes all reviews that the seller wants!

Jun 01, 2008 7:12 am EDT

To Whom It May Concern:

We have sold many puppies via PuppyFind and via other websites and occasional a puppy gets sick. We have always attempted to be just and reasonable with Lee Ann Dove. The first puppy that we sold her passed away months after we sold it to her for some unknown reason. We never received any documents from a vet on the deceased puppy. Since her first puppy apparently died we sent her a second puppy at a financial loss to us.

We are sorry to hear that her puppy is ill. We know that a puppy is a living animal, and animals some times get sick. From her correspondence the second puppy was sick of Kennel Cough. This is a condition very common with puppies. This puppy was vaccinated against Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough is not covered by our warranty. We believe that the vet is not exaggerating the facts to make money on this situation. Lee Ann Dove never sent us any medical reports or medical invoices. We believe that she should review the manner in which she has been caring for the puppy and which vet she is utilized.

Lee Ann Dove filed a dispute with PayPal and PuppyFind. PayPal and PuppyFind ruled in our favor and closed the case. We stand by our warranty and by the health certificate signed by our vet. Our vet examined and signed a health certificate which is a State of Florida form certifying that the puppy was in good health. Our vet signed the certificate which states:

"ISSUING VETERINARIAN'S CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that the described animal was examined by me on the date show; that the vaccines, anthelmintics, and diagnostic tests indicated herein, were administered by me, or under my direction; said animal exhibits no sign of contagious or infectious diseases, and shows no evidence of internal or external parasites, excluding fleas and ticks; and to the best of my knowledge the animal has not been exposed to rabies, nor did the animal originate from an area under a quarantine for rabies."

Under the PuppyFind Advertisement under additional information we very clearly indicated:

“(See WARRANTY information on our website)”

In the same section it indicated:

“Visit our website at”

Our warranty does not cover:

“Buyer understands that this guarantee does not cover fleas, ticks, ear mites, coccidia, or kennel cough”

In our warranty the Buyer agrees that no other guarantees or warranties including those of merchantability have been expressed or implied by the seller. Furthermore by purchasing a puppy the Buyer agrees to hold the Seller harmless for all items and condition not stipulated in the agreement:

“By purchasing a puppy from Beverly Hills Puppies, Inc. both BUYER and SELLER understand and agree to all terms and conditions contained herein and hereby accept this agreement. Failure to comply with all the above terms and conditions will result in the SELLER having no recourse on the limited warranty stated in this agreement. The Buyer agrees that no other guarantees or warranties including those of merchantability have been either made expressly or implied by the SELLER. There are no guarantees or warranties which extend beyond the description of this written warranty. By purchasing a puppy from Beverly Hills Puppies, Inc. Buyer agrees to hold Seller harmless for all items and conditions not stipulated in this agreement.”

In summation, Lee Ann Dove has filed complaint with PayPal and PuppyFind requesting a reimbursement of medical expense. In her complaints PayPal and PuppyFind investigated to situation did not find fault on our part.

We now have two (2) warranties that cover all of our puppies.
1) The PAWS WARRANTY GUARANTEES maximum benefits illness payout of $1000.00 within the first 90 days. This PAWS WARRANTY covers most medical expenses.
2) The BEVERLY HILLS PUPPIES, INC. guarantees life threatening congenital defects.
Please visit our web site at

Respectfully yours,


Martin Leon


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