Price Chopperco-worker bullying and treat them fair

If shift supervisor and another teammate is talking about cashier they should not do it where the person can hear it. They should have talked to her face to face. No one should feel like they are not good enough when they are. Especially a minor.
The cashier was doing them a favor my staying two extra hours. Cashier felt like it was a set up so the co-worker can get her in trouble. Trying to say the cashier who had someone to bag for them. Let a customer walk out the door without scanning things on bottom of cart. It never happened. The bagger and the cashier said it wasn't true. If the co-worker notice why did she say something at the moment instead of letting the customer continue walk out the door with it.
There lot favoritism that goes on there. Manager daughter who is a minor get more hours then anyone else especially the people who been two years. The one cashier who minor has help on escan was told she wasn't allowed. But the manager daughter can. If your cashier and ur not in the group then you are not talk to and made to feel uncomfortable
There employee that does way more then then they should for there grade. This company dont believe giving rise to people that deserves it.
I don't see how any of it is right. Talking about the back stay rude things treat unfairly. Not every once in a while it's every day thing. I use to love coming there and now I hate it coming.
Why does manager daughter get treated way better then everyone else.? If family going to work together should be in different dept

Oct 07, 2019

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