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Bill Kendall on Jun 1, 2018

A friend of mine recommended the site and said you had to register and give them a payment method in case you won a bid and purchased something. Surprise !! they charged me $100 without asking and would not reverse the charges . They said I could use the bidding points to purchase thing...

Zbiddy / no prize and bank charges

shaylene walker on Oct 14, 2014

not only did i never receive what I won, but each 0.79 cent charge was being processed as an automatic re occurring payment so that when they bounced (cause I was short by $6, it went though even though I had no money in my account because it was set up as an auto payment. $6 turned into... / Unauthorized charges - fraud

p larousse on Jun 27, 2014

Charged my credit card 99.00 for absolutely nothing.Non existent phone numbers to contact about this charge 877-924-3390 and 513-201-3729. Website states under maintenence...Sure it is...addres probably fake also. Why doesn't someone shut these crooks-obvious hackers down? I suggest...

Zbiddy / will not refund me

Sharun Houston on May 17, 2014

Zbiddy owes me $99.00 and will not refund me. I put more then that on their site but have used some of the funds. I no longer want to bid on their items and have $99.00 left in my account. I have emailed and asked several times for a refund and they will not do it. Can you help me get my funds returned to me? / they hit my account when I did not purchase

debadees on Dec 11, 2013

I was checking out their site, entered my account info and then decided not to make purchase at this time so close to Christmas, so I backed out, I never finalized the transaction. But they still charged my bank account $99.00 !!! I called zbiddy 1-877-403-6981 when I saw the charge hit my...

Zbiddy Aka Opt - Buylowauctions. O Montreal Qc / Ripoff site !

Goerge Zumis on Dec 4, 2013

A Fool and his $$ are easily parted ! Zbiddy ! This ripoff place will steal your credit card money fast ! 1) What they are selling ? They actually sell you BIDS at .60 cents each . and a dream. 2) They charge you UPFRONT and WITHOUT your approval - $99 (USA dollars) for 1650 Sixteen hundred..., Egift Cards, Ebook Gift Cards / Site did not provide email instructions provide products

nancyb01 on Nov 10, 2013

I won the following auctions: $25.00 Shopping eCard + 25 bids - 10/13/2013; $25.00 Shopping eCard + 25 bids - 10/9/2013; eBook eGift Card: 100 Downloads + 25 Bids 10-08-2013; eBook eGift Card: 5 Downloads + 25 Bids 10-07-2013 18:09 However, I never received the promised emails instructing...

Zbiddy / unauthorized charges

jennifertr on Feb 28, 2013

zbiddy is the worst, dont register!!! not only will they charge you for things you dont want they wont refund your money. / Rookie / Fake auctions

girlCanada on Feb 6, 2013

See for yourself and make your own conclusions from my chat with a live agent from [Laura] Thank you for contacting our Customer Support. My name is Laura. how may I help you today? [Visitor] Hi [Visitor] I was looking into your website [Visitor] is it possible to bid from... / Unauthorized Transaction for $119

Ravi Kant Sharma on Dec 27, 2012

I just visited the site . For my curiosity I thought of registering the new account . I entered my address and Credit Card details. When i logged out I found an Unauthorized Transaction for $119 happened without my permission . I have reported to my bank also . This Site is totally fraud. / Failure to send won product

Michael Woody on Dec 6, 2012

I bid on a Dyson vacuum cleaner and got the message "You are high bidder". charged my Debit card for the price of $18.99 that I won the bid with, but NEVER SENT ME THE VACUUM CLEANER!! It is unethical and I want a full refund from ZBiddy. I got into an online chat with them, and... / I was billed $99.00 and I didn't even buy anything

Rebbek on Oct 27, 2012

Please cancel my membership at effective immediately! I was billed $99.00 and I didn't even buy anything! This site is a scam and I got to it through, wal-mart, which is a BIG scam. Their site is not even active. Perhaps that is why this happened. Again, I... / Wasted hard earned money

Ovilay on Apr 16, 2012

I received an email from someone stating the product were so cheap to bid on because its a new site, and not many people know about it. You have to buy a certain amount of bids. Once any item gets down to 12 seconds, so many people (or generated people?)start bidding, no one ever wins. Or...

Zbiddy / This site was probably started by somebody with the last name Madoff

Farmicke on Apr 2, 2012

I bought some bids in the beginning and won some small five dollar gift cards but when i got into a little more you can never win anything of real value. I always have connectivity problems then they say I have no bids when i have several hundred. It is just a joke this site was probably started by somebody with the last name Madoff.

Zbiddy / They won't refund my money

dedwards on Mar 17, 2012

Do not open anything from this site! They charged my credit card $99 just for looking! They will not return any of your money. I don't know how they can keep taking money with out authorization?? Stay away from here! I have aBBB complaint in, so far ...nothing!!

Zbiddy / ZBIDDY should be put out of business

Arituled on Mar 12, 2012

I received an e-mail detailing how much money people saved on purchases through their auction. How they received my e-mail address is in question. I stupidly provided my charge card number and was immediately charged. I tried to cancel the transacion by trying to use their chat without... / Charged for package

Jullee on Mar 5, 2012

I registered for Zbiddy Online Auctions to look around at the auction site and products. What I didn't realize is that right after you enter your name and email to register, another pop-up asks for your credit card information. I thought this was part of the registration process and... / I was immediately charged $99 upon entering my credit card information

Nostra on Mar 5, 2012

I never got to chose which bid package I wanted, I was immediately charged $99 upon entering my credit card information. I called the customer service dept. immediately. First I was told I would get a $49 refund (which was all "Steven" was authorized to do). I demanded his supervisor. "... (Ecom Interactic, LLC) / Fraud

hickapoo on Feb 26, 2012

Warning, did not sign up with them. They are misleading in their advertising. I signed up and was not told would be charging $99 to my credit card. Within two minutes I had them on the telephone requesting my charge be reversed. They gave me the run-a-round for 10 minutes. Refusing to...

Zbiddy / Fraud

boxster44 on Feb 25, 2012

This company said to buy their bids, I spend $100.00 on bids, however, while I was bidding on a gold bar they stopped my bidding and said I should pay the fixed price. The bid was $22.00 and the fixed price was $79.00. I guess I spent too many of my bids and they shut me down. You have to...