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Complaints & Reviews

voucher / bonus cash scam

Beware of bonus cash from Priceline... I chose Priceline over other sites at first because they offered 2 nights of hotel voucher. However, you need to be very careful because the instructions are not included when you book your hotel. I expected the bonus cash discount to be taken off the Name Your Own Price total, but NO... that's not how it works. I wish they had instructions on the booking page, but they don't. I called customer service to explain the situation, how I ended up paying more then I would have if I had booked from the hotel directly even AFTER using the voucher. To my surprise, they are not doing anything about it... the website stole my voucher and I end up having to pay more because of all the service fees that they charge... SCAM

bait and switch fraud

So I just went to book a car rental on Priceline.com. I was quoted a price of 101.68, which I was fine with and agreed to. I clicked "confirm" and was led to the second page, which said, sorry, but it's 260.39. When I called them to try to fix it, their answer was this: "Well, we just didn't make the reservation at all, so it's ok." I didn't get an e-mail telling me that the reservation didn't go through, or anything. So why bother giving an confirmation number, etc. This gave the impression that not only did they complete the reservation, but they did so at more than twice the originally quoted cost. I asked them to simply match the orginal cost, and they refused. I talk to their initial customer service representative, Victor, and then finally to apparently "the highest court" representative, Ellen, who still refused to do anything.

  • No
    nothard2please Aug 22, 2011


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  • Ri
    Richard McNulty Aug 30, 2011

    I bid on a Hotel at the Denver Aiport. Priceline made a reservation at a hotel 15 miles from the airport. I objected as there are a dozen hotels clustered with in 3 miles of the airport. Priceline response is that "their teams opinion is that it is in the Denver Airport area."
    I refused to stay at the hotel. Priceline refuses to credit my credit card which they have charged. I am an attorney and retired circuit judge. If they continue to bill my credit card I am going to file a law suit and let the judge deceide if 15 miles is in the area.

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unauthorized charges

My nightmare started when I purchased a business class airline ticket from Priceline.com website to Europe July 2nd 2009. Three days before departure date I contacted Priceline to change my departure date. Everything went well and I paid all penalties/change of rate fees with my debit card.
When I received my confirmation e-mail, I realized that I got dropped from business class to economy; this was after agent told me over the phone that I was still in business class. I contacted Priceline about it, but really didn’t get any help. Their customer service told me that there is nothing they can do about it. When I went to check in at the airport, I find out that I don’t have ticket at all anymore. I called Priceline again (about 15th call in two days!) they said, that it was their fault and they will call my cell phone in next 15 minutes. I waited for 30 and called them again, went through same cycle again, and finally get talk to somebody that can speak English and could do something. She was actually half way helpful, but couldn’t fix the problem right away. No I only had 50 minutes time left for departure and still didn’t have a ticket! She promised to call me back and actually called back 20 minutes later. I finally got ticket and barely made my flight.
28 days after this episode I was checking my bank statement and realized, that Priceline.com had charged my debit card for third time for $530.11. This is over 20 days after trip, and I never authorized it. I called Priceline again, and customer service department told me (after waiting for 25 minutes) that it was their mistake, and they would refund my card in next 10 business days (which is BS on my opinion anyways).
I waited for 2 weeks and no refund. I called again and now story changed, Priceline was going to investigate what actually happened. They told me this will take 14 days, and are going to get back to me. As you can probably guess, nobody called or e-mailed me. I called again, and after transferring me from department to another for 30 minutes I actually talked to somebody that could tell me that they need to investigate what actually happened to original investigation!
At this point I handed this to BBB also, and contacted Priceline again. They gave me case id number and told me that accounting department is handling it, but I can’t talk to anybody in that department, they will let me know. I waited couple of days and called them again. This time they told me that refund was issued on September 7th and paid on September 9th. I told them that I still don’t have money; they told me that my bank is the problem, they have done their part. I try to ask transaction number, but didn’t get one.
After I called to my bank again just to find out, that Priceline.com has never tried to refund my card, I called Priceline again. Now after fighting with them over the phone, they gave me new case number, and couldn’t ever give me an answer, why they lied about the refund. They told me that there is nothing I can do about it, but wait another guess… 14 days!
I’m done with them now, I guess I just have to wait BBB to do their thing.
Very bad and sad skimming and fraud, I can’t believe Priceline.com can still be in business.

  • Valerie Nov 07, 2008

    On 11/2 I was shopping the internet for hotels on priceline.com, I had never logged onto the site. While trying out the name your price section of the site I was surprised to see that without my initials, the 3 digit code from the credit card that I was confirmed for a hotel reservation and my credit card was to be charged. My profile was in the system from a previous transaction a few years ago with them. I immediately called Priceline to find report this and got no help, sorry all sales final not once but twice.

    I called the hotel to see if they could help me and in the conversation she asked me which reservation I was calling about, you see the Hotel has two. One was made on 10/31 and the one that had just been wrongly made on 11/2. When I went back and check email and accounts I see that there was indeed a confirmation and a charge. The same thing had happened to me had happened to my husband when shopping the site. Neither time had the proper data been entered, initial boxes checked, or the submit button clicked. I called Priceline again, and again I got no help.

    When I went back to the Priceline site and tried to log off the site to be sure that this does not happen again I could not find a way to sign off. I had to go in and remove my credit card information. Which by the way took two buttons to confirm removal of the information. I guarantee that my family will not be using this site again.

    I have since reported this to the Police as fraud and canceled my credit card as stolen as I feel violated. What else can I do to protect myself? What trouble have I caused myself by taking the step of canceling the car.

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  • 20
    20kats Dec 05, 2008

    You did everything right. Next time you purchase online, do not store any information. Get a charge card, like American Express, who will credit you immediately and do all the work to retrieve any mischarges and use it only for online purchases. Watchout for popups while you are on any site as hitting the "x" to close the window sometimes will authorize charges if it's a fraudulent popup. You did well on your follow up. Cancelling a reservation should not cause any problems, especially if you call the company direct and explain and make another reservation directly over the phone. Which, by the way, is the only way I do business. Congratulations on becoming an educated buyer.

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  • Au
    Austin Oct 13, 2009

    On 10/14/07, I purchased airline tickets and a rental car from Avis on Priceline.com website. Priceline ticket request number 493-432-751-68. In the process of doing so, the computer screen failed to show car rental charges when displaying flight details. So I re-entered my rental car request thinking rightfully so that my first request was not entered. Upon processing, the computer screen now displayed two rental cars charges plus the airline tickets. On 10/14/07 after seeing the two rental car charges, I emailed Priceline.com customer service asking to cancel one of the car rentals. They told me they were unable to do that because of their contract wording with Avis. I called customer service on 10/15/07 and was given the same answer. This is unacceptable. Failure to refund is criminal under the circumstances. I am being charged $647.20 on my credit card for a computer processing error. If Priceline.com has a right to take money from a customer's account without the customer's permission then I as a customer have the right to request it back.

    I do not, did not and will not use nor need a second rental car. I have so far filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs (both could not help me). I have a complaint pending with the Federal Trade Commission.

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  • Ja
    JacD96 Dec 30, 2009

    There is an unauthorized charge on my credit card from Priceline for $2, 244.27. I brought this to the attention of priceline.com and their response was to deny that it is an unauthorized charge: I was unable to reach a live person through their telephone number that appears with the bank charge. They did not give any other telephone number for contact.

    The charge appears to be bogus on it's face (way more than anyone would spend on an economy rental car unless they were using someone else's money: $90 per day for 23 days!!). My assumption at this point is that someone hacked my account. But priceline appears to be uncooperative in resolving this matter.

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  • Ve
    vegaschk Aug 16, 2012

    I am having the same issue...although not as bad but i see a charge for $86 on my account from priceline which is not authorized! i hate this company, will never buy travel from them again.

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  • Re
    ReporterOnline Mar 30, 2018

    This morning woke up to find Priceline.com had charged my bank debit card $904.05 for some unknown person to fly from Argentina to Dominican Republic. I have never used Priceline to book any travel arrangements. But did an online search about a week ago using Priceline.

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a terrible scam company

Me and my husband we were trying to buy tickets for family vacation.
We dont know what happened, just in one second, "The price was accepted" that was poped up!
My hus said he was writing a big money in the blank box for fun.
But he didnt push "buy my ticket now" button at all!!!(why he would click it!)
That was too much for us. We couldnt afford it. We were so sad to pay that amount money.
They already took the money from account. (Such a quick job)
So we called customer service, but that didnt help at all. Pretty much they kept saying, "In this case, We cant give any refund" OMG!!
After several big argument, he crumbled the paper to meke rough sound and hung up!!
What the!! I couldnt belive what they did to us. And we talked to other person, he said there is a humble discount for cancellation!! I guess he doesnt know what 'humble' means!
whatever that costs 100$ per ticket! so we paid 400$ for the trip even we didnt go!
If somebody wanna book a flight ticket from this company, I wanna tell them dont make stupid decision
like us!

  • Yo
    youtitheelee Sep 14, 2009

    Priceline is not some game playing site, once you are logged in with all the credit card info in place, you shouldn't be playing with "My Own Price" link. you filled up all the info, entered a huge number, what fun are you getting at it in the final screen?

    Sometimes pressing enter would submit the form, you don't have to click the button by mouse. Without your attending you must have somehow pressed it. Priceline is a seriuos site, its no game. So you better be seriuos while playing with the site. The rules are clearly mentioned, its not cancellable or refundable.

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deceptive advertising

I made a hotel reservation at 10:30 a.m. PST. On the web page it clearly stated that there was no cancellation fees or charges. I called at 2:30 p.m. PST to just change the hotel and was told that I had to do it the day before or I was going to be charged for the rate. I don't knwo how you cancel a reservation teh day before you made it. After talking to two "customer service " repressentatives, I received no satisfaction whatsoever. They never disputed the web site at all. The last representative told me to write their customer service department which I did. I received an auto reply saying that I was being charged. All this when all I wanted to do was change hotels. Now I would never recommend or use this company again. This is deceptive advertsising at it's best.

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hidden parking charge for hotel rate

I booked a room on priceline.com. After getting what I thought was a good rate, I called the hotel directly and learned that parking overnight would be $27 on top of the priceline rate. I called priceline and attempted to cancel the reservation but priceline informed me that no refunds would be issued under any circumstances. It appears to be impossible to reverse any reservation made through priceline. Even my credit card company claims they can not dispute fees with priceline.

Moral of the story- Do not use priceline.com for hotels/motels without first checking with the actual motel for possible hidden fees not negotiated with Priceline. Do not change your plans, or become ill after using priceline. This company has instructed its employees to give NO leeway under any circumstances.

  • Did the price offer say it included parking???? If not, why on earth would you expect parking to be included. Parking is almost never included, especially if the parking lot/garage is owned and/or operated by an outside company. Did the price say food included? Would you expect to dine in the restaurant and not pay?? Travel Much????

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scam on on-line flight reservation

Priceline.com has charged my credit card for over $3000 in disputed, I would argue fraudulent, charges. On June 27, 2009, my credit card company alerted me to the fact that instead of 3 tickets (for a trip I made abroad with my family), I had been charged for 6. Upon further inquiry, I discovered that Priceline.com had charged my credit card accounts for 3 plane tickets connected with Flight Request #[protected]. The funny thing is, I never made this Request, and I never received any notification e-mail from Priceline.com of having made such a request!

In the past, I had submitted three other Flight Requests through Priceline.com to purchase tickets on-line. They were not accepted, and they were listed as unaccepted (as shown via the "MyTrips" page in the attached photo). As the attached photo shows, there is no showing of Request #[protected]! Also, as the photo indicates, the Requests actually made, on the "same date" as Priceline.com claims, are drastically different. Given the fact that these Request Numbers progress chronologically, Priceline.com's claim that the Request was made on the same day makes absolutely no sense.

Its Customer Relations Department contends that I made the request on the same day, 6/27/09 with other attempted requests. However, the request in question is not shown anywhere on my Online Profile alongside other, legitimately made Flight Requests. The number in question is #[protected]. As you can see, it does not appear on the MyTrips portion of my page. Nevertheless, Priceline.com has persisted in charging me over $3, 000 in conjunction with this purported Flight Request!

Moreover, the Customer Relation's staff does not seem to care about this complaint. So far, they have not responded in any meaningful way to my submitted complaint.

Priceline.com says that because a Flight Request, bearing this number, exists somewhere in its system, that is what counts. I am responsible for the charges, regardless of the fact that I never purchased, or even knew, about this Flight Request!

The matter remains in dispute. I sincerely hope that Priceline.com will remove this disputed charge from my account. But in the meantime, it is an uphill struggle with Priceline.com's Customer Relations Department.

scam on on-line flight reservation


this company is a scam

This company is a complete sham. I purchased the basic service and after a sort while realized that it doesn't work and didn't help at all. After many calls from real-estate agents who thought I was interested in purchasing a home instead of renting (which they didn't handle) I tried to get a refund and they will only do so if you show proof of address change, even if you don't use their service to find a place. This company sucks and all buyers should be aware.

  • Bi
    bill i am Aug 28, 2009

    That is because you didnt sign up for the premium service. You did the self serve package and they clearly said to me that if you do the basic package you are responsible for own paperwork for the rent 2 own or the "preforclosure"... the premium service handles everything for you and that included doing my paperwork and getting me into a home. dont be such a cheap wad next time!

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  • De
    deb42 Sep 15, 2009

    that' s correct bill i am! you get what you pay for and the premium is the way to go

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  • Da
    dahliap1 Mar 22, 2011

    SCAM. SCAM. SCAM! PLEASE don't let them steal your money! They list houses that are in pre-foreclosure and for a very high rate -- give you the owners contact info. The owners of these houses did not give permission to list their house, nor do they have any interest in renting their house. They're on the verge of losing their house. I am trying to get an owners name or the Real Estate number. If you have that info, can you PLEASE forward it to me? I want to report them to the Dept. of Real Estate and possible start a class action lawsuit. I can't believe how many people got tricked in to this.

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  • Ac
    a coskun Jun 19, 2011

    I totally agree they are a scam. Total BS. I have been waiting for a refund for over a year. Sent letters, left messages etc... They are not worth it.

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false advertising

I booked a vacation package on priceline.com. The flight shown was cheap, direct with reasonable departure and arrival times. However, after actually "booking" the trip, my default flight arrangements were changed and one stop added in. We went from 21/2 hours direct to a 6 hours flight w/ one stop in the wrong direction and a layover. We actually get to our destination 4hours later.

Priceline would not change my flights. I challenged them to find the flight that I had received because it was not in the selection list the first time, or when I checked five minutes after booking. It was random out of no where. No luck and I've used priceline for years. Last time.

did not get what paid for.

Never ever using Priceline again!!!

1st Problem - the first car was too small, so I upgraded. Driving to my hotel aprox 30 miles away, there was no leg room. The next morning driving it, started to hear noise coming from one of the tires, immediately took it back, and got yet another car, upgraded again.

2nd problem - I arrived at my airport at 4:30am (EST), wanting to avoid any boarding problems. At 8:00am I was in my seat on the plane, when my name was called to get off (it was very embarrassing). They over-booked the flight. I booked my flight one month before, plus getting their before anyone else, it was very disheartening. They put me on a later flight, arriving at the destination at 10pm (pst).

The reason for my trip was to attending my sisters wedding. I was scheduled to arrive at 3pm, when I finally arrived the celebration was over!! Due to our father passing, I was to escort my sister during the ceremony and reception. This once in a lifetime event. It I knew this was going to happen, would of booked with someone else.

3rd problem - arriving at my hotel at 11pm Friday (22 hours after my wife dropped me off at the airport for my flight out). I checked out of the hotel Sunday morning. The clerk said to contact price-line for my refund owed to me. I emailed and received a standard answer - no refund.

I am one step away from backing out the charges to my credit card - because I did not get the service and satisfaction that was presented to me. You broke the contract. I want some type of restitution.

Lastly - the main reason for using priceline, was all the commercials of Willian S. (Capt Kirt). If you are reading this - "Shame on You" - you are not the man you use to be!!!

  • Jr
    JR in Orlando Aug 08, 2009

    If this was so important, why were you so casual about getting out there to the wedding on time? It didn't matter whether it was a priceline ticket, or purchased directly from the airlines. With summer storms, mechanical problems, and crowded airlines, it was simply stupid to have left on the day of a "once in a lifetime event" since delayed flights are common.

    The rental car mechanical problem has nothing to do with priceline. Don't blame priceline for things beyond their control.

    I am sorry your sister has a brother like you who expects that airline travel will always be on time, and thus fails to allow sufficient time to allow for the possible delays.

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  • St
    Steffan Aug 09, 2009

    Never ever using Priceline again!!! 1st Problem - the first car was too small, so I upgraded. Driving to my hotel aprox 30 miles away, there was no leg room. The next morning driving it, started to hear noise coming from one of the tires, immediately took it back, and got yet another car, upgraded again. 2nd problem - I arrived at my airport at 4:30am (EST), wanting to avoid any boarding problems. At 8:00am I was in my seat on the plane, when my name was called to get off (it was very embarrassing). They over-booked the flight. I booked my flight one month before, plus getting their before anyone else, it was very disheartening. They put me on a later flight, arriving at the destination at 10pm (pst). The reason for my trip was to attending my sisters wedding. I was scheduled to arrive at 3pm, when I finally arrived the celebration was over!! Due to our father passing, I was to escort my sister during the ceremony and reception. This once in a lifetime event. It I knew this was going to happen, would of booked with someone else. 3rd problem - arriving at my hotel at 11pm Friday (22 hours after my wife dropped me off at the airport for my flight out). I checked out of the hotel Sunday morning. The clerk said to contact price-line for my refund owed to me. I emailed and received a standard answer - no refund. I am one step away from backing out the charges to my credit card - because I did not get the service and satisfaction that was presented to me. You broke the contract. I want some type of restitution. Lastly - the main reason for using priceline, was all the commercials of Willian S. (Capt Kirt). If you are reading this - "Shame on You" - you are not the man you use to be!!!

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  • Me
    Melissa L Aug 09, 2009

    I find it very strange that if you were already seated, what made them choose your name? Usually when an airline overbooks on a flight, this is something they notice before they even allow boarding to start. That just doesn't even make sense!?
    Sorry that you missed out on your family event though, that's crappy!

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false description of hotel

I won a name your price on a hotel thru priceline.com. After winning the bid, and recieving confirmation, I read the hotel description. It said I had beach Access. I called the hotel directly, to make a room request. I was informed that priceline.com guests are placed on the opposite end of the resort where there is no beach access. I asked how long of a walk it was to the beach. I was informed that guests who stay thru priceline.com, are NOT permitted on the beach because the rooms on the beachside of the hotel are alot more than the rooms on the other end (we had to cross a busy street to get from the "main mansion" to the "villa side". I offered to pay for beach access but was declined. I was told this is mentioned on the hotels webpage. I checked it out, and yes, it did state that guests on the mansion side were allowed beach access but gests on the villa side were not. BUT according to the description of the hotel on priceline.com, it stated that thier private beach awaits us.I called priceline.com. They simply didnt care.After we got back, I filed a complaint with the Better Buisiness Beaurea. My final reply from priceline was that they stand by their decision.I tried to continue, , , all I wanted was some sort of compensation for the false advertisement.They simply DO NOT CARE for their customers. I suggest to use other discount sites.stay away from priceline and thier false advertisments.By the way, the hotel description slill remains the sameeven after a month later.They haven't changed the lie!

car rentals

I had a bad experience with Priceline.com, also!!! In May 2009, I went to Priceline.com to rent a car for our trip to Hawaii in December 2009. My brother told me about their 'Name your Price' section of their website. When I did the request, the price was not accecpted for a midsize car. But, when I tried to do it again, the midsize option was not even there for me to request. I had to select another size car altogether. That seems like a 'bait and switch' tactic to me. The only way you can keep requesting the size car you want, with a different price, is to start all over again.

Two months after I got the rental for $25.00 per day for a compact car, I got one of those bulk emails stating that you could get a car for $13.00 per day in Hawaii. I called them to see if I could get that price, they told me NO. I couldn't even cancel the request and place it again to try to get a cheaper price, otherwise I would've lost my entire amount I spent on the first request.

I don't know how they can say "Best Price Guaranteed", if you DEFINITELY are not getting the best price!!!

I already contacted my Attorney General in Pennsylvania to have them find out if this practice is legal. I got a letter back from them today, and they said they will be in contact with me. It is just so unfair that you can't cancel ANYTHING you get from them, even if something unexpected happens to you!! I feel they are ripping people off COMPLETELY!!!


customer service, hotel not in area

I thought I was excited to win a bid for a hotel on Priceline.com on the Riviera Maya in Mexico. My first 2 bids were rejected, though they were around the price that apple vacations was charging. That should have been a hint not to go forward. The hotel that was chosen for me was $2 less than from the hotel site. But this was not the kicker - the hotel was 3 miles from the beach on the other side of the highway and tripadvisor.com suggested I needed a rental car to get to the beach each day or pay for cabs.

I called customer service at priceline. This hotel was not acceptable. Before I bid - I actually looked at all the hotels in their database. This hotel was not listed. All their hotels sh0wed they were either on the beach or a few blocks. Customer Service said it was non refundable. His manager said I got what I chose for the savings. (3%savings) That in fine print - the hotel they give us is not necessarily one they when you do a search on their list of hotels. Misleading much. The description talks of sandy beaches before you bid - This hotel is on the other side of a highway...mmmmm

I was then told his manager does not speak to customers and he has more important things to do.


  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 28, 2009

    Note: The hotels set the rates on priceline, not priceline. I know this as I work at a hotel. But incorrect discription of the hotel is also the hotels problem. They update their info with priceline. Priceline only shows what the hotel tells them to show.

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unauthorized billing

On 5-7-09 I attempted to purchase 2 first class tickets thru priceline.com and I bid what was a reasonable price for first class tickets, I had to enter in the credit card info that they would charge for the tickets, the bid was accepted, I had to initial that I was going to pay for the tickets, etc. All this without their showing me what I was saying I would pay for. Then the screen pops up with 2 coach class tickets! I immediately tried to get Priceline to delete or void the transaction and they refused. I talked to a supervisor, she refused. I emailed the VP of customer relations and she referred the problem to another customer service rep. and she also refused. This transaction was a "bait & switch" scheme. I talked to the airline and they told me they couldn't help because Priceline purchases a "bulk" set of tickets and that Priceline still held the tickets, technically, so they couldn't change, cancel, etc. the tickets. I tried Priceline again and they said it didn't matter, I had basically promised to pay and they refused to cancel. I am talking to my credit card company right now to get the payment stopped because I am being charged for something I did not ask for and also I don't have the item, it was not used, etc. There has to be something that the FTC and other agencies could do about these things. I saw there are lots of other complaints against Priceline on this website. They truly use bait & switch tactics on the consumer. I think I should have been able to see what I was supposedly accepting before I agreed to pay. Stupid move on my part but I was trusting them to be a reputable company, they are large and they advertise all over the place. I even plan to complain to William Shatner. His voice is even on their hold message! I will also report them to the FTC, their state's attorney general, their state's BBB, to news media, and everywhere else I can think of to stop this and I want my money back, I want the tickets cancelled, and I will never use their services again!

  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    Purchased package from Priceline for $437.30, flight, hotel and rental car. Had to cancel and rebook. After spending some time searching for some way to contact them and talk to a human being, finally succeeded and was told no problem as long as booked another package but would probably be a $50.00 cancellation fee. Rebooked for $597.25 the next day. After e-mailing numerous times and spending several hours on the computer finally got a number for customer service. Called and yes the cancellation fee for the $437.30 package was $152.51! I will never use Priceline again!

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  • Valerie Oct 31, 2008

    Tried to cancel my hotel but the operator who spoke poor English claimed he could not find my reservation. I gave him my phone number which he said he should be able to find it with but could not. I needed to cancel by noon and I called at 10am. I explained to him I was traveling and he said not to worry just do it when I get to a computer I was unable to get to a computer until the next morning and now they refuse to credit me the full amount.

    Today Mr. Phillabaum refused to research the issue claiming they had no record of my call which of course they would not because they could not find it on the phone. Also I had no idea I was dealing with priceline as I had made my reservation with Virginia-Hotels and the reservation makes no mention of them.

    Charged $208 for a stay I canceled.

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hotel shell game (see 4 stars get 2)

In name your own price, you think you are getting a 4 star but in reality you could be getting a 2.5 or 3 star. Never, Never use name your own price. If you have a question, Customer Service has the same answer if you can understand their english, "Oh we are very sorry sir but we can't change anything (we have never been out of India but we do know where hotels are in Vegas). They will never admit they made a mistake and could care less if they lose a cutomer for life. I booked a 4 star hotel in Vegas and got a dump hotel - Westin. If you like dog pee, torn carpets, and walking past drunks on the way to the strip then it is a good hotel. Priceline is a disaster.

  • LOL. Lost that bet, bro. The only thing dumber than using Priceline/Hotwire is when folks come on these websites acting surprised that they got poor service from a company that sold you something at 50% off...allegedly.

    Stop trying to beat the system

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mistake cost family $3000

A family member booked a package deal to include car rental and roundtrip airline tickets to take her kids to...

hotel lies

This company lies about the location of the hotels and the star rating. You think you are booking a 4 star hotel that ends up being maybe a 2.5 star. When you call you someone who has a canned response that in summary say screw you and we don't really care. Their customer service is trained to be polite and do nothing. Never, never use priceline. Priceline translated means we are here to screw you.


This company is horrible. The people here do not give a care about you or your family, they only want your money. I recently booked a vacation and had to cancel due to my mother-in-law becoming ill. After spending $280 on the hotel that we were suppose to go to and an extra $10 for the insurance, we were told that we could not get a refund without a doctor's excuse. I mean REALLY? These people treat customers like they are in grade school. My mother-in-law already does not like me, there is no way that I am asking her to produce a doctor's excuse of her ailment for me to inspect.

Needless to say priceline.com got my $280 and my $10 for the insurance (which was obviously bogus). However this will be the last dollar that they ever get from me.

I would impress on anyone thinking about using this service to refrain, these people are ridiculous. If you do not believe me, just take a look at the other posts concerning priceline. Negative reviews outnumber positive at least 15-1.

  • Jo
    Jose A. Tuero Jun 22, 2010

    I agree. My wife's uncle passed away of a brain hemorrhage and we had to cancel two nights in Orlando FL from June 25 - June 27.
    We called priceline and they wanted us to produce the name and number of the funeral home in Kentucky where my wife's uncle was going to be viewed before they would approve a refund.
    The Mafia is more honest then these people are.

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I booked a trip from Nashville to Austin. I understand that getting the best price for a flight usually involves a stop over and change of aircraft. What priceline never told me - and are REQUIRED to under the law - is that I will be traveling on my first flight leg on a small, puddle jumping, regional aircraft. Had I known this, I would have never booked the flight. I would rather pay more and be on a better aircraft. When I called them, they said I had been informed. Then, in contradiction of their statement that I'd been informed, they said they have no access to information about type of aircraft. Both are lies.

refusing to honor confirmed hotel reservation

I was a recent first-time customer of Priceline. My recent atrocious experience in booking a hotel room in San Francisco and the subsequent interactions with Priceline’s inept, ineffective and “sorry-excuse” for a customer service team has ensure that I will never use Priceline’s service again. I have chosen to write this message to highlight my issues with Priceline and to warn potential travelers to stay away from Priceline.

My nightmare began when I decided to give Priceline a try based on a recommendation from a friend. I went to the Priceline website on Thursday night (5/21/09) and made a $100-per day bid for a room in 3-star hotel in San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend. Within a minute of submitting my bid, I received a message that my bid was accepted by the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway hotel in downtown San Francisco (by the Civic Center).

On the Saturday morning (5/23/2009) on my way into San Francisco, I decided to give Holiday Inn Golden Gateway a call to check on the hotel room configuration (twin sharing or king/queen size bed). I spoke to the hotel representative who informed that my Priceline confirmation number was invalid and that there were no more rooms available. Confused and worried but still confident that Priceline would be able to straighten this confusion, I called the Priceline customer support number. Spoke to customer reservation specialist named Crystal and she called Holiday Inn Golden Gateway to find out the problem. She got back to me, explaining that she did not know why my confirmed reservation was not valid. She also mentioned that the hotel was overbooked and that Priceline can only give me a refund. I told that this was NOT ACCEPTABLE. I had a CONFIRMED reservation (not a “tentative”, not a “maybe” but a “CONFIRMED” reservation). I told Crystal that I expected a call ba
ck in an hour for a status update because I was on my way into San Francisco and I needed someone from Priceline to be on top of this.

At 12.15 pm, there was still no word from Crystal or any Priceline representative. I decided to call Priceline again. Spoke to another representative, Layla or Leila. I told her that I needed to talk to Crystal as she was helping me. Layla explained that there no way to transfer the call to Crystal and that she would help me instead. I had go through my issue with Layla again and had to wait while she contacted Holiday Inn Golden Gateway (which had already been done by Crystal). After 20-30 minutes on hold, Layla got back to me – giving me the same explanation as Crystal: Priceline does not know what happened to the confirmed reservation, the hotel was overbooked and Priceline can only provide a refund. Again – I explained my position: I am IN SAN FRANCISCO, I do not want a refund, I needed a hotel room. I told her that I do not really care where the fault lies but I am holding Priceline responsible because I received a confirmation number from Priceline. Layla said she w
ould call me back.

Later in the afternoon, Layla called me back that she had tried contacting the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway’s “sister” hotels and can get me a room for $180. I was fine with that as long as Priceline pays the difference ($80). She told me that I needed to pay $180 for the room and that it was not Priceline’s policy to pay for difference in the hotel room charges (even if it was Priceline’s mistake in the first place). I drove the point home that my accepted bid was confirmed for $100 which was what I have been charged and was willing to pay. I also mentioned that this mistake was ultimately Priceline’s fault and since it was Priceline’s responsibility in providing the confirmation, Priceline would need to ensure that I get a 3-star hotel room for $100 (the bid that was accepted by Holiday Inn and confirmed by Priceline). Layla was adamant that there was nothing Priceline can and will do except provide a refund. I told her that I wanted to speak to her supervisor. She refused – explaining that I would need to go to the Priceline website and escalate my complaints there. After a few choice words (in the heat of the moment), I accepted the refund under protest. There I was – stuck at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco at 6.30pm on Memorial Day weekend without a hotel room (despite having a Priceline confirmed reservation at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway).

I was very lucky to have some good friends in San Jose and drove 40 miles to bunk with them. I wonder what kind of MICKEY MOUSE operation is Priceline running? One that strands their customer in the middle of a foreign city, with a confirmed hotel reservation that is not even fit to be used as toilet paper and utilizing customer support resources from the Philippines who can’t even speak English well or slow enough for Priceline customers to understand (though they seemed very good at saying “Sorry”). Priceline and Holiday Inn were given a chance to go above and beyond to help a customer in need, a customer through no fault of his own was left in a lurch by Priceline and without a room by Holiday Inn BUT BOTH PRICELINE AND HOLIDAY INN FAILED MISERABLY.

I have been wondering if there has been some form of racial profiling from Priceline and Holiday Inn, especially with my Asian last name. How convenient that my confirmed reservation would mysteriously disappear or given away to another guest. I also found it convenient that a more expensive room ($180) would be made available to me while Priceline and Holiday Inn refuse to honor the $100 confirmed reservation. Perhaps the racial profile had Asians at a higher income bracket who could afford more expensive rooms. I sincerely hope not but I shall be looking more into this.

I have emailed the entire Priceline and IHG (parent company that owns Holiday Inn) management team. What I got as a response was another pathentic apology call from Paula (some executive communication resource). Stay clear of Priceline. Rubbish, useless, horrible are key words to decribe this pathetic company.

  • Rk
    rkdkk Jul 03, 2009

    We booked a cruise through Priceline. We were told we qualified for 2 coupon booklets (delivered to our staterooms) and 2 free hotel nights.
    We never received the coupon booklets. When I contacted them after the cruise they tried to say that we did not qualify until I directed them to our invoice which clearly stated 2 coupon booklets and 2 free hotel nights. Then they backtracked and offered to take $50 off of the next 2 cruises we booked to make up for the missing coupon books. This means that we would have to spend around $1000 to get $50 for a coupon book they advertised as being worth $325. I realize that we would not have used all $325 of the coupons but we fulfilled our obligation. Priceline was the one that didn't deliver and now want us to pay them even more money so they can make it up to us!!
    By the way...we have never recieved the hotel vouchers even though I have given them 2 email address to send them to.
    My new name for them is 'Pricelie"
    Buyer Beware...if you book through Pricelie...they do not deliver what they promise and then expect you to pay extra for a pitance of what you should have received.

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  • Vo
    Vonore666 Jul 03, 2009

    Priceline is a disaster, my experiene is the same as mentionted; tell everyone you know to avoid Priceline at all cost. Customer Service is a bunch of elephant jockeys who have never been anywhere. There comments are, "how are you doing today sir, how can we help you:" and then no skill or abiltiy to help you. Never, Never use Priceline.

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  • Su
    Susanlashbrook Jun 21, 2013

    Priceline would not honor our confirmation of a simple quality inn. They said either stay at the hilltop motel or nothing since everything July the 4th in the desert was booked...& overcharged us the rate versus the actual motel rate...only customer service was out of the philippines really that's pathetic...stay away from Priceline & William Shatner your level has lowered for representing this nothing called Priceline.

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