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S Oct 22, 2018 Review updated:

Iam complaing.against publishers clearing House.ive entered for over 10 years.none have ive won
Its not been fair;nor equal either.each got got a not the winner.try again.also.pch.informed a valued client.only.5years.that statement.isnt true.The odd's.of winning.has greatly stateing now-. 2018.there hardly win.or hardly none then.? Why; keep sending incurage me to enter there contest.with less then.a fair:or equal chance to win the big sweeptakes prizes?.after.12-16 years.its very high times id expect that as more lies.or fake or phoney promies.


  • 9w
    9wood Oct 22, 2018

    what are the odds of winning the lottery? ever play that?
    bingo? list goes on?
    course they are going to say you are valued customer or whatever, think they will say the opposite and hope you order?
    guess if I went to a casino for 20 years and never won that must be a scam also?

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