PSI Services / unethical behavior


Psi exams is the most poorly mis-managed testing center company I have ever come across
I have a few concerns regarding my recent PSI test for suse linux 050-747

1- Exam was extremely slow and was keep disconnected 4-5 times during, and once it was disconnected for 45 minutes and i was on hold. (I have a strong internet connection, not shared)
2- Once the session was re-connected after the longest period (45Minutes), it started misbehaving, like it asked for root password for many operations like "tail -f /var/local/messages" "create directory" changing privileges of directory/ files, for ssh authentication.

If above issues were not present, I would be able to pass the exam, since root password was not provided, even sudo also asked for password and given password for user "Suse" didn't work for sudo. So I was not able to perform ssh authentication and tail operations.

I would like to humbly request PSI team to kindly review at my test as I believe I was well prepared, disconnections and authentication problem caused me to fail the exam. Otherwise give me a handsome discount for the next attempt.

The exam window was blurred and I was not able to see it clearly, if I get closer to screen, the monitor starts threatening to close the session & end exam.

It was such a stressful time. I am not feeling okay with the testing/practice.

Mar 11, 2019

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