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unauthorized charge on bank card

An unauthorized charge of 34.19 was taken out of my checking account for 'liberty discount club'...

Unauthorized charges/fake check

In November a electronic check for $34.19 was charged to my checking account and complaint was filed against company with my banks dispute dept and funds were refunded and I was told by the bank to close the account, but, I had to leave the funds in the account for 30 days before they would close it out completely. On December 27th, I received notice that $34.19 had been paid to Liberty discount club for an electronic check debit on my account. Bank was contacted and charges filed a second time against Liberty Discount Club. I was told I might get my funds back in 5-7 days depending on Liberty Discount Clubs refund policy. This company should be held liable for stealing our hard earned money and not be able to get away with stealing our hard earned money.

Debited my account without permission

This Liberty Discount Club drafted $49.98 from my checking account by
Using information from an online application I used to apply
For a pay day loan.
It is very Inappropriate to have other companies
Tied into where u agree to the loan terms etc, then
Low and behold, I go into my checking account and
A charged has posted I'n which I'm disputing.
I'm requesting a refund.
Cancellation conf#5960663
please email me confirmation of refund. Thank you

  • Ma
    MadasHello Jan 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That is exactly what they did to me. I am so angry because it set off a snowball effect on my checking and credit card accounts spinning them into a negative balance. I didn't get any money from them so I don't get how they can STEAL money out of my account for nothing. In this economy I guess that is how they stay afloat is by committing FRAUD! They are THIEVES and should be punished accordingly. I wonder if Bernie Madeoff is their leader. I hope these FAT ASSHLS get the karma they deserve. I wish them nothing but the worst for them in 2011 and beyond...and I am being as kind as I possibly can muster. I really hope they burn in Hell after gasoline has been poured on them. They are nothing but losers, scammers, theives, felons, con artists, unscrupulous, worthless slugs.

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Internet Fraud/Business Malpractice

iberty discount club Posted: 2010-08-19 by Patwatk Internet Fraud/Business Malpractice Complaint Rating...

unarthorized withdrawl from account

liberty discount club with drew 34.14 out of my account without arthorization. i was applying for payday loan, not discounts. i never saw the discounts come up. they sit back while you are on line and get your information. i went on line to check my account thats when i saw liberty discount club had taken34.14 out of my account which made it over drawed. why would i be shopping for discounts when i'm trying to get a loan to put into my account.thecancelatoin number is 5169760. my bank is doing an investigation into this because this is the second time they have done this and we had changed my account number and atm number because of them and frauduly people like them. i just want my money put back. iam also going to alert the BBB, because this is not right. they told me i would have my money in my account within 72 hours its already been 5 days. where is my money and who arthurzied liberty discount club to with draw from my account.

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unauthorized debit to account

My husband and I had been online looking and checking out loans, etc. Trying to get through to out next payday. That was about 3 weeks ago. As of today 5/11/10 I have had 5 different withdrawls from my account that we did not authorize. I have called each phone number I could find, told them I never enlisted any of their services, then went to the websites with each cancelation conformation number given provided all the information they asked for them to issue a refund to my account. Needless to say it caused my account to become overdrawn... I have contacted my bank and filled out paperwork, for the unauthorized deductions from the account (fraud) for each withdraw---gave the bank all of the copies of the e-mails and phone-calls that I had. Now I am waiting, broke, account overdrawn, for someone to help me get this fixed!! Please dont make the same mistake of thinking you could do the loans online so you are spared the embarrassment of being seen at the store!!
Liberty Discount Club is a FRAUD--If I could afford it I would find a way to shut them down.




  • Kr
    Kristy1219 Apr 10, 2010

    My name is Kristy Estorgia, I have a complaint. I never gave anyone permission to take any money from my bank account this is the second website to take money without my permission. I would like a full refund ASAP! My accout is now in the negative and I cant have that. I did call your customer service for help they canceled the account and sent me here. The operator didnt give me a cancelation number. Please give me a call regarding the funds being returned to my account. 720-327-6039. I would like to know when this issue will be resolved so I dont have to file fraud charges on my account.

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Took $34.19 out of my account without my permssion

Liberty Discount Club took $34.19 out of checking account without my permission. I want to be refunded for this as well as assurance that this company will not do this again.

  • Sh
    Shawanda W May 10, 2010

    The same thing has happened to me. I called last week and they stated that my account would be credited back for the $34.19 in 72 hours. I called my bank on today and they say that they didn't see the pending deposit. As a result, I called them back. I was told that additional information was needed and I had to go to this website I told the rep that I NEVER AUTHORIZED ANYONE TO GO INTO MY ACCOUNT IN THE FIRST PLACE, SO WHY DO I HAVE TO GOT THROUGH LOOPS AND DISPUTE ANYTHING!!! THEY ILLEGALLY TOOK MY MONEY. Now, I just did that and am waiting on a response. If they think that I am just going to give up and let them have my $34.19 they are highly wrong. I only pay for services that I request. This company is a ripoff COMPLETELY!!!

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  • Kt
    KT09 May 26, 2010

    They deducted $34.19 out of my checking account without my authorization on 5/2/10. I immediately went to the website and cancelled services I never signed up for. They never sent me a confirmation email with a claim number. I called today and spoke with 2 different representatives, the first one (Mark) claimed he sent it to me. And informed me to got the website to dispute the claim because they were waiting on more information from me before it could be approved. After sitting and looking at my email for 30 mins, waiting on a confirmation that never came... I called again. This time I spoke with Alice, and we nearly argued because she insisted that email was sent. She finally gave me a cancellation number and she told me it would be 48 hours before I would get another confirmation. This has been a horrible experience, this company is taking people's money with no regard and will send you around in circles trying to get back what they stole.

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  • Lj
    ljspissed Jul 20, 2010

    and they did it to me to and it overdrew my account now i have negative 63 dollars in my account. buncha damn thieves. The customer service was a frekin joke too.

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  • Fr
    franksherri2007 Aug 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did the samething to me as well. I called them on Friday and the said that it would be in my account in 72 hours. I just aclled them again and the told me that they needed more information. That is [censor]. I will be calling them back and getting my money.

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  • De
    dennis houk Sep 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am still waiting for my refund. it's been over 72 hours. i am calling the better business bureau.

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  • De
    dennis houk Sep 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    bunch of crooks

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  • Gr
    Green Wave Girl Sep 17, 2010

    Yes! I just called them about this too. I told them that I did not give them permission to do this. They took $34.19 from my account as well. If you find out how to get your refund back, please let me know. ([email protected]). I got a confirmation number too and if it's on there again, they are going to be in for it. I'm glad someone knows how I feel.

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  • Ti
    tina mackey Oct 14, 2010

    Yes, this happened to me too on 10/12/10. And yes it overdrew my acct too. They removed $49.98 from my checking Acct without my consent. First they told me to send a complaint letter to [email protected] That email address did not exist. So I called back, and they gave me another email address to: to the fraudulend dept. Also they wanted me to send a request to to fill out a form for my refund. Then they said they needed more information. So they told me to go to another website which was www. to fill out another form so they can refund my money in my acct within 72 hours. So I will call back tomorrow 10/15. to see what they say. If this doesn't work I will call the Better Business Bureau by Tuesday 10/19/10.

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  • Mc
    mcclanahan Dec 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this same thing happened to us. We never signed up for this and they are abunch of thieves. I went through all of the crap that everybody else went through and still my refund was declined. Im not sure what to do about this or who to contact but I wish somebody would.

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took money out of my account without my knowledge.

I was viewing sites for short term payday loans on 3/15/10. at one of the sites a popup ad appeared and I checked it out until I read it was a discount club. I did not submit the application and did not okay a $29.99 purchase to be collected from my checking account. The account did not have funds available so I was charged a $37.50 fee. I called the company when I discovery the error. they refused to reverse charges until I placed a fraud complaint with you. I bank at US Bank in Madras, OR 97741. I never okayed this charge and I sure wouldn't have over drawn my account for it. If some one can call and talk with me I would be overjoyed.

Thank you for your service.
sharon souders

taking money out of checkin account with out my knowledge

this company works with some payday loan sites and takes money out of your checking with out u knowin it then refused to refund your money.. please if this has happened to u please file a complaint with your better business of yor state and the state od arizonia and file a complait with the atorney general of your state and the state of arizioan maybe we can get our money back and put them out of business or stop them from being able to do this here is some info u need to file and u can do it on line very easy

liberty discount club
8390 east ventura
scotsdale ar 85258
please file a complaint..



took money out of bank account

on Firday jan 29 2010 this so called company took out 29.91 out my checking and when I went to confront them they did I would have to www.libertyclub refund. com to get money but there is no such web site, this is money that I worked hard for. espically in times. have called many times but all get is the run around the next is to the bank and fill out all the proper forms and watch out for more scams, it seems this company is gettting richer by ripping off hard working americans. thank god my checks cleared first.

  • Po
    poppie wayen Feb 10, 2010

    did not sing up for the libert discount club took money out of your checking account and thay were to refund my account and was not did it yet

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  • Ka
    Kathy Ray May 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello, I too have become a victim of this Liberty Club scam. Because of them I have had a check to bounce for my water bill. But that's not the end off it. This morning (may 5, 2010) when I woke up I knew i had at least enough in my bank account to cover the check i wrote for my water bill. I called the water co. to make sure it cleared and they said the check bounced. As you know, this is an automatic $35 fee at my bank for a bounced check. I automatically called my bank and they made me aware of this "liberty club" that had took $34.19 out of my bank account. This broke my heart... not only will I have to beg for the water company to not turn off my water until next payday but I cant even afford my much needed medications. I am a person of limited means. Excuse my language, I am extremely mad, but I work my ### off 6 days a week for 40+ hours and I dont make nearly enough to be throwing it away to some ignorant fool. I barely pay all the bills each month so this cannot go on!!! My daughter looked up "liberty club" on the internet and it showed a cheesey "truth spreading" website. I am not sure if this is who it is because there is also a porn site called "liberty club" that popped up but the christian website had links to "subscribe" so i believe this is where the fraud is coming from. Christian? HAH! I called the woman, which I am sure you and all of the people you've got to sign have had to. I knew it was fraud immediately! She asked for my name, my email, and worst of all my checking account number! The only information I gave her was my name because I didnt want to get ripped off anymore. I told her about three times my situation and got very fed up with her crap. I started demanding that my money needed to be put back in my checking account or there would be legal action. She had the nerve to tell me to calm down. yeah right! So I then asked to speak to her supervisor because everyone has someone above them. She just couldnt connect me through to anyone. So I said, "the reason why you have no supervisor is because your sitting at your house right now milking in poor people's money." I'm not stupid I know what their doing. They are taking from people with few means because they underestimate us. They think we cant afford a lawyer but there are good lawyers out there that want these kind of cases! The only thing I cant understand is how they got the money from my account?!?!? I have used my card number online to apply for loans but i always made sure they had a security agreement to not give out my information. I bank with Wachovia which I thought was completely secure from scams and fraud. I just don't understand how they did it. Maybe you know. If you do, please explain this to me. I thought I was safe from identity theft or scams/fraud but I guess I was wrong. I hung up on the woman and my daughter typed, "liberty club stealing money" in the search on the web and your complaint was the first to appear on the links list. I am completly with you on this fight to take down these terriable people living off poor folks like us. My name is Kathy Ray and I will be glad to give you my address for your lawyer and sign anything you need me to. I will most definitly write my story on a detailed affidavit and anything else it takes to teach these ###s a lesson. Please email me back and tell me what you need. I am patient and I can wait however long it takes for you to do what you must. I truely appreciate you taking action in this terriable situation and please know that I've got your back no matter what. More people need to be aware of this scam so that they may not get ripped off. I noticed this is all over the US because you are in San Diego and I'm in North Carolina. I'm positive you can get 30+ because they are so wide spread. Also, you must have got ripped off recently and coincidentally the same day you posted your complaint on them I got ripped off for the same amount of money. I need my money back and I definitely need the compensation because I have to pay an extra $70 (two bounced check fees) due to these, as you call them, dirtbags. They say they want to spread the truth... HAH! we're going to spread the truth about them!
    Mrs. Kathy L. Ray, another ripped-off, hard-working citizen

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Illegal Withdrawl of Money

they took 29.91 out of my account and tried telling me it was me that did it, when it wasn't. I never signed up for any of this and they're repeatedly trying to tell me that I did. I filled out their stupid refund form and checked the status, provided them with more information. They said because all of my information matches the information given to them when they were authorized to charge my account it wasn't fraudulent. Well, I'm sorry, but that's part of it being fraudulent, the information is going to match. I'm currently trying to get it sorted out with the bank. They refuse to give me my money back. I don't know what else I can do at this point

  • I also did the same thing as others have reported I applied for a payday loan just to see what would happen but I never confirmed anything.When I called them they said that this program was in with the terms and conditions for the payday loan application .I was told that my information was all correct and that in my info I stated that noone had access to my email address so I had to put in the info so it wasnt fraudulent. So now I paid 29.91 for something I didnt even know I was ordering.I feel like its not just this clubs fault but also the payday loan company I didnt apply for any discount club so I shouldnt have to pay for it . Its like ordering a burger and they assume you want fries and just charge you and throw them in the bag. Its a ripoff no other way to put it. If any one reading this should figure out what all of us victims need to do please post it on this site so we can all get it straightened out thanks

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went into account without permission,,i did not order

again.this company went into amy account without permissionfrom me and took 29.91dlrs. for something i did...

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