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Goodmoring i lost my father on mothers day struggling to get money to bury my father i eat popeyes on a regular but im deyond pissed disrespecting and all by employeses of popeyes staff i order 15 20 pecie meals with fries biscuits red beans and rice first off i waited over, 37mts while they was very rude ask for a manger she was no better then her employess as they pushed my bags of food so aggradivly my family and i proceed to my fathers home going just to relize all my food wasnt there i had 9 boxs of 20 pesiec missing no frise or biscuit im half way to my daddys home going call them to inform them cause i spend over a 100 dollars with u guys went back next day they wouldnt speak nor rrfund me my money or items this [censored] suck and wrong i guess me and my family done eating support popeyes thru out my years cause that [censored] was dead wrong 87 stknyisland on the 20 day may 5:45 pm ms.williams [protected]

May 21, 2019
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  •   May 21, 2019

    Apart from the fact you are borderline illiterate, I would like to know how this was somehow racist? Oh, wait. I figured it out. YOU are the racist. Only a true racist considers the matter of race to begin with, and it's flat out disgusting. You are looking for a handout. If you are "struggling for money" you do not spend 100 dollars at Popeye's. My father would have self-resurrected, grabbed a baseball bat, and kicked my hind end from one end of the neighborhood to another for serving Popeye's at his wake. For shame! I wouldn't have blamed him in the slightest for it either.

    You are an ignorant racist who is self entitled. I am glad that Popeye's didn't give into your idiotic pandering. Grow up.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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