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Pricelinemistake cost family $3000

A family member booked a package deal to include car rental and roundtrip airline tickets to take her kids to Orlando FL.
When she went to return her car on the date she booked for she found out that her airline tickets were booked to return two days prior. She booked a package deal but somehow there were two different dates on everything. Since her airline tickets were now no good she had to buy one-way tickets to get her and children home and it cost her $3000.00!!! I have sent several letters to Priceline and keep getting a copied generic response about how important customer service is to them. My family member did call Priceline when she found out her tickets were no longer good and they told her "too bad" it wasn't their problem.
Customer service is not important to them at all. Please save yourself some money, frustration and stress and DO NOT use Priceline. A good deal could cost you several thousand dollars.


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    Carla Feb 11, 2008
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    I "named my own price for a hotel" and in return got a hotel not even listed in the web site!We were going on vacation for Valentines day, but I have a 3 year who will be heart-broken if our hotel doesn't have a pool. I e-mailed and called them seaveral times, as did my husband, but all they would say is all bookings are final. I asked to cancel, change, take a credit or anything to no avil.DO NOT USE PRICELINE!!! It is a scam!

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    denice newman Feb 23, 2008
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    has anyone tried the customer "satisfaction" number. what a joke. there is no prompt or way to talk to a human being. they get you going round and round... going nowhere.

    last time i'll ever deal with priceline.

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    Rea White Jun 03, 2008
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    I used Priceline for the first time. And it is a scam! I am warning everyone I know! Save yourself a lot of headaches, disappointment and aggravation. Pay the extra $10.00 and stay at a hotel of your choice where you will have a lot better chance at getting the customer service you deserve! When you call Priceline there is no one that you can even speak to that speaks English well. You will regret the whole experience.

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  • Valerie Jul 10, 2008

    When I wanted to go on vacation with my family I made the mistake of going to Priceline.comto book a hotel. When you first enter the home page you see many signs saying how you can save 15% or more just by using there website. So I found a nice hotel and booked it (which it did not say how much you could save on it till you booked it) I had to purchase something else to save money!!! So i called them up and someone told me that all there hotels were discounted at least 40%, so i called the hotel and the hotel's room rate was exactly the same as Priceline's. I feel that i have been lied to and cheated, I hope that you will never use Pricline, I won't!!!

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  • Valerie Oct 06, 2008

    I will NEVER use Priceline again and I'm telling all my friends and family to never use Priceline. I recently booked for the first time with Priceline, hotel, flight, and rental. I found that I had booked the wrong hotel and immediately, within 15 to 20 minutes, contacted their office. All I wanted was to switch hotels, that was all I wanted to change. Nope, can't do it. Sorry.

    Spent 4 hours on the phone trying to convince someone that I only wanted to change the hotel. They still wouldn't do it. I'm now stuck with paying for two hotel rooms. It won't happen again. Nagotiator my eye!

    If they had wanted to keep me as a customer, all they had to do was change hotel rooms, that's all.

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  • Valerie Oct 15, 2008

    On Sept 17th around 12:30 I went online to book a room with priceline, I need 1 night in Towson, MD. They had a Ramada Inn for $69 I figured its a Ramada they say 2+ stars so I booked it. Afterwards I went to the hotels website to find they rate themselves a 1 star hotel and have unbelievably bad reviews on there own site. People who have stayed there in the last 30 days who have had breaking and entering occur, and a huge bed bug problem where a woman had to go to the hospital. So 1 hour after booking I began my quest to cancel reservation that would not be in play for 1 month from now...I spent several hours on the phone with several priceline reps and have sent 6 plus emails to customer service who tell me sorry your beat. No offer to book in another hotel, no apology, nothing - just sorry your beat...??? I called the hotel and they said sure you can cancel. i told priceline and they say i never spoke to the person whom i gave them the name for?

    customer service i dont think so...

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  • Valerie Oct 31, 2008

    You should never, ever do business with this company. Last summer I purchased 5 roundtrip tickets to san juan, pr. American airlines overbooked the flight and my family was bumped off the flight. We weren't worried until the counterperson told us that since we were not traveling on the date on the ticket (The next flight out was after midnight) our tickets were void. Priceline blamed the american airlines and american airlines blamed priceline. We were able to get to san juan because we were traveling with my 93 year old grandmother and the counterperson did the right thing. I spoke with a priceline supervisor (For at least an hour, who was unhelpful and basically told me these tickets were worthless. We also found out that since we missed the flight the return tickets were void. I sent e-mails and letters to priceline - no response. I then had to purchase 5 one way tickets to come home. Once I was home I called priceline to try to get some of my money refunded. I was told that there was no supervisor with the name I had been given and that the return tickets could have been used. Buyer beware this is one of the worst companies I have ever done business with.

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  • Valerie Oct 31, 2008

    I attempted to purchase airline tix on 9/25/02 of this year to Raleigh, NC and ended up with tixs to Greensboro, NC. Now I am forced to rent a car and a hotel room the first night that I arrive because my flight doesn't get into Greensoboro, NC until close to 11pm and my family and friends are more than an hour away from where I will arrive. I feel that I was mislead by the wording in the "contract" and the no refund policy is unfair. When I called to complain the customer svs reps response was "It is 64 or 65 miles away from Raleigh so if you drove 60 miles an hour, how long do you think that it would take you to get there." I will never use this company again. I was not surprised to see the many complaints on this website and other sites about this company. It's funny I had never used priceline before because I was skeptical abt their svs but something came up and I needed a reasonable price for airline tixs and look what happens. I didn't even get the price that I wanted it cost me $100 more than I expected for the airline tix and flying into unwanted site and have to pay additional cost just for using this service. NEVER AGAIN!

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  • Valerie Oct 31, 2008

    I requested airlines tickets on I wanted to plan a 3 day week end on memorial day from Saturday to Monday in San Diego. I requested to leave San Francisco early morning on Saturday and return on monday from San Diego late in evening. What I have got was tickets leaving SF at 2:39 pm and returning on monday at 6:20 am! What a memorable memorial day!!! The worst thing is there is nothing I can do to change or transfer my tickets. I am completely stuck! SUCKS! At least we should be able to choose the timetable and have the choice to cancel the order!

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  • Valerie Dec 02, 2008

    I made hotel accommodations totaling $249.08 on 11/01/05. At the time, offered an email address and phone number for customer service. First of all, you can't reach a human being, which is a sign of fraud. Their phone and email system was circular. Even now, at the time of this writing, 11/17/06, their website actually discourages you from calling. They now actually have a 'contact us' form to email with. That is hopeless as well.

    My letter isn't anything new. The basic idea that a company won't allow you to change, cancel, or give you a refund on any kind of purchase is unethical. I didn't even check in, and they charged me.

    In fact, priceline charges right away so they can get your money. If you book with any other entity, they wait until you finally checked out and are satisfied.

    I'll never buy from them again.

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  • Un
    Unhappy with Priceline Jan 03, 2009

    Until now, I have never had problems with Priceline. But now I will never use them again. I went to book a hotel as I regularly do. The hotel I was given was supposed to be a 3-star hotel. Here's the Zagat customer review of this hotel, posted on the Priceline website. Does this sound like a 3-star hotel?

    Though "many stars have stayed here in the past", "historic is one thing, but outdated is another" note guests of this "centrally located" Downtowner, where the "rather humble" facilities include "cramped" rooms with "paper-thin" walls and "minuscule" "baths worse than a Super 8"; though the staff can be "friendly", the lack of "modern conveniences" and the "substandard food" mean many folks would "never go back."

    When I called Priceline to tell them this is not a 3-star hotel, after an hour on the phone and talking to two "customer service" reps, I received nothing but argumentiveness. I asked to talk to someone about how to petition for a hotel's star rating to be changed so that Priceline doesnt continue to mislead customers and make them very upset. I was directed to their company website. I typed in my issue and chose the option to request a phone call rather than an email response. A day later, I got a standard email response (they said it was "too early" to call me) without addressing my concerns.

    This poor treatment of customers trying to improve the company will ultimately cost Priceline more lost customers. I will never use it again, and will encourage my friends to use Hotwire and Expedia instead of Priceline.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Woodroff Mar 17, 2009
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    Verified customer


    I am a travel co-ordinator for a Canadian fundraising operation, with offices in Australia and the United States. I have recently encountered some difficulty with Priceline. I would be contacting the BBB, but I understand Priceline has been expelled from that organization and is now suing for reinstatement.

    I booked a hotel for a colleague, currently working in Boston at our office there. Due to a miscommunication between the various offices, my colleague was unsure as to where she was to present herself to check in and decided to leave the city for the weekend. I did not know this until the next morning. Upon discovering that this had occurred, I called the Intercontinental Hotel Boston. They were not interested in discussing the matter. I then called Priceline.

    I spoke with two Priceline representatives. Neither of them was any help to me at all and, in fact, I found there was something of a language barrier. It seemed to me they were reading from scripts; parroting Priceline's policy. I had asked, simply, that my colleague be permitted to check in late, as the booking was for eight (8) nights. I explained that she had not missed an airplane, but had simply not presented herself for check in on the appointed day. In the case of missing an airplane, I would expect (fully) not to be reimbursed. In the event of not checking into a hotel on the first night, I would expect at least the consideration of a vendor toward a customer that spends thousands of dollars with that vendor every year. The total for the booking was $1.1K, USD ($1.5K, CDN). Normally, in such circumstances, I would expect to lose the first and even the second night (standard procedure for hotels where check in has been missed). Priceline, however, does not see things as others do. They insisted, repeatedly (and in boilerplate), that we were on the hook for the full price of the booking, but would receive no services in exchange for valuable consideration. Citing, over and over again, Priceline's policy in the matter did not take into account the fact that there were fully six (6) room nights that an ethical business that wanted to see this particular customer again, would have honoured. At the very least, something might have been worked out. There was absolutely no interest in discussing any such arrangement. There was no interest in retaining the business of my company. Rather, there was a chorus of parrots, reciting Priceline's draconian (non)refund policy(ever), ad nauseum.

    I have, since my fruitless discussions with customer service personnel at Priceline on Saturday, attempted to contact the corporate headquarters of Priceline. The woman who answered phone this morning said she was putting me through to the Executive Offices. She then put me through to yet another service representative, sitting in a noisy phone room. I said to this representative that I was aware I had not been directed to the Executive Offices, which she thought was quite funny. Again, I was treated to the standard boilerplate response for customers seeking to be treated fairly by this company. I concluded the call and called the same number, asking to be put through to the CEO. I was put through to a voicemail line and subsequently, left a message.

    Since then, I have even gone so far as to contact the public face of Priceline, as he appears to be the only human being associated with the company: William Shatner. Yes, that's right. I have contacted Captain Kirk, because it doesn't seem I can find anyone at Priceline that is not either a parrot, or someone who thinks stealing from customers is funny. One never knows how a public figure might respond to being associated with this sort of piracy. Certainly, I hold out considerably more hope that Captain Kirk will raise a fuss with head office than I do that head office cares about its customers. After all, Captain Kirk has a reputation to protect. Priceline, apparently, has squandered theirs by treating customers with the utmost contempt.

    I understand that the Attorney-General's office in Connecticut (who have received the same email as I'm now sending to you) has investigated Priceline before. I am also aware of many complaints about this vendor, peppered across the internet. While I am not hoping for any actual action at this point, from any of the contacts listed (even the esteemed Captain Kirk), I am hoping that one more drop in this particular bucket will serve to tip it over and that Priceline will no longer be permitted to steal from consumers in this manner.

    Thank you for having taken the time to review my concerns regarding this company.

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  • Ro
    Ronald Guffee Apr 26, 2009

    I like all the rest of the people expected Priceline to be an honorable company, I purchased the travel insurance which means I voluntarily paid another $10 to those scam artists. The travel insurance is worthless and I will never use Priceline again.

    I had never heard anything against Priceline before this trip where I had to make a change. Never again will they get my money.

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  • Ma
    mark p May 25, 2009

    Just purchased a hotel room on priceline. Paid in full - then they charged me 20% tax and fees on top of that. When I got to the hotel - the hotel told me they were allowed to charge me $40.00 per night plus tax for their own fees and taxes. I contacted priceline and priceline says this is completely ok with them and there is nothing I can do. So when you make a bid for a room on priceline - don't think you're getting it for what you bid. I paid double!!!

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  • Tr
    Tricia Jun 05, 2009

    I was thinking of using them for 2 R/T tickets from Seattle to San Diego, but won't now. They claim you can offer up to 60% off of the going rate for tickets but when I entered that into their system it came back denied. My first and only clue that I needed to back out and check out their complaints before I kept going. My first clue should have been they have William Shattner as their representative...hahaha. I'm going with sucks.

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  • Mb
    MB444 Jun 12, 2009

    Several weeks ago I attempted to book a vacation package through Priceline, but my efforts failed. After several tries of entering my payment information my reservation was rejected because the price had "just" changed -- increased that is. I tried several times, but to no avail. I finally decided to call a representative to help me book a package. I went through the process of booking the package at a surprisingly lower price than advertised on the internet. I was thoroughly excited after the process was complete. After receiving my itinerary I noticed the representative had entered the wrong dates - the wrong month that is. I notified the Priceline Customer Relations department of the representative's mistake, which was no help either. I was informed that I agreed to the wrong dates throughout the booking process, therefore I was not going to be reimbursed. I find it hard to believe that I would not pick up on the wrong month throughout the book process, but apparently I did-- according to them. With this in mind, I asked the Customer Relations rep for a copy of the conversation or a transcript to prove this, but again was denied. Overall, I am out $700 without proof of the mistake other than an email from a faceless rep saying sorry, but we are not going to help you. The situation is outrageous and I would urge anyone using any site, epsecially this one to be careful. There is no going back once a mistake is made, no matter who made the mistake.

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  • Ga
    Gary Jun 14, 2009

    I reserved a hotel room using "Name Your Own Price" for a hotel at Newark International Airport. What I got was a a hotel in downtown Newark near the train station. Their Customer Care(less) Representative stated that the hotel was considered in the Airport area and would not refund my money. The hotel they gave me is in one of the worst sections of the city. The train station is notorious for drug dealers and homeless people and I refused to stay there. WARNING: There is a reason they don't show you the hotels you might get before you book. Otherwise you would not use Priceline. AVOID THIS COMPANY!

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  • No
    nomorepriceline Jul 04, 2009

    Priceline hotel booking is very DECEPTIVE. My offer was accepted by Affinia Suite Hotel, which I assumed a suite can accomodate 2 adults & 2 children. Upon arrival, Affinia informed me the room I booked thru Priceline is one bed guest room because of the price I paid. To upgrade I paid extra fee to get a suite with one bed and a pull out sofa bed.
    I could have book directly at 4 stars Marriott or Sheraton in NY city at the price I paid thru Priceline & upgrade fee at Affinia.
    Affinia Hotel is shabby at its best, old room and furnitures that have seen better days. FIRST AND LAST TIME I USED PRICELINE TO BOOK HOTEL.

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  • Pr
    pruettr Jul 20, 2009

    I made hotel reservations thru priceline in dec. 2017. Noticed recently my credit card was being billed for $ 11.99 by tlg greatfn. Called greatfn and got a cancellation number that it would be stopped and was started by sister company priceline. E-mailed priceline requesting a refund for seven months. The following was my reply from priceline customer service kamrate k. : when you place your pricline reservation, we offer you a 15% cash back award, if you sign for this after the first month you will be charged $ 11.99 per month.
    I can only guess how much money priceline and sister co. Tlg greatfn have made over the years with this scam, but be aware, it should be stopped.

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  • Yo
    You Pay For What You Get Jul 23, 2009

    I reserved a room through Priceline for Saturday [protected] in Elk City, Oklahoma. For what I thought was the agreed lowest price of $59.99. When we arrived that evening the Hotel boasted a sign advertising a special rate for $39.00 for a double. A kitchenette was additional...the hotel sign suggested it offered a hot breakfast but after first contact we were swabbing with anti-bacterial wet-ones (I have photos of the sign). The hotel manager said the price we was quoted was not any good and charged us $69.99 for the room. We had just left my mother’s estate sale and had emotionally been drained and weren’t up to re-negotiating a price over the counter plus we were already locked in with Priceline’s secured credit card hold. Which the manager boasting in cheek and tongue held up and kept reminding us American Express would honor. What’s worse we got to the room and "seedy" would have been an upgrade! A former Holiday Inn across the street had just lost its branding due to crime in the vicinity (we would find out later from a family also victimized) and our door peephole was stuffed closed with paper. To add to that there were no deadbolts nor did it have privacy tags and the cleaning crew opened the door at 8:00 A.M. wanting us out. Checkout was due at 11:00 A.M. This is the first time I used Priceline and the last time that I will use Priceline because I'd rather spend $150./per night for peace of mind and a bit of restful sleep than slum on the lamb with a group of hotels that can't get business unless it’s through a cheap marketing expose! What’s worse is how much is William Shatner selling his soul for to appear in these cheap, bait and switch commercials has he got his movies mixed up and gone Spaceballs?

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  • An
    anonyMiss Jul 23, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'll let you all in on an industry secret...Expedia.
    That's the site to use for:
    Customer satisfaction, best rates, reliability.

    In fact, if you book through Expedia, places are required to go above and beyond to please you for fear they will lose their Expedia sponsorship.

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  • Be
    Bev W Jul 31, 2009

    On July 31 my husband and I used Priceline to book two rooms in NYC for the weekend of August 7-9 2017. I chose Soho, 4 stars and ended up with a room in a hotel in the financial district, which is not where we wanted to be. We called Priceline, spoke with Tammy, to explain to her that we were tryng to book a room in Soho, not the financial district. Tammy said she would credit us all but 238.80 and once we re-booked the room through Priceline we would get all that money back except for $25.00, so we went back on Priceline to try again. Ended up getting a Hilton in the finacial district, which again was not where we wanted to be. We called them to see if we could possibly switch it to 60 Thompson, advertised on their site for 269 per night in Soho, to which they said no and now they are not refunding us the 238.80, which Tammy said would be refunded once we re-bid. Needless to say we are not happy with priceline the hotel or the dishonesty that Tammy displayed.

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  • Vo
    Vonore666 Jul 31, 2009

    If you ever want a case study in horrible customer service, try Priceline. I had a dispute, on hold for 10 minutes, person could barely speak english, canned answer, and they plays game when requesting to talk with supervisor. Fedex letters to home office go unanswered. The VP of hotels should be tared and feathered in the streets. He is either really stupid, married to one of the founders daughters, simply a idiot. I have never experienced a more miserable experience trying to resolve and issue with a company. NEVER, NEVER, USE PRICELINE in name your ownprice for a hotel.

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  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 01, 2009

    What exactly was your issue?

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  • Gi
    giob Aug 01, 2009

    I booked a cruise through and one of the bonuses I received was a voucher for a 2 night hotel stay through their "name your own price" process. I received the voucher and went through the "name your own price" process for a hotel room in NYC. I chose only 4 and 3 1/2 star hotels knowing I would not be able to pick the specific hotel, but wanting to make sure it was decent. I also included trip insurance at an additional cost in case an emergency came up and I needed to cancel my trip (I have a child with chronic health conditions so that could be a possibility). My price was accepted by a hotel and after learning what hotel it was I proceeded to go to the hotel's website---Affinia Manhattan. Immediately, I learned that the hotel allowed pets in the hotel rooms and main lobby areas. I am highly allergic to cats and knew I would not be able to stay at that hotel. I called Priceline's customer service immediately. They told me to call back i
    n the morning because they would have to contact the hotel's reservation department which had already closed. I did call back the next morning and spoke with a customer service representative who told me they would refund all of the money that had been charged to my credit card for the total hotel stay (which was for 3 nights) minus the trip insurance and minus $75 until I provided them with a letter from my doctor stating I had a severe cat allergy and would not be able to stay at that hotel. I did get the letter from my doctor and faxed it to priceline that same day. When I asked them about getting the bonus voucher back to use again (for my husband who has no allergies), they told me "it had already been used and would not be sent again". This is the point where I became upset with them. The voucher had not been used and was worth at least $150. No one stayed in NYC. The reservation had been cancelled immediately. I have a medical condition which didn't allow
    me to stay at that hotel and I had trip insurance which gave me the right to cancel the reservation as well. I felt like they were stealing money from me. I also didn't agree with them not refunding the trip insurance, but at least I could live with that. I asked to speak to a manager of customer service and was told no one would speak on the phone and I should instead write the VP of Customer Affairs online. I did write her and was hoping someone in that capacity would be much more understanding that they were in the wrong here. But to my surprise and disappointment, they gave me the run around-- told me that the voucher link could only be used one time (I asked them to send a new link or something comparable even-- if they couldn't send another voucher), they told me that had been generous in allowing me to cancel -- that's not true-- I had trip insurance, a note from a doctor, and nowhere on their website does it say that you may be given a hotel that allows pets -
    -especially a 4 or 3 1/2 star hotel- or I never would have booked through them in the first place. I told them that this was unacceptable. The voucher was rightfully mine and they should not be taking it away from me. They basically told me that they would not reinstate the voucher and to expect no further response from them regarding this matter. Unbelievable. I have read online other people complaining that their customer service borders on criminal and in this case, they are truly stealing from me.

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  • Hate it for you. Can't believe folks still use these companies

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  • Me
    mee32 Aug 13, 2009 has the worst service!!! We bid a hotel room through When we arrived the hotel exhausting from the long drive, we heard the terrible news. The front desk told us that our room was not booked. The hotel was already fully booked for three weeks. simply made a mistake. No way they could let us have a room that night. We called the Priceline customer service holding on the line for 30 minutes (was 1:30 am) and the only thing we got from them was there's nothing they can do, the only thing they can do is refund the money. Otherwise, we had to wait for another 30 valuable minutes for them to search another..but they could not guarantee. Horrible service!! Story did not end here...after we returned from the trip, found out that we did not get the refund from Called them again, XXX Priceline said we canceled our reservation for the reason why we did not get our money back. HORRIBLE!!! Okay, so later someone from finally called us for apology but they are not sincere AT ALL!!
    This is what they wrote:
    " If your reservation included travel insurance, then this refund does not include the travel insurance premium.
    Your refund will be posted by your credit card company within the next 10 business days.
    We would like to remind you that this cancellation has been granted based on the extenuating circumstances related to your reservation. Under normal circumstances, reservations cannot be changed or cancelled."

    YES I understand reservation cannot be changed or cancelled, but you didn't give us a room !!! you didn't do any service for us. In the other words, you stole our time and money!!! idiot Priceline

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  • Je
    JeffSmith4 Aug 20, 2009

    It is very clear on Priceline's policy page - if you don't check in on the first night, you lose your reservation. How is that difficult to understand? Obviously it is unfortunate but this is nothing more than your fault and the fault of your employee who did not show up for the reservation. That is the risk you take when you try to get discounts with priceline.

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  • Kr
    kri27 Aug 25, 2009

    I am so pissed off about what happened to me. Months ago i had made a purchase through priceline- never had issues before.. well a month later i notice that my checking account is overdrawn. I look at what happened and there is some greatfun is this? I called the 800 number and they said that i signed up for this when i made a priceline purchase. NO I DID NOT. I would never sign up for anything. They kept telling me how great it was to be signed up for these great discounts i will receive. Such crap. I told them to put my money back and cancel me. The guy said he would send me a check for my refund...alright do it. A week later i get some check from them. On the back where I'm to sign in small print it said something like...when you cash this check it means you are accepting the terms of greatfun. I Dont think so! They just took more money out of my account yesterday and they told me too bad. You dont get your money back. Please do not purchase through priceline.

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  • Sc
    schmanski Sep 02, 2009

    I got 3 sets of toll free numbers which I cannot call from Canada. Something is fishy about this company.
    And no email I can send them to cancell my rewards membership.


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  • Gb
    gb123 Sep 12, 2009

    finally got ahold of the vp--customer affairs (from finding the email/phone number on the internet) and she agreed they were wrong and returned the hotel voucher to me. i appreciate that she did that, but it sucks that you have to talk to the vice president to get the proper customer service (that's what the people working for her should be doing)...

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  • Tr
    TreP33 Sep 21, 2009

    Booked car rental on Priceline on my CreditCard and in my name for use by my wife. Budget was assigned the rental. Wife went to pick up the car. Budget would not give her the car. Called Priceline. They did not change the name on the contract to my wife's. Called Budget. They could not change the name on a Priceline contract.

    After many calls to Priceline and Budget, Budget issued a new agreement. I paid for two cars. One was never even picked up or used. Priceline and Budget will have the money for providing no service. I will be out the cost and lots of time lost for my family while waiting to get a resolution.

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  • Ag
    A gal in Illinois Sep 30, 2009

    I just had the exact same thing happen to me...I was booked into a "Hotel for Dogs"...I did my due diligence and found out that 300 dogs at a time stay at this hotel with the pet owner or sitter...I went ballistic...I have sinus problems and am very careful around pets...I was fortunate to get a great customer service person, the second time I called back, and he stayed with me on the phone for the entire transaction and helped me resolve it...I had booked this trip for my birthday...I am so disappointed that they have pet hotels now mixed into their 3 and 4 star hotels...I don't know if I will ever book with them again...I have used them a great deal for over ten years...

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  • Ds
    dsingleton9 Oct 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I booked a flight on priceline and before I could finish they offer me a visa with 50.00 off my ticket I was purchasing. I applied to get the discount and to have the ticket put on that card. I was approved but my ticket was 290.04 and I was approved for 250.00. They ask for another credit card. I paid with my other visa thinking that 250.00 went on the priceline visa. I had to search for a credit card statement to see what had transpired. To my suprise the entire amount was put on my credit card and I didn't receive the 50.00 off my ticket I was purchasing. I was told that it was declinded because the ticket cost more than I was approved actuallity if I had recieved the 50.00 discount I was promised the for appling, the ticket would have only cost 240.00 and I would have had enough to paid for it with their card. I cancelled the card right then. I was told I would get the 50.00 credit on my first purchase with the card. Needless to say that had nothing to do with what I was promised or what I expected. Just another ripoff.

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  • Tr
    Travel Nov 02, 2009

    Buyer Beware when using Priceline!!!

    I booked a hotel two weeks ago with Pricline. We drove 8 hours to our destination which was our daughter college.

    We arrived at the hotel around 10 at night very tired. The hotelwas sold out and the desk clerk informed us that only room left was a smoking room. I was not real happy but took the keys and went up to the room.

    The room reeked of old, stale smoke, and on top of that the bathroom tub was moldy. My wife says "There is no way in hell we are staying in this disgusting room"

    I go back to the desk to cancel my reservation but the clerk says "You have to deal with Priceline. Tried calling Priceline at 10 in the evening to no avail.

    We never check in to the hotel and have to leave and drive around town for an hour to find another place to stay. The next morning I call Pricleine to discuss the condition of the hotel they booked me in and they basically said "Sorry...but you are not getting any kind of refund"

    So I had to pay for the two nights booked through PL at a hotel that we never checked into and was totally unacceptable, then pay for another two nights at The CourtYard.

    Since I arrived home I have tried 3 times to get PL to discuss and resolve this problem but they will not even talk to me about it. The hotel clerk said they have had nothing but problems with Priceline in the past and that she wished that PL did not book their hotel.

    I travel alot, and am not hard to please. A clean room would due just fine. I would NEVER book ANYTHING through Priceline again. If you have any kid of issue at all you are basically screwed!!!

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  • Ri
    RicO45 Jan 30, 2010

    In January 2017 we booked a hotel through and we've been disppointed start to finish with the transaction. First, I requested a 3 1/2 star hotel (bid $75.00)and after reading some of the less than stellar customer reviews online pertaining to the hotel Priceline assigned us, I began to wonder who determines the 3 1/2 star rating.

    A few days before our scheduled hotel check-in my husband became sick.

    The reservation had been made for a hotel in Philadelphia so we could visit a medical specialist who practices there. I rescheduled the appointment with the doctor and called the hotel. The front desk manager told me it was no problem to change the date of our stay, but to call Priceline as well.

    Oh, brother was that an eye opening experience. Priceline wanted to charge us an additional $25.00 to change the date of our reservation (same hotel that was originally booked) and now for the real zinger...they wanted a note from the doctor in Philadelphia verifying the appointment. How ridiculous is that???

    My husband and I put $98.00 on our credit card to stay at this hotel... and due to illness we weren't able to keep the Priceline reservation and we weren't permitted to change the date. That $98.00 includes the $75.00 bid and the other $23.00 in taxes and fees. We might as well have flushed that money down the toilet.

    We'll be coming to Philadelphia to visit the medical specialist in a few weeks but you can be *** sure we won't be dealing with Priceline. I'll never look at William Shatner the same way again.

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  • Ms
    Ms.Webb Feb 17, 2010

    I booked a room for Valentine’s Day at the El Greco Hotel through Priceline and the stay was awful and life threaten. The morning that me and my boyfriend was to check, he headed to the bathroom to take a shower when he reached to turn on the shower the ceiling have caved in and pieces of debris fell on his head. Thank god that he has fast reflexes others wise we would have ended up in the hospital. I went to the front desk to report it to the manger and he informed me that it had happen before and that he would send someone up to look at it. Around 11:30 we got a knock at the door and it was a maid that he sent up and instead of himself well let’s just say she had no clue what to do. We then checked out and the manger asked us if we come down here offend I said no then he said that if were every in the area that he would give us a discount on the next room. I called Priceline the same night to file a complaint they listen well but two days later informed me that the hotel would not give any compensation and his first offer still stood with a discount on the next room. I am saddened that this is how this matter turned out. The hotel manger did not care at all about the situation and obviously know about the ceiling previously and still did not fix the problem. I would not recommend anyone stay at this hotel because it is dangerous and someone is liable to get hurt. I would not book through Priceline either because they were no help in this matter.

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  • Cu
    CustomerReview Feb 25, 2010

    Called to purchase a simple package deal of 2 airline tickets and 2 cruise tickets. They quoted us $X dollars. Got credit card, ready to pay...oh no! They come back with the office is closed, system is down, etc etc. We'll call tomorrow and get you setup.

    SetUP alright. The price magically goes UP $500



    Customer service is HORRIBLE. You can tell they run an unethical org. when the employees are so easily defensive and yell at you. Common phrases "If you will shut your hole and listen" "We sell millions of dollars a day, and you are the only one who has an issue with how we run things" lol. They will lie and tell you they left messages with urgency that if you don't call back in 10 min the price goes up. So when your phone rings and nobody answers on the other end...gee, guess who is trying to make a papertrail.

    I will NEVER use them again. PERIOD.

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  • Vo
    Vonore666 Mar 15, 2010

    You think your getting a four star hotel that is maybe a 2.5. They refuse to change; I asked just for a different hotel and they said screw you. The customer service is the worst of all my experiences. I sent Fedex letter to two executives with no response. The hotel "Westin" in Vegas was a dump.

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  • St
    Stan Mar 22, 2010

    I wanted to watch the "Blue man" show in Vegas on March 02,

    I'd like to choose 10:00 pm show, but there is only date, not time on the description but the price is good.

    after I checked out, I figure out it's a 7:00 pm show which I can't make it. I called Priceline Rightaway!!

    they told me: "we can't refund you, you can change the time on the day of the show, it's not a problem!" On the March 02, the ticket office told me "can't change the time" and I called priceline again, they told me "CAN'T CHANGE TIME AND NO REFUNDS". I feel very sorry for Priceline, it's not the way to do business! I'll never buy any tickets on Priceline no matter how cheap is the price!!

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