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On Wed, 8/27/08 Publisher Clearing House wrote that I own the money for Order103325233838 - DRIVING CAP. Sinc I not received it, I believe that some mistake occured with delivery.

  • El
    Eleanor Atherton Nov 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This concerns order # 103324561572 2 05468. This happened to me also. In June, I was told I ordered greeting cards WHICH I NEVER RECEIVED. When I made payment for jelly beans that I DID order, they applied part of the payment to payment of the cards. I called, and also sent a letter telling them that I never received the cards and that I wasn't going to pay for them. Lo and behold, today (Nov. 14th) I received a pkg of greeting cards in the mail. I DON'T WANT THEM, I REFUSE TO BE CHARGED FOR THEM AND I WANT INSTRUCTIONS ON THEIR RETURN AND CANCELLING THE CHARGE FROM MY ACCOUNT. i also want my name and account closed and removed from your mailing list.

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I did not order anything from PCH. I tried e-mailing you and telling you that. I refused shipment of the item and mailed it back. I was very disappointed in PCH.
Frances Jameson

  • Ha
    Hannelore Treu Nov 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To whom it may concern:

    I have made quite a few orders, many of which were flowers for planting. These are the flowers that did not come up:

    Wildflower Naturalizing Tulip Blend Set of 12 /with 12 free
    Apricot Queen Rose
    Lavender Mountain Lilies - 60 bulbs
    Fragrant Freesias - 50 bulbs - 50 free
    Wonder Flower Bulbs - 20 bulbs (chincherinchees)
    Miss Saigon Dutch Iris - 50 bulbs
    Blushing Bride Hibiscus Tree

    Please send me replacements for these plants, whenever the time is right for planting them. If you don't have replacements, then I would like my money back.

    Thank you,
    Hannelore Treu

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beware - scam email!

Publishers clearing house international promotions pch international giveaway london, united kingdom

Dear publishers clearing house beneficiary,

We the board of directors for publishers clearing house (uk) official
Organisers of the publishers clearing house giveaway programme brings
To your notice that you are the lucky winner and beneficiary of the just
Concluded giveaway prize of 500, 000.00 gb pounds (five hundred thousand
Great britain pounds sterlings) with the giveaway #
- 13101, batch # - pch/[protected], ref. # - 012057-ssl. to file for your
Claims, please follow below instructions:
Complete the below information & forward to pch fudiciary agent
*required details: complete names, contact address, present country,
Telephone#, mobile#, email, occupation, sex, marital status.
*amount won:
*giveaway number:
*batch number:
*reference number:

Fiduciary agent: mrs. harry johnson.
Email: [protected]
Office address: 8 sherps road, brickston lane, london w4c 7er
Phone. +[protected]
Fax. +[protected]

Please note that the information required will not be furnished to any
Third party and will be used for the purpose at which it is required.
Beneficiaries are warned to keep their claims confidential until they
Have completed the remittance process to avoid double claiming and
Unwarranted abuse of this programme.

Warmest congratulations,
Emiley gerber.

you cant register for cash prize

PCH says you do not have to order anything, went through the questions and said skip when they asked if I...

not recognizing how long i've been a customer

Thank you for your contact. however, you have Responded to a "post only" email. we welcome The...

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send packages I never ordered

I received a p.c. This morning regarding an order that will be sent within three weeks of which i did not order and wish to cancel this. This is not the first order i have received of which i did not order and costs me when it is mailed for which i have not received any reimbursement or any indication that Publishers Clearing House have received the returned items.

  • Di
    Diana Stobaugh Apr 05, 2009

    I ordered Weight Watchers Mg Paid didn't recieved it yet. From PCH 3-09

    Diana Stobaugh

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  • Ju
    June Cooley Jun 09, 2009

    6-08-2009 I was sent the wrong merchandise. I called and talked to a gentlman with the nameANTHONY----CSG223----. I was given the address to send the merchandise. to. Anthony also informed me, that my real order had also been shipped. Thank You, June Cooley Customer# 01732291875

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no magazine, no respond!

Sent them money for Writers digest magazine and never received it, sent them an email and they did not respond. Beware of this company!

Vanessa Irmarosa

  • Ed
    Edmund Farney Mar 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For years now Publishers Clearing House emails me and through self entry I try to enter the 10,000,000 sweepstakes. They know that's what everybody justs wants to do. They email me endlessly about 5000 a week for life. But the thing is is that when you go to enter they have a progress meter on the top of the page, but it's goes to 7/8 of the way they pull up there endless ads and you click skip and it just loops with endless ads to no end. Your whole purpose investing that much time is for the sweeps that you never get into but their deceitful and down right lying ### state that no purchase necessary. How are they getting away with this for years. I'm not interested in buying anything from them.

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  • Pa
    paungel Apr 15, 2015

    ordered Dog Fancy magazine and paid with Check #2015 cashed on 2/10/13. NEVER received.
    reordered Dog Fancy magazine and paid with Check #2331 cashed on 5/5/14 NEVER received.

    Spoke with a telephone receptionist and she said she fixed it. Someone sent 2 copies of the same issue and it ended there. Have not heard anymore and have not received and more of the orders.

    At this time I am requesting a full refund as I do not need this magazine anymore the puppy is now almost 3 yrs. old and I did a find job without the help of this magazine.

    Margaret A. Hungelmann customer #02007837638

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false orders / unauthorized collections attempts!

This company sends material to the home, the invoice is worded to appear you owe the money, " please mail in this payment so we can send out your gift, the thing is the gift wasn't ordered." The payment is needed to send out the items most of the con is just that payment and many of the elderly just mail in the payments in order to keep the credit rating up. They also send out products you haven't ordered, hoping you will pay for them without looking at the billing, once the first payment is made your obligated to make the remaining [payments, it as though they are using a bait and switch con game, I'm not the only one this has happened to it's about time some-one took them to court on the behalf of those of us who are honest people that they are conning, they also send out a prize letter with your initials on it, suggesting you are the next one in line to win the prize, once you bite they continue to send out more information stating you are getting closer and closer each time more gift money is collected, if that's no a con then what is. They need to be stopped they make their money on elderly, poor, overly expectant honest people who believe they have a chance at winning the grand prize but you just keep waiting and waiting until the date passes, and they throw another line at you.

  • Ca
    carol cogar Sep 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the complaints this person has. I have had the same thing happen to me,saying i have ordered magazines that i never received and than trying to collect for the specific amount.
    I have been turned into a collection agency for one and i have never received a copy.Been many more instances.
    Will never order again from PCH

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  • Gl
    gloria goenaga Sep 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i ordered a wrist blood pressure meter which did not work legitimately at all., NO systolic pressure registered nor pulse rate In fact it even took the blood pressure of the air! I, suspecting foul play - made in China where else?, decided to run it without wrapping it around my wrist after it failed around the wrist, Even so, it gave out an obviously phony diastolic reading. If one were to take a decision based on this piece of JUNK, say lowering a bit one's blood pressure medication, this decision could be a fatal one. Of course, I have refused to pay for this toy. Accordingly, now I am expected to incur in the expense and the bother to return this piece of JUNK, which is very difficult for me to do since I am disabled, hemiplegic, precisely due to a stroke caused by hypertension.

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  • Di
    Distraught daughter Mar 13, 2009

    I have spent hours trying to resolve the Publishers Clearing House disaster my Dad has created in his efforts to WIN!! He is 96 years old and is sure this is the answer for his entire family. His recent stroke makes it impossible to reason with him not to enter anything. They are receiving items called "collections"; coffee, coins, nuts, etc. These items are very expensive and are not ordered or reordered. There is no way to contact this company online and they have limited Customer Service hours. Trying to do anything online with their website quickly takes you to the window to enter the next contest. Up pops a smaller window giving you the option to click Cancel or Continue. Neither of these takes you out of the Enter site, just back to the Enter window. The only way I could get out of this cycle was to delete the web address showing in the address bar and type in the "google" address. Amazing trick to keep you in their clutches, you can't get out! My Mom is frantic worrying about all the collection notices and large invoices for items they never use. I have been returning these items and telling her not to worry about a ding to their credit report. It is really sad that we will have to resort to diverting their mail to our address or to a PO Box using a Limited Power of Attorney. Publishers Clearing House will just keep losing money trying to continue the trap of this elderly couple.

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  • Le
    Legio Romanus Jan 27, 2012

    On January 25, 2012 I received two small boxes from Publishers Clearing House that I did NOT order. I have never even been to their internet site! They contained some small sample of something you rub on your car headlights and some kind of plastic egg holders that I am not even sure of what they are for. I called their customer service number (obviously in India) and the lady insisted that I ordered these junk items on 16 January via the internet. She called me a liar (practically) when I said I did not. They don't have my credit card number, of course, but had the nerve to put an invoice in the box due for about $33.00 for this junk in February. I will not pay it and I am not going to the post office and pay out of my pocket to ship this junk back to them. If they have the nerve to try and collect this small sum from me and attempt to damage my credit rating, I assure you I will have my attorney file a suit action against their unethical ###.

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harassing calls

Morning and evening calls from this company every 2 minutes for an hour for the last few weeks. It's always the same, if I answer the call it's dead air, if I return the call I get a voice recorded message "box is full". There is another website, that has a list of complaints solely from this company. I registered them at and will file a complaint after the grace period if the calls don't stop. I will also follow the lead on this page regarding the Florida listing and report them to the Attorney Generals office.

  • Ka
    Karisa Bigg Jun 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My boyfriend actually did fall for this scam, and signed up with these people. IT IS COMPLETELY FALSE! He received 3 magazines total and they have taken almost $100 out of his account.

    Thankfully he switched accounts to where he has no more money in the account that they know about, but every month they attempt to take out $71 dollars. They call and harass him for not paying, and when he told them he did not have the money to continue to pay them, they were actually MEAN to him, telling him how now that he has an attitude with them, they are not going to give him a break. He put me down as a reference and they are calling me now, harassing me! I called back to complain and then woman helping me told me to hold while she figured out the problem and then hung up on me! Unbelievable!

    Take this as a warning PLEASE, if "Publisher's sweepstakes" calls you, IT IS A SCAM, please do not fall for it the way we did. You type in the name of this supposed magazine company on the internet, they are no where to be found, their number is not listed, and the BBB has never heard of them.

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  • Tb
    Tbenedek Mar 20, 2010

    I also fell victim to this scam, they said they would take 59.80 out of my account on or around the 25th of the month, its 2 months they have taken 5 payments already, I cancel my account so they can't get anymore, after they took the 2nd payment I called them and the woman who I tried to talk to was very rude, when I tried to talk she would talk over me till I finally screamed at her then she hung up on me. I'm sure I'll be hearing from them when they realize they can't steal anymore money from me! can't wait for the call, I will do everything I can to bust them

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  • Ka
    kathis Aug 30, 2010

    I completely agree that this is a SCAM. I have no idea how they got my cell phone number a few months ago. They fed me beautifully coated lies that I'd be charged $59.80 the 25th of each month until the full amount was paid off and I'd have 5 years worth of magazines. I fell for it, thinking 'Okay, I'll get five years worth of reading for less than a grand and to top it off I'll get a nice Geneva watch (which they told me I would also get).'
    The company didn't charge me on the 25th but about a week after. I thought 'That's fine since it's the first payment.' Then about two weeks later I was charged $59.80. I thought something's wrong here, but I decided to let it run for a few more weeks. As I thought i got charged $59.80 the following week along with an amount of thirty something dollars. I called them up right away and disputed the thirty-odd dollars. They said that they couldn't return that amount because it was through a different company. I understood, but the next day I had $59.80 returned to me, but just to have it taken back out along with another $59.80 the next week. I said that's enough and called my bank and told then the situation. I got only about $120 back from the company, not as much as they took out, but something. I cancelled my card, and attempted to contact the company on the number they provided me with. To my astonishment when I called, I got a message that said "No one can answer your call at the moment, please call again later." I tried calling back for TWO AND A HALF HOURS when I gave up and said screw it. I'm getting mail from them now saying that I have a balance due of so and so. I'm trying to get this settled out, if someone could inform me of whom to contact to resolve this, it would be much appreciated.

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Sweepstakes fraud

I have been sending complaints to Publisher's Clearing House for many days now and have also filed a complaint with the better business bureau. PCH continues to send me e-mails for Sweepstakes submission that state 'no purchase necessary' and every day I receive e-mails that require that I submit before a deadline to be eligible and then deny my ability to submit without making a purchase selection. Any way you look at this, that is FRAUD. You don't tell a consumer that they can participate without purchase and then take away their eligibility every day by denying the ability to submit without making a purchase. I will continue to purse this matter as you have robbed me of my 'opportunity' to participate in your sweepstakes by sending me e-mail that must be submitted to quality and then denying me the option to submit without making a purchase. You can never give me the opportunities back that you have taken away daily. PCH has never replied to my complaints!

  • Ri
    Rick Cahill Aug 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been receiving phone calls from several phone numbers 876-375-6444 and1-876-399-3898 saying Congratulations! you've3 won 5.5 MILLION DOLLARS, from Publishers Clearing House! Please call the above number and ask for Mark Johnson to confirm your address so we can send the courier over and you can claim your prize! However you'll have to pay a fee before we can process your prize!They are very insistent I call the number, right now, and I mean ASAP!
    I contacted the local Police department Fraud unit and they informed me there are so many scams out there they cannot prosecute them as these people are very slippery and there is not enough hours in the day to take them all out.There is no defense except to hang up when these IDIOTS CALL! Just do it, save yourself a lot of aggravation and certainly a lot of your money from getting ripped off by these scammers! Remember there is NO FREE LUNCH!v HAD< NEVER WAS! I hope this he tget ripped off! Thanks!

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  • Ad
    Adelaide May 22, 2009

    I have been playing the Publishers Sweepstakes contest for about 7 years now in which they always make it appear I'm on the verge of winning.At times it even sounded like I won a substantial amount of money only to realize I was mislead or misunderstood because the wording was tricky. I am now officially tired of playing their games and will no longer do business with them or play their contests. And I wonder, has anyone actually ever won anything from them? I somehow doubt it.

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  • Be
    berber86 Dec 03, 2009

    Yea I am a member, and you always see on tv that they show up at people's houses, but they really are probably just actors. I am unsubscribing with them because I think it is just a stupid game, and oh it just so happened that the month I joined, the winner was going to be from maryland, yet there website says we have no idea who or where the winner will come from because it is totally random? ha they are fake.

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received a package I never ordered!

I want to complain about the package I received from Publishers Clearing House - # [protected] - I did not...