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Recently, my wife and I booked a ticket on Priceline and the prices appear to be unusually less than what could be purchased on Delta website which I found to be strange (~around $40 cheaper).
At the time of booking, we chose economy class with particular seat reservations so we could be next to each other.

We just received an email notification that the flight has been changed by the airline to another plane. With the new flight, seat assignments are not possible.

To us, this is not acceptable. If seat reservations are not viable, it should be clearly disclosed prior to booking the flight otherwise we would have chosen a different airline. At the time of booking, we had selected seats and we were not disclosed anything.

Spoken to supervisor at Saturday March 4th, around 7:00 PM PST
• Both agent and Supervisor stated nothing can be done
• Both stated that we booked tickets that were basic tickets with no seat arrangement but as stated, that is not true. We had selected seats. - hotels

I took an express deal for a 2.5 star hotel in Pigeon Forge. I was placed in a room that is about to be torn down. Keycards don't work, rooms are dated and worn. The stars on other websites are much lower! The fire alarms either beep or have to be disabled. The rooms all open directly to the outside with only chains as security! I called customer service who said that they couldn't guarantee an express deal. I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau! - reservation [protected]

Re: reservation # [protected]
Date: 2/223/2017

I trusted Priceline to fulfill their contractual obligation to provide me with a 2.5 star or above hotel when booking a non-refundable reservation. However, after being notified of what hotel was chosen for me, I researched the reviews and discovered this hotel does not match the published criteria for a 2.5 star hotel. Subsequently, do to the numerous negative customer reviews, I fear for my safety and well-being.

After researching the customer reviews with prior priceline customers, expedia customers, travelocity customers, and trip advisor customers

This is fraudulent misrepresentation to induce contract, and a breech of contractual agreement terms.

I agreed to pay a non-refundable fee for a hotel that would be 2.5 stars or above. Upon discovering this hotel did not meet Priceline's published criteria for a 2.5 star hotel I immediately contacted Priceline and escalated my concerns. I explained that I was a woman traveling alone and my safety was of upmost concern, along with cleanliness of the hotel. However, I was met with the same scripted language with each customer representative I spoke to; all three stated this was a 2.5 star hotel in the location I chose and they were confident the hotel would exceed my expectations. There was no concern for my safety or well-being and a refund or credit was unavailable.

Prior to choosing the MINIMUM level I would accept I researched Priceline's published criteria for a 2.5 star hotel is as follows:

"Priceline's 2 star hotels are national name brand and quality independent hotels with tasteful accommodations, sometimes with a residential feel. Public spaces are casual yet distinctive, and hotel rooms are well appointed and often feature amenities for the business traveler. While hotel services may be somewhat limited, 24-hour Front Desk and daily housekeeping services are provided. Hotels usually feature a restaurant for breakfast."

All of the following reviews not only point out that the hotel does not feel safe, but there are consistently complaints about lack of cleanliness, bed bugs, NOT well appointed, there is NO daily housekeeping, and NO restaurant for breakfast. The breakfast reported is granola bars offered in a basket by the coffee pot in the lobby.

This is NOT a 2.5 star hotel. Priceline selling this hotel as 2.5 stars is a fraudulent misrepresentation and breech of contractual agreement. I would have never entered into this contract had the hotel been represented factually.

I proceeded with my due diligence and contacted Priceline within moments of making the reservation. However, I could not get an acceptable level of customer service so I had no other option but to contact Paypal, as well as my bank, to place a stop payment. This cost me $31. This has also created an issue with my Paypal account.

I am left without an acceptable hotel for my upcoming trip, a locked Paypal account, and a stop payment fee of $31. I am hopeful that this issue will be immediately remedied.

I need an acceptable 2.5 star or above, safe, clean hotel, with breakfast and wifi at the rate I was offered. I also need a release from Priceline to Paypal, explaining their error.

See following list of reviews and complaints on this hotel.


Melissa McCrery

This is only a sampling of complaints showing both long-term issues as well as current issues. There are numerous other complaints as I only took a sampling to show the incongruency with a 2.5 star rating.

1. 5/14/16 Dirty, dirty, dirty. Do not stay there. Had to ask for a better, non-smoky, clean room twice.

2. 8/27/16 People let their dog go to the bathroom right outside the door, people throw cigarettes of the 2nd floor to the ground, people fighting, room was dirty, it was just not good

3. 9/26/16 Hello, unfortunately I’m writing on a very unhappy stay with you guys on Sept 24, 2016. We arrived to check in and the gentlemen at the front desk was probably the only thing I liked at this hotel. I believe Cameron was his name. So I checked in and was given keys and went to the room. Well we were given a room that was definitely not one that was made up to be given to someone checking in as both beds were unmade and trash left. No problem and honest mistake is what I first took this as. I called to the front desk and told them they did not give me a correct room. He actually ran up to give us a different room and room keys, was not all that upset yet. Well unfortunately it didn’t stop there. The next room had a huge bug in the bathroom and on the towels. SO again I tried to call downstairs and also say how unacceptable this was, well the phones in that room did not even work, so I had to call a second time with my personal phone. Normally I’m not one to complain and was very easy going, but having two disgusting things happen in a row was where I finally got upset. He again had to put us in a 3rd room to which we barely even stayed in because we no longer wanted to be there. I have pictures of the first room that was offered and then the second as proof of what we received. On top of that every single trash was severely overfilled with trash all over the place. Definitely not something you want to see as a guest there. Would like a refund.

4. 9/27/16 The hotel was terrible. We tried two different rooms and were so dirty. We spoke to another group of people staying there as well and they were on their third room because they were so gross. We decided to just drive home which was 3 hours away.

5. 9/29/16 Bathroom was dirty. People were smoking by my room all night and my hotel room and clothes smelled like smoke the next morning. I told the front desk but they couldn’t care less.

6. 10/1/16 Should not advertise with pool when it was totally filthy. Bottom of pool completely covered with leaves and dirt all over. Looked like it hadn’t been taken care of

7. 10/6/16 First room we were given was awful….surrounded by junk. The room smelled terrible. New room staff moved us to was better, but walls were paper thin. Heard the tv and snoring ALL night long from room next door. No sleep!

8. 10/11/16 selected 2.5 star received a 2 star. Grounds were dirty, it smelled like cigarettes inside and outside, staff didn’t know how to encode a room key, the dressers had graffiti. I ended up having to pay a 10 dollar up charge per night to get 2 full size beds.

9. 10/18/16 Person at the desk was a little rude. He was not dressed professionally, stains on shirt and wrinkled shirt and bad body odor. Room smelled like cigarettes and stains all over the rug. Dirty table and bathroom. Sheets were stained.

10. 10/18/16 Nice on the outside. Seems like it was remodeled recently. The room itself was not nice. It smelled horrible inside. We ended up going to another hotel. There was no way we were gong to sleep in this place.

11. 10/22/16 The room smelled of cigarette smoke. There was rotting food in the dishwasher, the toilet didn’t work, most power outlets didn’t work and the carpets were filthy.

12. 11/12/16 Very dirty carpet, sheets were solid wrinkles, our breakfast to go….was a tiny basket of the cheapest granola bars and bad coffee with no creamer. I asked the gal at the desk where are the basket of fruit like I saw online…. All discontinued.

14. 11/27/16 Horrible smell of smoke in a non-smoking hotel!! We didn’t stay the following night because we couldn’t stand the smell! Will never stay there ever again! Would not recommend. Wasn’t the cleanest either.

15. 12/17/16 Wasn’t the greatest hotel I have stayed at. The bed was rock hard, the carpet was stained and dirty. The lamps and plug-ins did not work. The internet was glitch and if you wanted to do anything but just view the internet/Facebook it cost you money. The cable had only like 10 channels.

16. 12/25/16 awful, room was not clean, staff was rude

17. 12/30/16 This is actually a motel room converted into extended stay style. Very small rooms, very old appliances. Feeling was not very safe at night. Bathroom is small. Bed was not comfortable to sleep at night.

18. 1/15/17 Dirty property, needs renovation

19. 1/26/17 Very poor internet service and not proper guidance on booking which made me lose 20% promo benefit.

20. 2/10/17 No maid service, carpets were dirty, the kitchen had absolutely nothing to use in it – no dishes, no pans, no silverware, nothing! There were poor repairs in the wall in the bathroom. Front desk staff was rude and surely. The breakfast was almost not available

21. 2/13/17 Bed was very uncomfortable. No breakfast available.

22. 2/13/17 Check in went great, area where hotel is located is a little vacant and right next to the freeway. I noticed red splatter on the ceiling of my room, also where the smoke alarm should have been on the ceiling there was open wires hanging out with no smoke alarm attached. I noticed the morning of checkout an unusual outlet cover on the wall up high. Looked at it and it appeared to be a lens behind the grill.

23. 2/16/17 Just….YUCK! The price charged for this dumpy hotel is just too much. There was trash overflowing from two of the trash bins (one outside our door). We got into our room and there was a dog barking next door.

24. 2/19/17 Simply run down skid row establishment

25. 2/19/17 The hotel’s bathtub was filthy. My daughter took a bath and it was super grimy on the sides. The hotel had run out of tissue and toilet paper. No shampoo or conditioner was given. I wish they told me that earlier so I could pack my own.

Cc: Paypal dispute
Better Business Bureau
Priceline c/o Mr. Christopher Garrity, Brett Keller
Wells Fargo Dispute resolution
Consumer Affairs - economy car rental company

The worst experience I have ever had sameer with others who did or didn't get their rentals for them. Their shuttle would bring the clients from the airport and line up for 2 or more hours as my flight arrivedo at 10:50p. And I got their in 30 mins as its away from the airport.waiting in line which so long that it going outside the doors and while families waited. It was taking time as I could see that were not accepting credit card insurances and also weren't accepting personal insurance either haggling with each person to make them buy their Auto insurance or leave so that the next person can talk to them.also were charging airport tax.even though it was far from the airport. Some like called family to to be picked up some called Uber and went others took their insurance and the car. Some as I watch turned around bring the car back as the cars had issues. In one the buttons on the key won't work. Some had no choice as its midnight. I will be contacting florida authorI ties to investigate as well.

Priceline should remove this company from their site. This just didn't happened to me alone .my aunt rental ed from them a day earlier from them by haggling she the insurance rate reduced. I could see it happening to everyone in front of me. All were shaking thir heads and mumbling.
She informed me to bring my insurance documents but still the same. - communication

To whom it may concern, I booked a room for a 1 night stay for me and my fiancé through Priceline yesterday and had a horrible experience. I arrived at the hotel with all the information needed for the clerk to tell me I wasn't in the system. Sat in the lobby for over an hour on hold with Priceline for the lady to give me an attitude. Ruined the mood and night, it was supposed to be our special day away from the kids for Valentine's Day. Would not book through you guys again. Not only the error but the rudeness of the lady who answered the phone - rip off

Purchased a hotel stay. Within minutes I discovered the hotel did not have a pool. I called the hotel to see if I could transfer to another property that had a pool. They couldn't help because I purchased through a third party. I contact Priceline and all I got was the standard reply. I offered to switch to a higher priced property with a pool but they would not help. I am done with Priceline forever. I booked with another property but I am still stuck paying the for the other hotel. - trip [protected]

On 1/24/2017 I booked a trip through Priceline. Priceline trip [protected]. My search for hotel was Riu Palace Penninsula. When I got the itinerary it was Riu Cancun. Immediately after getting the itinerary I called Priceline customer service to let them know that the wrong hotel was booked. They told me within 24 hours that the hotel and airfare could be canceled. I also checked with the Riu hotels and they told me that the hotel reservation could be canceled but must be done through Priceline. The airfare portion was canceled without problem.

I have been getting the run around from Priceline stating that the hotel will not cancel the Hotel portion of this reservation. This is NOT true. Riu customer service is stating this CAN be canceled.

The correct hotel was booked through Priceline as well as airfare with Trip #[protected]. This issue needs to be resolved as one week ago I was told it would be and I get an email 1/30/2017 from Priceline Travel Support Team stating the Riu Hotels will not Cancel this reservation. Simply not true.

I was told that if the hotel told me the reservation could be canceled they would honor the cancel. Please pull the conversations as you say they are recorded for quality assurance. I talked to at least 3 Priceline reps as well as Riu that told me this same information. - hotel stay!!! i've never felt so violated!!!

We booked the room under the impression there was a pool and hot tub and our room was a king suit with an accessible bathroom. I'm in a wheelchair. When we get there, the pool and hot tub were empty due to renovations. OK, then we get to our room to find out the bathroom was half the size of a normal door so I couldn't get in it. I talked to Jason at the front desk and he said there isn't a bathroom I could get into in the whole building and told me I could go to another hotel. I've never felt so violated my whole life. So Jason text messaged his manager and the manager said I could go find another hotel. It felt like a prison when your told you don't have access to any bathrooms. They thought it was funny. I should contact my attorney Nancy Lake and let her deal with how I was violated. This is really unacceptable. - hotel booking

I booked hotel rooms in charlotte north carolina for january 14th and 15th night 2017. I booked it online from website on january 12th night. When I chose the hotel renaissance charlotte suites hotel, it popped up four options. All of them had same type of room - king or two double bed suite with a sofa bed. They were going for $139 - non refundable, $149 - refundable, pay later, $169 - nonrefundable, freebies-free breakfast. I chose the $169 with free breakfast option. When I checked in, I found out that there was no free breakfast reserved with my room, and it will cost me $16 per person. I told the hotel receptionist about what I had booked with porcelain, she said if I have something from them - she will honor.
I called priceline customer service and the last was absolutely not willing to listen and solve. She said my contract showed no breakfast - so she can't do anything. When I told her that I booked the room paying $30 extra per night only for that additional feature - and even at that time the website was showing the same options - she did not bother to check. She was not even willing to go to next level. I insited I speak to the supervisor and she was so unhelpful, she agrees that it shows like this on website, since it is not in my contract she cannot do anything about. When I told her by saying freebreakfast and when I selected it, not including in my contact is violation and false representation by the company - she gave various beating around the bush answer and just did not want to redo my booking to the one without free breakfast - which would have been $30 less for two days $60 less.
To me this is clearly a false representation and a web site bait and give a different contract and get you on contract when you call them. It appears even if I had called them right after the answer would have been the same.
I ask the readers to be very careful to check what they are getting into. Many states have free cancellation within 24hr - use that option. - wrong name on reservation/switching my flights

When going to check-in for our airline reservation today it was discovered that entered my information incorrectly for the airline reservation when they booked my tickets. They had me listed under three different names on the reservation: joe marie kleinhenz, jean marie kleinhenz (Which was listed on our boarding passes) and my actual name of jean marie geisheker (Which was listed correctly on the billing information which I find very interesting). I spent 49 minutes on the phone this morning, most of the time on hold, and the issue still was not resolved. They said that they would call me back in 1 to 2 hours. They called me back in 2 1/2 hours. Then they said that american told them they needed to split the booking. So when went to re-reserve our tickets they found that our original flight was no longer available. So instead of splitting me and my travel companion up they booked us on a different flight which leaves almost 2 hours before our original flight was scheduled to depart. This is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. I cannot believe I had to spend my morning trying to fix an error that was caused by them. I will never again use unless they start changing the way they do business. They did not offer to refund any money, they didn't offer to upgrade our tickets or vehicle rental. All I got was "I am so sorry ma'am".

Update by jmg2017
Dec 30, 2016

They changed my name on my reservation. It's still not correct. - airline tickets to china

Hi, I was planning my trip to China long time ago. On April, 15 I booked 2 tickets on Priceline via Kayak to Beijing, China - Oct, 4(itinerary#[protected]). I received airline confirmation#:
AirCanada K3M8D5
On flight 7426 departing from Chicago at 0600. But when we came to airport we were unable to locate tickets. Agent at desk tried to help us but there were no tickets issued with this reservation.
Needless to say how frustrated we are. We spend all morning to figured out what to do.
Instead of nice vacation we are dealing with all incompetence of agency through which we reserved tickets.
We request financial and moral reimbursement from company which created this chaos.
Thank you,
Natalia ruined our vacation - airline ticket refund

Be aware of, as they are misleading consumers into thinking their "travel protection insurance" will secure a refund in the event of travel cancellation. I bought an airline ticket and also purchased AON travel protection in the event I would have to cancel my trip. I was reluctant to purchase this travel protection insurance because I normally do not experience unfavorable circumstances causing me to cancel my travel arrangements. With confidence I cancelled my trip within the required period of time, as per AON's rules, but unfortunately Priceline nor the travel protection company (AON) will not issue a refund. Anyone else experience this and would like to comment? - charge for non existent "service"

I made a reservation through Priceline to stay in a hotel near Lake Tahoe. When I arrived at the place at 2:00 AM in the morning, the hotel was closed and me, my wife and two children have had to sleep in the car.

Now is trying to charge me for this "service" telling me that the hotel accepts guests only by 10:00 PM. The policies etc. etc.

I am pretty sure that I made this online reservation at around 11:00 PM . I checked my e-mail and confirmed that I received the confirmation e-mail at 11:30 PM.

They should fix their I-phone ap. before trying to rip off their customers.

This is ridiculous . - express deals

I booked a hotel using Priceline express deals...

As I know now Dumb Idea but I had done it 2 other times and they really did what they said they would do. When you book you can look at what the hotels should be... In theory. They place a hotel box that shows the hotels or at least the type of hotel you will get if you use their express deal function, The problem is they switch the hotel to a bad hotel nothing like they put in the online add. As far as I know bait and switch has not been legal in the US for a very long time yet here they are advertising and doing it at a national level.

I asked to book a 2.5 star hotel.. I know maybe I should have gone higher but I travel a lot so I think I know what is a comparable hotels. They tell me I will get a Hampton inn, Holliday inn, Holliday in express, Best western, Spring hill suites, or Fairfield. (0r something comparable) look close to find that...I still have not. I know the hotels in area I was booking and none of the above are bad. When I book the send me an extended stay hotel... even if it was the same quality not comparable... but this is nothing like The above hotels.

I opened up a ticket with Priceline to try to resolve the issue and they would not give me a refund. They would not change to a decent hotel.

I have the screen shot of what they said I would get. All of this for 300 dollars. I guess if you rip enough people off for 300 the money really starts to add up. - no reservation at hotel, bs hotel ratings.

We used Priceline Express Deals to get a hotel in the Chula Vista, California, area. We wanted a 3-star hotel, which according to Priceline, would be similar to "Hyatt, Marriot Courtyard, Four Points, Double Tree, and Holiday Inn." What we got was a Clarion in the ghetto-like area of National City. Also, according to Priceline, we saved 32% on the price of the room, yet later on when we called the hotel directly, we could have gotten the same rate. When we went to check in, Clarion didn't have our reservation, so we showed them our confirmation number. We were told that that was Priceline's confirmation number, not theirs, and that they didn't have a reservation. Long story short, the front desk person charged us for the room again, even after we showed her proof from Priceline and our online credit card statement that it was already paid. When we argued about it, she said her manager was on the phone with Priceline, and that they would refund our money when they got it cleared up, and to go ahead and check in. This ended up being a lie, but I'll deal with Clarion on that. Anyway, we wasted an hour and still didn't get it resolved. Later that day we talked to the assistant manager, who contacted Priceline, and after another 30 minutes voided the payment from our credit card. She told us that Priceline uses several other companies as middlemen to book their reservations, in this case, and that Priceline had charged us, had gotten their money, but that they had failed to pay Clarion. At any rate, I will never use Priceline again. - auto rental

Priceline constantly advertises on Yahoo with great deals with specific days at my local airport. If you click on it it is never available. wait 1, 24, 48, 72 ect hours and they still run the same add with same results. They claim that suddenly cars are not available.

Do not waste your time with

Its true false advertisement!!! I have been trying to book a car of their prices they advertise for a month, HA there are cars available however NEVER for the price that they show, , , not at any time!!! This is clear false advertising!! I've looked at every car they have listed NOT one comes back at the price they say.. IT clearly shows the airport I'm flying into, , , shows the cars and amount, , like I said I have pulled everyday in the month, , , NOT ONCE at anytime are their rates open!!!

May 23, 2016 - stole my money!

I was planning a vacation trip, so I decided to book a hotel room. Went online and found Priceline which seemed quite reliable. I booked a room and received a payment confirmation message. Several days later I decided to contact the hotel because I had some questions and wanted to discuss things with their manager. The hotel manager said that they did not have a reservation on my name and told that they never received the payment. Then I emailed Priceline and asked what was going on. They said that payment never went through and they cancelled my booking. I said that I did not get my money back and they replied that was not possible. Called my bank and they confirmed that Priceline did take my money! Priceline rep claimed that they had nothing to do with that and refused to refund me! Do not use this site, they will steal your money!! - hotel booking

I just booked an hotel through When I got the confirmation email, I found the room is for 2 guests. It is not suitable for me since we have two kids. I called priceline customer service and talked with Morrison. He suggested me to call the hotel first and find out whether two kids can live with us or not. I called and found I have to pay extra $23. I called priceline again and talked with another representative and a senior person. They said they could not do anything after making reservation. Their policy is one room for two guests, not the policies of their competitors like, and All the competitors' website you can select how many people can live in ONE room (two adults and two kids). The problem is you never knew policy. I went to again and carefully repeat the procedures to book a hotel room. NO any place to find the policy until you actually booked the hotel room and get the confirmation email. It is CHEATING. I request either cancel my reservation and fully refund me or pay the extra charge.

Mar 31, 2016 - I lost all my money!

I rented a car via for 7 days. Unfortunately I had to cancel my entire trip, so I contacted priceline and asked for a refund. They said they don’t do refunds and that they cannot cancel my reservation. Absolutely ridiculous. So basically I lost all my money for a 7 day rental! Customer service rep was disrespectful and provided absolutely no help. Never will I use priceline again!!

Jan 28, 2016 - disgusting customer service

I booked a hotel via Priceline but because our flight was canceled due to winter storm I had to cancel the reservation. I contacted Priceline customer service and gave all my information to their representative. Their rep said that no one from the hotel was available at the moment and asked me to call back later. I asked why do I have to call back, since they had all my information. Their rep said that I need to be on the phone when they contacted the hotel. Few hours later I called back but no one picked up the phone. Since then they are ignoring all my calls and I have no idea whether they cancelled my hotel reservation or not. I didn't receive my money back yet.

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