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We had a hazard loss of a little over $28, 000, paid for by our home owners insurance. Because we have a mortgage, and the amount is greater than $20, 000, the insurance company said they had to issue the check jointly with PNC, who would escrow the amount and disburse payments for repairs as they were made. There are multiple procedural problems with how this was handled. First, the branch manager where we went had no idea how to handle the check. After about 45 minutes on hold with the hazard loss department, he got someone and handed the phone to me. I was given the general procedure and some forms to fill out. I was told that some of the forms had to be signed by both my husband and myself and be notarized. I was told that if, however, we both signed in front of the bank manager, he could witness it and we would not have to have it notarized. I was told to endorse the check and MAIL IT TO THE HAZARD LOSS DEPARTMENT. The branch manager would not even take my check. I went back the following Saturday with my husband, asked why he could not take the check for deposit, and he then said he could. We signed the requested affidavit in front of him, and he faxed it over to the hazard loss department. Later I found out that he never signed the document himself. I never received ANY confirmation or receipt of my deposit of over $28, 000 and the establishment of an escrow account. I have repeatedly called the hazard loss department, and without fail I am ALWAYs on hold for at least an hour. The last time it was an hour and forty five minutes. Unacceptable. I have emailed documents to the email address provided for the hazard loss department. Invariably, I receive NO reply email... no acknowledgement that they received my documents, and no acknowledgement or reply to any questions I raise in my emails. After waiting on the phone one time for more than an hour, the PNC rep finally found my emails and said that I had dropped one number on my mortgage number, so nothing was being done to process my claim. How hard would it have been to reply to my email and state "please check your mortgage account number, as we cannot find one that matches the one listed in your email". It has been well in excess of two weeks since I sent in documentation for disbursement of over $9, 000 in funds from the escrow account, and no check has been received.

This is the most inefficient process I have ever seen in a bank, and in total disregard of customer service. Communication is abysmal. No one should have to wait on the phone for almost two hours to find out the status of their request, only to find out that it was put aside because no one bothered to respond to my email to ask for a corrected account number.

We have been loyal customers for over 20 years, and last year we even bought stock in PNC. I am incredibly disappointed how we have been treated in this process.


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      Jun 06, 2017

    I am in the situation. They have been holding $200K of our money and they keep losing documents and refusing to disburse funds needed to pay my contractor. Livid.

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