Resolved Popeye'sbad service

We placed an order at the drive thru which should have been our first clue just to leave. It took us repeating our order 5 times before they claimed to have it correct, then when we get up to the window we have to repeat our order again. We get home and our order is not right at all. After attempting to contact the store several times, which by the way they did not answer once of the four attempts I made; I placed a call to your customer service hot line. The next day my husband informs me that we were double charged on our debit card that we used the previous night. My husband called the store and spoke to a manger who said she would call him back, she did not. I attempted to call the location another 16 times starting at 3:36 pm and ending at 4:17 pm. Frustrated and very very angry at this point my husband and I returned to the restaurant location to get the district mangers phone number. Called Brenda the first time at 4:22 pm, left a message for her to call me back asap. With no response from Brenda I again at 5:00 pm, she answered and proceeded to be unapologetic for our visit, very vague on when and how we would get a refund for the double charge, unwilling to give us a refund for our visit Monday night, and refused to give me her owner's phone number. I requested that she have her owner call me back, she refused to take my phone number claiming that she had it already, and we have not heard from Brenda or the franchise owner yet. Brenda was very unprofessional regarding our concerns and our complaints. She does not even have a greeting on her cell phone, it is simply a lot of static. And as far as the "customer hotline" for Popeye's, it has been a week with no contact back from their corporate offices. Seems to me that Popeye's does not care ata all for their customers just their customer's money.

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