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Poor Customer service

After standing in air for 20 minutes a lady named Gloria who is a cashier told me she is going to the toilet and just closed off. The customer service at Supabets Midrand is the worst I have received compared to topbet where the staff is always friendly and helpful. The staff at supabets seem bot to understand that they are providing a service and not doing anyone a favor. If this is not urgently adressed supabet will loose customers to topbet which is not far from the supabet. This is not the first time i experience this kind of disrespectful customer service please fix this!

poor service from cashiers

Your midrand branch is very bad and rhe attitude of your staff is stinking and forget that wr are the one bringing business to supabet and i believe its poorly managed. Theres no customer service in that branch and they dont mind leaving a customer standing on the que and leave the till point without saying anything to youand you have to decide for yourself and join another que. Customers are not respected.. Your cashiers need training.This plce is stinking wit poor service and bad attitude of your staff.

eft complaint

Hi my username: thabanimap

For the 5th time in 2 months supabets info and supports failed to assist me.. this morning 11/12/2019

I recharged my account via ABSA [protected].

Time: 7:11.. i have sent over 5 emails and i missed all my games i was going to play/bet on today, support and info has failed again to assist me... money has not reflected again to my account..

eft complaint
eft complaint

unallocated payment that was made on the 22 october 2019

I have made two payments of 200 on the 22 October from Capitec bank to supabet FNB account.the first payment was done in the morning just after 8. The second payment was done at...

poor service

By guys emalahleni branch is disfuncional they put one cashier on soccer on weekends where by the soccer is played the most and the cashiers are slow we can't even bet 11am soccer...

poor service

Whenever a deposit is made to their account proof of payment is sent to them. They take hrs before crediting a person account . Buy then all the games or racing that one intended to play have passed or started. The worse is that one gives a dam there about the urgency of deposits . Even after they acknowledge that they received the proof of payment they still take hours to credit a persons account. And only after more than 5 or more emails. Only then do they respond.. their service is disgustingly pathetic

poor service

I went to buy a supabets online voucher, on my arrival, there was no quee l was the only person who was on the vouchers section, but no cashier was available to help me, l spoke...

deposit and withdrawal

I think Supabets is a better betting site but sucks in customer service. When one makes a deposit it make take 24 hours to be clear and before it used to be efficient within 2...

live in play/results

Good evening

On 29 March i bet twice on live in play with SUPABETS name of the bet which said "who wins rest the game". The result at the and of the game was 1 - 2 in favour of Saipa fc (Iran) which was in my favour but their result said it was a draw. I tried to contact them but no one responded.It was not the first time this happened. Please help resolve this.

Koikoi N.L

  • Di
    Diana Khumalo Jan 25, 2019

    Supabets Scamming Group has been holding my Mum's R29, 000.00; which she deposited to their FNB bank account no. 62382872820 since 21/08/18. They have taken this money R29, 000 with impunity and no reasonable explanation has been given. Worst of all they have now blocked her account, don’t reply our emails, when we call don’t get back at us as promised.
    We called their agents; they were full of xenophobic and racial slurs. We emailed several time to deposit dept., they never replied. Why should the concerned authorities allow Supabets to treat its customers like this? People should not continue to fall victims of this organized fraudsters.
    If they found something fishy about my mother’s payment why not invite her to their office for clarification rather than keeping the R29000 and shut out everybody who tries to contact them about this payment. Let the Gambling Board or Government do something about this or better still suspend their operating License.
    They must urgently and unconditionally reverse R29, 250.00 to my Mother's FNB account or explain to us why on earth they are hold this R29, 000.000
    My email is: [email protected]
    My Mother's email: [email protected]

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  • Pr
    Prosper Gakpetor Sep 05, 2019

    2019-08-19 4:23:53 PM General Payment
    Direct Supacash 6513677393
    233244240697 50.0000
    The above is a confirmation of DEPOSIT I placed, the money never reflected in my account. Please help me resolve this issue, so i can continue with my bet.

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