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Resolved ran out of rooms, refused to refund money

On 8/30/10 around 6pm, I came home to find my apartment infested with ants. While my landlord dealt with the ants, I quickly made a hotel reservation at the Glendale Vagabond Inn through www.petvacations.com, a site advertising pet-friendly hotels. I packed up my dog and cat, and showed up at the hotel around 7:30pm. When I got to the hotel, the clerk told me they didn't have any pet-friendly rooms left. She called her manager and was supposedly given permission to open up another non-pet-friendly room for me. I was told they were going to charge me an extra $60 per night for my pets. Meanwhile, there's a sign on the counter that says pets cost $10/night. I had already paid $181 for the "pet-friendly" room. My credit card had already been charged, so I assumed this included any pet fees. I told the clerk that I didn't think the extra fees were fair as it was the hotel's fault they'd accepted the reservation without having the room, and asked to cancel the reservation. I was told I needed to call Priceline. I didn't even know Priceline owned petvacations.com. So, I went to the car and called Priceline. I was told that I couldn't cancel the reservation because it was after noon on the day of check in. How could I cancel a reservation before it has even been made? I had to be quite demanding in order to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor called the hotel and asked if they would waive the $60, but they supposedly refused. The most they agreed to was cancelling the reservation and refunding me $87. So I basically paid $94 to sleep in my ant-infested bed at home.

The next day I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I got the following response:

"Priceline contacted the hotel and spoke with Lortis who confirmed to priceline that the property allocate a number of rooms for pets, and when all these pet allocated rooms are all occupied, the hotel has the option to open another non pet allocated room. However, the hotel must charge an additional fee for providing a non pet allocated room for the special cleaning process required once the guest check's out of the non pet allocated room. As a goodwill gesture, the consumer has already received a courtesy one night refund, and we can offer no additional refund for the hotel room that was used by the consumer."

I didn't think this response was fair, and responded to this effect. I also pointed out that I had not used the room, as the last line of their response seems to assert. Today I got the following response:

"We have received the consumer's additional comments. As you requested, we have again reviewed this matter to see if we overlooked anything that might support a more favorable conclusion. Priceline contacted the Vagabond Inn Glendale General Manager, Joanna on behalf of the consumer, at [protected]. Joanna informed priceline that the guest check-in at 7:40 PM and the guest upgraded to a room with a king bed, and therefore the hotel required an additional charge of $60 for the upgrade. The hotel advised that they are unable to issue any further refunds, and the consumer may contact the Vagabond Inn Glendale General Manager, Joanna for any further assistance.

Vagabond Inn Glendale

120 W. Colorado Street

Glendale, CA 91204

Phone Number: [protected]

Fax Number: [protected]

We are sorry that we are unable to assist the consumer any further in this situation.


N. D'Angelo


deceptive practises

I booked round trip airline tickets with priceline and was prompted to "save even more on car rentals" So I also reserved a car. 3 days later, still 2 weeks before my departure, I learned that I could have rented a car from a major car rental (Enterprise) for over $150 less. I called Priceline to cancel the car reservation and was told that's it's not possible. I even called the VP and CEO's office and was told the same thing. Furthermore, upon scrutinizing the e-mail confirmation from Priceline I see that they've put me down for a full sized car when I only requested a compact.

While using Priceline's bidding option. I received multiple messages such as "Bid too low" and "enter a higher bid." leading me to believe that I honestly could not find a car rental in Little Rock for less. In my opinion, this is no different from shill bidding, which is a dubious practice that might not even be legal.

change of flight dates

I booked a flight with Priceline travelling from Aug. 25-29, 2010. On the itinerary they sent me they changed the departure date from what I requested to a day earlier. I detected this discrepancy on the departure date that I was given of Aug. 24, 2010. I relaized too late and missed the flight.

I called their customer service number [protected] and when the woman finally came online and asked me for my information she kept on saying “Hello, hello, I can’t hear you. Sorry but I am going to have to end this call since I am unable to hear you”. Then she put down the phone.

I then called another customer service number that I got from a website site and was able to speak to someone. He said there is nothing that can be done since the date I selected for departure was the date they had given me which I know is not the case.

I cannot get a refund for my flight.

I will never use Priceline again and I will strongly advise anyone considering using it not to.

change of flight dates

bait and switch

Priceline Trip number: [protected]*** Hotel Confirmation: [protected]*** To Whom This May Concern, On July 2 I...


I had made a bid on Priceline.com for 2 nights at a hotel for Boston for the nights of July 31 and Augst 1st. - 2010. Priceline said that the hotels were in Boston, but when I won the bid, I found out that the hotels were in a dangerious part of town about 8 miles in a neighboring town south of Boston called Dorechester.

First, the hotel, Comfort Inn, had only a single bed for me and my wife.

Second, for a good part of the night, I hear police sirens going up and down the busy main road, making my wife very nervious.

Third, the surronding area was like something out of the slums of New York.

Fourth, Priceline.com should be ashamed of itself for panning this hotel off as Boston when it is sending its customers into a hotel in a dangerous neighbor, especially when it is charging $95 per night!!!

Fifth, my call to Priceline lead nowhere - other than to say that nothing will be done and all sales are final. In other words, you got scamed Sucker.

Sixth, by the way, the hotel receptionist is behind bullet proof glass during the evening hours - which gives you some sense as to the type of clients this hotel normally has.

Seventh, I'm going to tell all my friends about my horrible experience using Priceline.com - what a scam!!!

Based on my experience with Priceline, I would never recommend anyone to use this service as I believe it is not honest in its representation. They sold me a hotel room for $95 that would normally go for half that much if someone were to walk into the street.


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Resolved compassion policy

I booked an Hotel for a single night in San Francisco (booking#156.228.566) on July 22 for friday 23th. As soon as I did it, I realized that _MY MISTAKE_ I pick up the wrong date.
It was meant to be saturday 24th, not Friday 23th. I Immediately called Priceline hotline to CHANGE the booking. An operator told me it was NOT possible to change (but on the web site it CLEARLY appeared it was possible to!! GREEN MARK CHECK!) and to change it, the only solution was to CANCEL the order and put a new one.
To CANCEL the order, the full price of the night was going to be LOST because less than 48 hours (2 days) in advance. Even if I did the reservation less than 5 minutes before the call.

Damage Resulting = the full price of the night, 149US$ + all the taxes, GONE. No refund, not even partial. Thank you priceline for giving me the opportunity to my wife to have a night in San Francisco. I made a mistake and you haven't allow me a... singleless than HALF AN HOUR to correct it. THANK YOU for your understanding, if I was rich, I was not in the need of Priceline.

  • Fr
    Frustrated McB May 12, 2011

    Did you ever get this resolved? I read your complaint and mine is literally word for word like yours. I had a horrible experience with them tonight and was told the same thing about reviewing the tapes. Did you have any way to get this fixed? I feel so helpless right now.

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was given a 3 star instead of a 4 star hotel and one that was not even shown as an &actual& hotel

Bid on a hotel after viewing "actual" hotels shown. Was given a 3 star instead of a 4 star hotel and one that was not even shown as an "actual" hotel. I was willing to pay "full price" for "actual" hotel(s) shown - but all I heard was a canned "I am sorry" those hotels are "examples". The site clearly shows the hotels as "acutal" I have a pdf copy of the page and will share if if there is a desire.

I have contacted the corporate office to see if something can be done. I will also contact all consumer fraud oversight that I possibly can. This is not clear and after having been a good customer of Priceline and after having great success in the past, I could not believe how poorly I have been treated and how fraudulent the website actually has become. The hotel they gave me is showing for $169.00 per night on other sites, I was bidding on a $459. category, so bid $250. and "won" the $169. per night hotel for $250.

hidden charges

Priceline does not disclose that it hits the consumer with hidden charges. Even with a confirmed room rate when my credit card billing statement came in it showed that I was charged an additional $33.00 per night for my room.

When I questioned the hotel they informed both me and the PA State Attorney General Office that Priceline has hidden charges for booking rooms and that they do not disclose to the public the fact that there are hidden charges for using Priceline. Even with a confirmed room rate I was charged 40% more by priceline for their hidden fees.

When I called priceline the and asked to speak with a manger I was told that there are no managers to speak with - when I questioned the CSR as to how a company can legally hit a consumer with undisclosed fees that are 40% of the confirmed room rate I was hung up on.

I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to get back the amount of the hidden fees, no one helped me. When I asked for a mailing address I was told there is no mailing address only the internet site which provides no help to the consumer when they are trying to get back the hidden fees. Again when I questioned the legality of undisclosed fees after the consumer already has a confirmed room rate I was hung up on.

Something needs to be done to protect the consumer from this false advertising.

  • Valerie Jun 03, 2008

    First of all, I am not out a bunch of money (though I could have been). I am mostly unhappy with the treatment I received from some script-reading "customer service" people.

    I suspected there could be something "hidden" that I wouldn't like, so I made a reservation for only one night instead of the entire week. Sure enough, there was an $18 per night charge for parking! No, not valet parking...just self service parking.

    Please beware when making "name your price" reservations through priceline. Once they have your credit card info, whatever money you've agreed to spend is gone. There is no process for recovering your money. After speaking with two people who read from the same script, I was advised that the only way to elevate the complaint was to send an email - which I did. The complaint was answered identically as my two previous telephone conversations went - a recitation of company policy.

    I've used Travelocity, Orbitz and AAA Travel - each of them was much more accommodating and the rates were just as good. And with each of these, you know what you're getting before you commit to spending your money.

    For the record, I called the hotel where the additional fees were added. They were very understanding and were happy to cancel the reservation...but needed someone from Priceline to authorize it. I bet you can guess what the odds were of that happening!

    In short, stay away from Priceline - too much risk for too little reward!!!

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  • Lo
    Loki2005 May 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Priceline. And the 40% fee for using priceline was NEVER disclosed.

    The hotel that I stayed at is also having problems with priceline telling the guests one price for the confirmed room and then charging a much higher price.

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  • Lo
    Loki2005 May 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nothing was added on. I have the confirmed price from priceline but that does not seem to matter they went ahead and added 40% to the confirmed room rate.

    The hotel manager informed both myself as well as the PA State Attorney Generals office that this is common with Price Line.

    I plan to contact the NY Major TV networks to see if the trouble shooting departments would perform an investigative report on these hidden charges. Also, no one at Priceline will discuss this with me when I pose the question as to how a company can disregard a confirmed price and then add 40% to the confirmed price my telephone call is disconnected by the CSR hanging up on me.

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  • Pb
    P b meyer Sep 13, 2010

    I had the same thing happen to me on car rentals (Avis & Budget). According to their managers, Priceline does not fully pay the contracted rate and the car company will charge the balance to the consumer. Has anyone filed with the State Attorney's office?

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Beware with priceline, they have a huge radius of an area for a hotel search

Beware with priceline, they have a huge radius of an area for a hotel search. You may not get even close to the town that they have listed. When you call their attitude is ho hum I really don't care.

Resolved awful customer service

Priceline put together a flight itinerary that allowed 20 minutes from arrival to departure of a connecting flight in San Jose. This was physically impossible to accomplish. No other flights were available when we arrived. We had to fly to Seattle, rent a car at our own expense, and drive 175 miles to Portland. They said it was our fault, we chose the itinerary, all the while assuring us that "customer service" was their priority. We had no idea it was even legal to offer products that were impossible to use.

Resolved misadvertising, request not honored, refund not issued upon multiple calls

I booked a hotel room using priceline.com
When placing the order I checked the following requirements/amenities: Free breakfast, Free parking, Free Wi-Fi and Non-smoking.
I used their "name your own price" tab to place that order and gave them a $40 bid which surprisingly got accepted by Courtyard Oakland Downtown located at # 988 Broadway, Oakland, California 94607 USA Phone: [protected]
When the price got accepted, and I was revealed the name of the hotel (you cannot review the hotel name until you make the payment), I immediately called the hotel to confirm that they have Free Parking, Free wireless and free breakfast and were a non-smoking facility. The first three requests were not honored and moreover, Parking was $19.85 per night. Since I checked the box "free parking", I assumed I'm not going to be matched with a hotel that has NO free parking in general. I called priceline to cancel, spoke to 3 different agents (Erin, her ID 5260179; Scott, ID 5260278 and one more person whose name I didn't write down) and one supervisor (Ashley, ID 5260317). I explained them that this option was checked at the time of booking, and had I known that there was NO free parking as advertised by priceline.com, I would have booked somewhere else with a better value (via AMEX hotel rewards program). After an hour on the phone with 4 different reps, and my AMEX Gold card membership service contacting priceline.com to help get a refund, they would STILL refuse to issue me a credit for the amount of the parking fee ($19.85) or refund the whole purchase telling me they have a "no refunds" policy. But no refunds should apply to only those purchases that were made in accordance to customer's specifications, i.e. they cannot place someone who chose hotel rating 3 stars and up into a 1 star motel. The way it works is they can only choose the name/location of the hotel, but their match has to be based on my requirements (like number of stars, approximate distance). Same with Free/Paid parking. Scott, ID 5260278 offered to settle the matter by issuing credit of $50 towards my next (very unlikely anyway) purchase. I asked him if it was “up to $50 dollars, or “actually $50”, he confirmed “Yes, ma’am, fifty flat”; and when I agreed to it, he told me the following: "I will send you a link that you will need to click on to redeem your $10 (ten!) dollars. I asked him to repeat the amount again, and he said $10. Then I asked him if he had said "$50" (fifty) just before then and he AGREED he had. He just apologized for the mistake!!! Again a lie. This conversation was recorded by priceline.com per my request, and I would like you to listen to it if you need to.
I told him no, he needed to put $50 dollars on my account towards the next purchase just like he had promised, and he refused to do so. He insisted on forwarding me some link with $10 dollars.
SO the bottom line - Free parking that was promised by priceline.com was NOT offered by the hotel. EVER. The hotel front desk person told me they always charged for parking, and the cheapest fee is $19.85.

In addition - No free breakfast was offered at the hotel as well.
Please, take proper action against this company as they're misleading people everyday! Even in their Terms & Conditions they have an "error based" refund policy which they did not honor.

Thank you,

  • Gl
    Glacier Group Ltd Jan 01, 2011

    I too got the blown off by Priceline, I was a strong supporter of Priceline for the last 8 years until now. I spent over $400 for tickets for Disneyland Park in Anahiem and was sent a voucher to use. It states right on the voucher word for word" Voucher may be redeemed for the Disneyland Parks. Voucher will be required for redemption. The Guest Services told me they dont have any info on their system regarding my tickets for admission to the park. They check a total of six times and nothing, even the manager tryed and still nothing.

    So I have to turn to my 7 year old son and tell him we flew over 3000 miles to Disneyland and cant go in the gate because our "Priceline Voucher " is not valid . All priceline can say is we can get back to you in 7days with a answer to why the voucher is not valid. Luckly I am a parent who has the financil means to dish out another $460 dollars to enter the park, but what about the families who don't have this fianancial mean, could you imagine. Shame on you Priceline!!!

    So they get back to me 5 days later and blow me off saying I purchased tickets through them (Priceline) that are non-refundable and its my problem not theirs. Is it me or am I in the wrong, you got to be kidding me Priceline. Believe me the fight is not over, you have picked the wrong family to blow off and STEAL my 7 year old sons money, are you kidding me!!!

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Resolved lies, lies, lies

Don't ever use them for hotels. Cars maybe. They lie about the star rating. We booked a four star hotel in Vegas and got the Westin that was a dump, dog piss all over, torn carpets, closed pool, etc. I knew the Westin was dump and called, asking just to change hotels; the barely english speaking customer service said screw you. In summary, it ruined our vacation. Advice, use the hotel websides you know of and book directly. Priceline is a disaster. YOUR HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  • Ju
    JuliaR. Jan 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They blatantly lie to you. There was an option to get a hotel ON THE STRIP in Las Vegas. Now we all know what is considered the strip and was is off the strip. The Westin is off the strip. The hotel website says so. The hotel itself does not claim it is on the strip because it is a long 2 blocks east. I bid on a strip hotel and ended up with The Westin. It's nasty and there is construction out front. Priceline would not refund, would not discount next purchase and my credit card company said they cannot dispute the transaction because Priceline has a No Refunds Policy in place.

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Resolved using priceline was a complete disaster

My first time using Priceline and it was a complete disaster. Within 3 hours of making the reservations at a hotel, I contacted the hotel an canceled the reservation. I had no idea I had to contact Priceline. They billed me and even after I gave them names of the persons at the hotel who approved the cancellation, they still would not credit me back as a courtesy. They kept telling me how much it was my fault instead of trying to work with a first time customer. I pretty much lost $90 on a hotel that I did not even set foot in. I will be sure to email everyone on my distribution list (which is over 150) to NEVER use their service.

  • Sh
    Shaun.A Nov 14, 2010

    Make sure to tell your "distribution list" that you failed the read the terms before buying. Hopefully it won't go in their spam box!

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Resolved wrong time, no change

I wanted to watch the "Blue man" show in Vegas on March 02,
I'd like to choose 10:00 pm show, but there is only date, not time on the description but the price is good.
after I checked out, I figure out it's a 7:00 pm show which I can't make it. I called Prineline Rightaway!!
they told me: "we can't refund you, you can change the time on the day of the show, it's not a problem!" On the March 02, the ticket office told me "can't change the time" and I called priceline again, they told me "CAN'T CHANGE TIME AND NO REFUNDS". I feel very sorry for Priceline, it's not the way to do business! I'll never buy any tickets on Priceline no matter how cheap is the price!!

Resolved hotel room

I bid on a hotel room for Las Vegas thru Priceline. Not knowing what I would get. The hotel they gave me for the price was more expensive than going to the hotel myself. The hotel they gave me also had specials going on, if I went directly to their web site( lots of comps ) which I could not get thru priceline . I called Priceline and they said they will refund some money back to my account to compensate the higher room rate, but I still don't get any comps. :( I called the Hotel, they said that I could not get any comps with the priceline reservation and the girl said that she would never use Priceline herself, because of this type of situation. I have used Priceline many times and was happy with what I got before. This is the last time. Paying more thru Priceline than what's it's worth was not good.

Resolved scam

Priceline is a scam. I bid $180 a night for a 4 star hotel in Miami and received a non refundable
non cancellable reservation at the Sonesta Bayfront Hotel. When I searched this hotel on
their website, I discovered that their standard room rate is $180 per night!!

I complained to their customer service rep who told me that Priceline does not promise discounted rates. I was told that Priceline only guarantees that you cannot get a refund and you
cannot cancel a reservation under ANY circumstances whatsoever.

  • Do
    Downey Jan 23, 2009

    I was negotiating the subject airline tickets and only offered $500 each for two (2) tickets. I agreed to choose an alternate date, which I did and accepted. At no time did I authorize more than $500.00 per ticket (except for airport taxes, etc.). When it came back accepted, I noticed the price per ticket was almost $1, 200.00. I called my credit card company and put this on dispute. Please cancel this transaction against my credit card! I was baited and then the price was switched. I will fight this.

    In addition to placing this in dispute with my credit card company, I filed complaints with the Attorney Generals' Offices of the States of Louisiana and Ohio and the BBB. Also, I've contacted my attorney and provided him with all correspondence and other information.

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  • To
    Tony Jul 18, 2009

    They took a bid I made from Corpus to Ft Myers, Florida and switched the departing city to San Antonio without my approval. They claimed that I agreed, but I never did. Because of Priceline's swindling, I paid over $ 200 more than necessary and now have to drive over two hours with a young child and spend hours longer in travel. The flight leaves at 6 a.m. from San Antonio. Priceline is very difficult to reach and in a scripted answer, the "customer service" rep and his supervisor refused to refund even though I NEVER agreed to switch to San Antonio from Corpus Christi.

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  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 18, 2009

    How exactly did they say you agreed to it.

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  • Re
    Really? Feb 25, 2010

    You are stupid! Why did you bid so high? Now you are on a website making yourself look like a fool.

    Do research first, read the disclaimers, then purchase. There is no one on the internet to hold your hand.


    -1 Votes

Resolved advantage car rental refused to honor priceline.com price or

I booked a car through Advantage on Semoran and Hoffner in Orlando. It was supposed to be $127 for a week with fees and taxes. They refused to honor this reservation at this price that I booked through priceline.com. I had AARP insurance, they refused to let me take the car out with that. No matter what they insisted that I had to use their insurance. They have Toyotas which are all being recalled. They said that if something went wrong, even if it was under recall by Toyota, the driver was responsible. They gave me the runaround for nearly an hour, complete with computer mistakes, and going to the boss at least 3X, always insisting that I had to take a different car and always trying to jack up the price. Even when a deal was reached they had me sign an agreement, then THEN WITHOUT EVEN TELLING ME, THEY ATTEMPTED TO GET A SECURITY DEPOSIT, DOUBLING THE PRICE OF THE DEAL - ON A DEBIT CARD??


  • Ca
    cali420king Jun 11, 2010

    had the same problem with advantage in cabo san lucas. they put a $1, 700 deposit on my card since they didnt recognize the insurance that priceline sold to me.
    then I had to cut my trip short and priceline refused to refund my unused days of insurance. complete [censor].
    never ever ever use priceline again!!!

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Resolved hipaa regulation violation

My daughter made a reservation for a hotel through priceline. She was unable to keep said reservation due to an accident.
I called priceline to see if she could get a cancellation. The representative told me he would charge her a 25$ fee per night. This was for three nights instead of the 215$ charge. With one stipulation I tell him what hospital she was at and the name of the MD. caring for her so he could call and get information about her and the situation. The hotel had no problem with the cancellation. This to me is a violation of HIPAA and privacy rites. PLEASE do not use priceline if you can avoid it. This is an unlawful practice!

Resolved refusal of refund request

I was extremely dissatisfied with priceline on a number of levels. I originally booked a 2 room reservation for the Holiday Inn Soho in NYC, though upon arival the clerk said only 1 room was reserved. Of course this made no sense since we were a party of 6, 2 adults and 4 children. They only had a room with a King bed, obviously unable to accommodate out group. They did have 2 Kings available, but of course would only honor the priceline rate for 1 room, that was not acceptable. I proceeded to check in to the 1 king, and called priceline, who was of NO ASSISTANCE at all. A CSR advised that I go back on-linbe and book the additional room, which I did however the additional room offered was NOT at the Holiday Inn, but at the Marriott 3 miles away, again NOT ACCEPTABLE. Again I called priceline to tell them THEIR idea had not worked very well, and asked that the room at the Marriott be released and my account not charged. Of course they refused to cancel the reservation. My next step was to call the Marriott directly who told me they had no reservation for my party, and that it seemed not to have come through. They too were not very helpful referring me to contact priceline, which I did, AGAIN! offering no service or solution for this problem/error. To summarize I spent the 1st 2 hours of my trip to NYC, with 4 kids in tow on the phone trying to fix this mess, and now to add insult to injury I am being charged for a room I did not use, nor want. I needed 2 rooms at the same property, not 3 miles apart. I am a single Mom who saved to take my children to NYC, for their 1st visit and to see my sister and her children, who I do not get to see very often, and what I experienced is INEXCUSABLE rudeness, UNBELIEVEABLE LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE, and TOTAL INDIFFERENCE TO THE SITUATION. Upon my return I have written topriceline.com twice, and have been told in no uncertain terms "not our problem, and no refund will be issued." When I explained it was THEIR CSR that advised me to obtain the 2nd room for the HI Soho online their reply was "you were just unlucky I guess." I cannot afford to be ripped off this, or any amount of money. I am a single (unemployed) Mom trying to raise 2 kids, after their Dad lost his job of 25 years, and has yet to recover financially or emotionally. Between my sister and myself we have now paid over $1230 for 2 nights in NYC on hotels (via priceline) alone. I am a native NY'er and I know NYC is expensive, but @ $615 each I could have stayed somewhere better than HI...but thanks to priceline I OVERPAID FOR A CRUMMY (AT BEST) HOTEL, AND THEY RUINED HOURS OF MY VACATION. Please be advised that I will be sending a copy of this to every newspaper, TV station and news program that I can find. I will not rest until priceline has refunded my money, and they are shown for who they are and how they treat their customers...LOUSY BEYOND WORDS!!!

  • Do
    dolfan Aug 17, 2010

    priceline has fraud issues. a bid was not put by me and I notified them of the issue and priceline will not remove the charge.

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Resolved refusal to acknowlege cancellation confirmation number

To whom it may concern: On December 23, 2009 I was scheduled to stay at the Ramada Inn in Clive, IA, having...