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V Jul 18, 2019

Ordered and paid for a Danielle Lamp online and was given a few estimated dates for arrival, didn't arrive after two months, and by now I don't want it anymore. Trying to cancel my order/receive credit or refund.

Insult upon injury, since it's from a vendor, there are no means to update my address (I moved).

Called customer service and was told "My hands are tied, do you understand I can't do anything." "You can't cancel the order."

So now a lamp will be delivered to somewhere I don't live anymore - which I paid for?

I asked the phone person if I can escalate the problem to corporate or someone in their customer service chain of command (apparently they don't see the problem with delivering a lamp to an address where I don't live anymore), and she said she didn't know what that is, and apparently is doesn't exist.

Customer service should be everything these day. This company should be ashamed.

  • Updated by v aberbook · Jul 18, 2019

    ordered and paid for a danielle lamp online in may. tracking provided several different dates for delivery. Lamp did not arrive before I moved (30 days after ordering) and so I attempted to change address via customer service. Was told I cannot change address. Person stated, "Hey lady don't you understand my hands are tied, there's nothing I can do?" Asked to cancel order and was told no.

    Asked to speak to someone such as a manager or customer service specialist, and was told there isn't anyone.

    Tracking shows "preparing to ship", but delivery date is tomorrow, don't think that's gonna happen as there is a huge disparity with UPS not showing my any delivery updates for tomorrow. Not sure where they are getting that date from.

    Sooo...lamp I ordered and paid for I can't cancel since I moved, i can't update my address, so it will be dropped off at my previous address and there is no ability to remediate any of that situation.

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