Popeyes Louisiana Kitchencustomer service


On Saturday Oct 21st. I go into this establishment to get chicken for my company. I clearly told them mixed mild and spicy and please make sure there are wings. I asked again as he was closing up the box did you put wings both the manager and the worker said yes. I get back and I have a box full of drums and 2 thighs. I was beyond angry because this was not the first time. They just do whatever they want to and there is no pleasing the customer.
I said I would no go back to this Popeyes in Mt. Vernon on the corner of Park and Sidney but I was in a rush. Customer service level is sooo poor not to mention no condiments in the bag and they want you to pay for sauce after I spent more than 30 bucks on chicken.
One time we got cold fries and when I mean cold I mean we bit into it and it was a chill from the freezer. This time the fries were under cooked I had to put it in the oven for my guest.
Enough is enough it’s time and time again I just said ok now I’m putting in a complaint. We need the the highest level of customer service no matter where the Popeyes is located. I go to the one in co op city on occasions and they give me exactly what I ask for.
Something needs to be done about this constant poor Mgmt.

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