Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comitem #54795w hedgehog 🦔 shoe brush

P Jul 09, 2019

My customer is #[protected]. I ordered item #26619N, when it came it had no magnets on it. Also in the package there was an order of toilet cleaning things. Which I had not ordered. I called customer service to explain the problem and they promptly ratified it, they are sending me a new clipboard with magnets on it. I thought that the problem has been solved. Boy was I wrong. They told me that I had to ship back the toilet bowl cleaners so I did add a cost of $17.34 . Two days after shipping that out and paying for it I received item number 54795W Hedgehog Shoe Brush. I did not order this. Until you open the box you do not know what is in it I was expecting the magnetic clip board but inside the box was the hedgehog shoe brush. I called the customer service and the man I talk to told me I can either ship it back or pay half price for it. Keep in mind that I just had shipped back the toilet cleaners that I did that order. Now I have to ship this back which will be quite a bit more money than the toilet cleaners. Talking to the customer service person did not get me anywhere. I asked to talk to a supervisor but there is no supervisor to talk to he said I have no choice I need to send it back or buy it for half price which will add up to $23.00 +taxes for something I didn't order and do not want. I feel this is not right And really not fair. If anybody can help me with this matter I would greatly appreciate the help.

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