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Power is far more than just a home remodeling company – it’s a dream-realization company. Whether you need replacement vinyl windows, roofing, siding, entry doors or attic insulation, when you partner with Power on your project, you’ll get a warm, professional, responsible company that will redefine your expectations for service and quality and turn your dream home into a reality.
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Power Home Remodeling Group [PHRG] Complaints & Reviews

Power Home Remodeling Group [PHRG] / windows replacement warranty commitment

Sep 04, 2019

In March 20, 2014, your company installed 6 windows on the 2nd floor of our house. (project #31-00438) We were very satisfied with your product and services. On November 3, 2015, you installed an additional 14 windows - a total of 13 on the 2nd floor and 7 on the 1st floor of our house. In...

Power Home Remodeling Group [PHRG] / windows

Aug 06, 2019

The gentleman who initiated the sale informed my husband and me that our energy bill would lower over time. No modifications necessary on our part since the windows are double pane, bounce heat off, slightly tinted, etc. My husband and I continue to receive high (I mean high) energy bill...

Power Home Remodeling Group [PHRG] / roofing project

Jun 10, 2019

Power Home Remodeling Group [PHRG]On June 7, we had our roof replaced by Powerhrg. Included in the work was to fix a rotted beam and to replace any plywood that had mold on it. The roof looks good from the outside, but the attic still has a shoddily replaced partial beam and black stained plywood. We would like someone to...

Power Home Remodeling Group [PHRG] / installation caused loss of electricity

Jun 01, 2019

To Whom It May Concern: I had windows and doors replaced on 5-31-19, my mother was there with the crew and when I returned from work. I went to check on what had been done. At that time I noticed the electricity in my basement room that the door was replaced in is no longer working. I contacted...

Power Home Remodeling Group [PHRG] / windows - customer service

Mar 25, 2019

We did not even get a chance to talk with this company, and I will never allow them to my home, or recommend them to a neighbor. They called to schedule an appointment for a free quote on Saturday, March 23rd at 10am. The day before, I received an email they will be here. However, on...

Power Home Remodeling Group / unauthorized home solicitation

Jan 29, 2019

I never complain, but today two men from a Company called POWER HOME REMODELING came to my house and knocked on the door. They try to disguise themselves as if they work for a Power Company, complete with ID Badges and uniforms. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. Home Solicitation in the State of...

Power Home Remodeling Group [PHRG] / sales tactics/cost/taking advantage of elderly

Dec 28, 2018

Sold my 90 year old mother vinyl siding and a new roof, cost of siding 27, 000, cost of roof 24, 000 on a 2400 sf one story ranch box. Came down $5 when she said she couldn't afford the $29, 000 roof estimate (told her they'd throw in the 2 skylight replacements for free). Needless to say...

Power Home Remodeling Group / dumpster delivery

Nov 10, 2018

I am due to have my roof replaced On Monday and Tuesday, November 12th & 13. The dumpster arrived at 7:00 A.M. It was on a flatbed and was put in my driveway. In lowering the arm of the flatbed, the machine caught on two trees and brought them down along with my cable wire. I now have no...

Power Home Remodeling Group [PHRG] / service

Oct 29, 2018

So, my parents 76 and 80, were harassed by these people. The salesman called my Dad once or twice a day for 2 weeks before he finally told them that they could come out if they wanted to, but he would never buy windows from these people because they were the most annoying sob's he'd ever...

Power Home Remodeling Group [PHRG] / windows

Oct 26, 2017

I had 14 windows replaced and some of the wood around the window were rotted according to the agreement they were supposed to replace the rotten wood and they didn't. When I went to tell them the wood is rotten instead of addressing the issue they tell me to leave the working area...

Power Home Remodeling Group / constant harassment after telling them no

Jul 19, 2017

Fall of 2016 they were walking door to door offering to set up for estimates. Initially we agreed. After deciding that we were not in a position financially to have any work done, we cancelled the estimate appt. Since that time 8-9 months now, we get daily phone calls, initially they were...

Power Home Remodeling Group / horrible experience with estimate

Jul 13, 2017

RUN away if someone from Bj's approaches you for this home improvement company 2Guys came to our house and were there for 3hours and 45 minutes with a presentation of their windows. BUT. worse then the time element was the fact that they walked in the garden to look at out side of window...

Power Home Remodeling Group / home estimate services

Mar 24, 2017

Earlier this month we received a call from the power home remodeling company about having someone from the company come and look at our house and giving us a free estimate on window replacement services as well as other home remodeling services that the company does. We are brand-new home...

Power Home Remodeling Group / greatest salesman ever

Feb 11, 2017

If you are reading this, it’s not too late. What you did last night you swore you would never do. You are feeling shame and regret, you are a little confused, but over all you just feel dirty. But everything will be ok. As an average looking middle aged man, I have never been pursued by a...

Power Home Remodeling Group / roofing estimate

Sep 19, 2016

extremely pushy sales tactics especially to the elderly. a simple estimate went 3 1/2 hours and the quote was $59, 000.00 for a new roof. when we said no (3 times) it kept dropping to all the way down to $29, 000.00. when we still said no, they left and we never heard back from them. how...

Power Home Remodeling Group / window replacement

Jul 22, 2016

My son and I were at The Houston Dog Show when we were approached by one of the people at the Power Home Remodeling Group exhibit about window replacements. I am in the market for window replacement and decided to listen to what this man had to say. First, there was a high pressure sale...

Power Home Remodeling Group / roofing estimate

Jul 11, 2016

Someone was walking neighborhoods trying to schedule roofing estimates... I was told it was a no pressure estimate with a 1 year price lock... again the key was no pressure so I agreed... the next day then guys arrived for an estimate as scheduled at 7pm... Nice guys and they dud a good...

Power Home Remodeling Group / misleading sales presentation

May 18, 2016

Dealing with Power has been one of the worst experiences I’ve had with any firm. Before going into the whole narrative I’ll list the three worst parts. 1 – Their measurements for the size of the house were inflated by about 30%. 2 – they used the insulting practice of giving a ridiculously high “...

Powert Home Remodeling Group / window installation/customer care

Nov 21, 2015

On october 29th, i decided to choose "power"" windows after 3 exhausting presentations. I always loved the product but hated the high pressured sales tactics leaving me uneasy with the company, i couldn't understand an $8700 price difference from one day to the next. My 3rd salesperson...

Power Windows and Siding / pushy arrogant door to door salesman

Nov 16, 2015

How do I get taken off your knock list? For the last three years they have been coming to my home in Toms River, NJ and I have absolutely ZERO interest in the sales pitch or the product so how can I get them to stop knocking on my front door to annoy me every six months? I am a disabled veteran and do not want to be bothered please!!!

Power Home Remodeling Group- Windows / window estimate - customer relations

Oct 09, 2015

Salesman knocked on our door asking if we'd like a free estimate on replacement windows, of which we are in need. My husband said sure, and had to set up an appointment with a salesperson for the following evening. Thought it odd that the first salesman asked my husband to sign a form...

Power Home Remodeling Group / dont let them in, they dont want to hear no

Sep 10, 2015

A friend of a friend told me they worked for a window company and i thought to myself great because my family has been looking for new windows. I talked to the rep of the company and he said he would set us up for a free estimate. So i set the date and it was one of the worst mistakes of...

Power Home Remodeling Group / horrible sales tactics

Feb 21, 2015

We are casually looking for a new roof. We've had a couple people offer to give us an estimate, which they would climb on our roof and within about 15 minutes give us an estimate and some brief info. I had some Power solicitors stop by two weeks ago and offer to give an estimate, but...

Power Home Remodeling Group / company puts employees before customers


Power HRG puts its employees before its customers, and it shows. I was scheduled to have an appointment for an estimate with Power this afternoon (10/16/12) at 4:30. The appointment was made last week. Last night I received a call saying I needed to confirm the appointment; it seemed like...

Power Home Remodeling Group / power hrg — say 'no thank you'


If you just say 'No Thank You' to the nice guy dropped off in your neighborhood to sign you up for free estimates for new windows, you will not have to endure the experience my husband and I went through recently. Please note, after the fact we read the reviews for the company on...

Power Home Remodeling Group / theft


We had Power Home Remodeling Group install new windows in our master bathroom. After the installers left, we found several pieces of jewelry missing from my wife's jewelry box, and my teenage daughter's bedroom was search. Please be careful before letting these people into your home! Remember, they have your address.

Power Windows and Siding / stay away


I have worked in the marketing department out of power windows and sidings cranford nj office for almost two years (the guys who knocks on your door or approaches you in BJs.) Power windows is not a bad company, in fact, they are a very good company that's treats it's employee...

Power Windows and Siding / liars!!!


Ok..So I let this guy into my home...that was a bad move...unless you have 3-4 hours to it and look puzzled...I dont know much about windows but he sure educated me in the first 2 hours...started measuring my windows...have a heat demo with glass...go thru his binder and paper...

Power Home Remodeling Group / job proposal / estimate


Power Home Remodeling Group is a very unethical company that doesn't truly know what exactly they are doing when it comes to their craft. I recently reached out to them for an estimate on a siding job on my home. It turns out that the exterior walls of my home were actually drywall...

Power Windows and Siding / know what you are signing!


My wife and I made the most rookie of mistakes we have ever made. Everything you have read is true about this company. We had an individual named Michael (I am not giving his last name, but if you ask I will provide) come to our home to give us an estimate on Siding. Michael was pleasant...

Power Windows and Siding / soliciting/ illegal installation


Power Windows and Siding was seen soliticing on our propoerty, a self maintained condo complex. Power Windows was called on several occasions from me, the Maintenance Supervisor and from the President. On one occation I spoke with Kelly at Power Windows and explained that soliticing is not...

Power Windows & Siding / window & lock quality


We had Windows installe approximately 10-15 years ago. After the first year things started to break. Insulator strips falling off, lock mechanisms breaking, tensioner/release mechanisms breaking. We called a couple of times for replacement parts and once they were sent out. After the 2nd...

Power Windows and Siding / high pressure sales will not leave your home!!!



Power Windows and Siding / lied about how work would be done


Salesman assured me that the entire window frame would be removed. It was not. Smaller windows were installed inside the original frames making the frames wider and the windows smaller. They look like crap and have devalued my custom build stone rancher. This is trailer park technology and...

Power Windows and Siding / good company


I have worked in the marketing department out of power windows and sidings cranford nj office for almost two years (the guys who knocks on your door or approaches you in BJs.) Power windows is not a bad company, in fact, they are a very good company that's treats it's employee...

Power Windows and Siding / push sales tactics


I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels embarrassed about letting this company enter my home. I wish I had the time to have looked this up information before the sales pitch. I stated that I wasn't signing on to work that night about an hour into the presentation. I could...

Power Windows and Siding / no means no


I agreed to a "free consultation" for new windows at my home. 4 hours later, the sales person was still in my home. I told him no a number of times and finally agreed to the windows after I learned I had 3 days to cancel my order. You can't order the windows without signing up for a...

Power Windows and Siding / I love power windows and siding


I have been working for the company for over a yr now and I love it!!! The funny thing about comments is that you can never really know what the true intention of the writer is. I see so much hate e-mails about my company. Unfortunately people are very lazy in writing letters that...

Power Windows and Siding / don't spend the money!!!


I agree with the complaint from NY! Very long sales pitch. I bought it though and had the first half of my home's windows installed. The installer was wonderful, very clean andd thorough. Two weeks later the other half goes in. Entirely different crew to install the big windows. Left...

Power Windows and Siding / policy


HAHA windows for $100. I have worked in the home improvement industry for 10 years. Andersen/Pella windows will not cost you $1500 per window. $300 new Construction and $500 replacement (Andersen). Going install prices go for about $250 to $400 per window. Andersen/Pella replacements are...