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S Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

Booked hotel through Priceline three days prior to travel. Fully charged and confirmed.
On the day of the reservation, and about 10 minutes from the hotel, received a call from Priceline saying that the hotel has been fully booked and will refund the whole amount plus 20% more.
What! I have my family with me and a four year old all tired and made plans according to the hotel amenities, ie full kitchen, so meat for cooking, bbq, etc. very disappointed and embarrassed in front of fa my members visiting from overseas.
Ended up taking a hotel that didn't have what we were looking for and our whole trip was a disaster.


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    April Wisdom Nov 09, 2019

    Dear Priceline customer support,

    Priceline has decided to relocate me to another 3.5 star hotel in a completely different location and twenty five minutes from the airport without an airport pick up. The new hotel has half the amenities as the original hotel I booked and Priceline gave me a 17.50$ refund and to top it off the original hotel I booked still has rooms available.

    I understand mistakes are made and sometimes relocating guests is necessary however should really make more effort with their guests. I am traveling from Canada and arrive in a Orlando late tonight without a pick up so will pay up to 60$ US for a TAXI FARE after already being charged 750$ canadian on my credit card for a hotel I never chose.

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