PNC Financial Services Groupunethical behavior

K Aug 07, 2018

June 13, I deposited $3, 800 cash into a PNC ATM. When the machine malfunctioned, I went inside and the teller already knew I had an issue with that specific ATM. She told me the ATM had been having problems all day. I filed a dispute that she told me would be resolved within 24 hours. After many follow up calls, I was told it would actually take 90 days. I spoke with a man named Dwayne Simmons who told me if PNC already issued a Provisional Credit for the money, they would NOT be taking it back. He told me the case was settled, they just needed the final signatures to finalize the deposit. This was a blatant lie because 3 weeks later I received a letter in the mail saying there was "no error with my transaction" and the provisional credit would be taken from me.

I called and spoke with the manager in the Retail Escalation Group (Megan Woods) who told me the ATM was completely balanced, which is why I wasn't getting my money back. She told me she would look into the other ATMs at that branch.

Today I received a call from Megan Woods who told me they initially checked the "wrong ATM" and they did in fact find my money.

60+ days of waiting, only for the bank to investigate the WRONG ATM? After being specifically told which ATM was broken? And when the teller already KNEW it was broken?

Here's the kicker...I spoke with another woman named Jada who told me initially they "miscalculated" the ATM and just now found the overage in the original ATM I deposited the money into.

I called Megan Woods back to ask her some who is responsible for the error? Who is responsible for me financially struggling for 60+ days while they made mistake after mistake? She told me that they gave me my money back, and she "could not go back and forth with me" about anything else.

Someone in PNC is a thief, and I wonder how many times they've gotten away with stealing money from customers.

I would like to know who is responsible for the countless errors on this case. I would also like to know why I have messages in to 3 people at PNC and not one of them can be bothered to return my call.

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