Plenty Of Fishcan't delete account

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I have been trying to delete my profile from the dating site plenty of fish .com and can not do so .. I figure someone else has had this problem but no one has given me a solution to this !!!


  • Sa
    SavyTechGuy Nov 07, 2010

    Not hard to do...

    Just have to look harder. Afterall you did sign up for it..

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  • Sh
    shaz83 Nov 07, 2010

    yep me 2..its a really crap site, nobody meets anybody everyone is a creep

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  • Oo
    ookiepoosie Nov 11, 2011

    I don't know what to say about you deleting your profile just follow the instructions. I deleted my photos from my profile and changed the profile around completely, lol they finally got tired of me and kicked me off their site!!! Hilarious!!!

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  • Sp
    Sparkles4006 Nov 27, 2011

    I have had the same problem three times so finally I put another user that I knew on my account as the reason for deleting it and that worked they finally deleted it after I put in a relationship to delete it.

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  • Ca
    Cat Tampa Feb 07, 2013

    Had same issue. Cancelled it than a friend found it a few months later.

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  • De
    Desiree Finley Dec 28, 2014

    I deleted my POF account over 8 years ago. A friend of my husbands I am now married found it, just out of the blue last week. I can not delete because I changed and deactivate d my old email address 7 years ago. So it is stuck. I have tried contacting them and am not getting results. In some situations this could be dangerous. Such as a violent spouse. We are having difficulties due to the fact it has updated my age. I was 42 last time on I am 50 now...what to do???

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  • De
    Desiree Finley Dec 31, 2014

    I can not cancel because i changed my email over seven years ago so when I tried it says no user. It was just put up again without my knowledge...If I can not sign in I can not control it. I when I did delete it I made sure it was gone. So they took ti upon themselves to reactivate...

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  • Do
    Dorrie Taylor Feb 20, 2015

    I don't have a problem with trying to delete my account but I do have a problem with someone else deleting my account then when I get on it won't take my password.My user name is still there.I still get updates on people sending a messages. I would really like to get back on the site. ne major problem I do have is the 3 men I have gotten messages wants a lasting relationship but after some time they ask me for thousands of dollars.RED FLAG!!! No I didn't give them money but this is my 2 main complaints. Have searched different places to get in touch with POF.

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  • Do
    Dorrie Taylor Feb 20, 2015

    I want my account which I paid for an upgrade to be able to sign-up & get back on POF...My username is 60schales62 & my password is 54dorrie19 but every time I try it says invalid Password or email. [email protected] But now my email is [email protected] com.
    My old email used yo be [email protected] I don't know if that will help but I would appreciate it if you can help me.
    Thank you.

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  • Mi
    Mitchell101 Sep 22, 2015

    Name Ashley rose riddle I'm in relationship but can't delete my account due to no lost email password and user name how can I delete account with out information above

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  • Da
    Dan Goldstein Jan 12, 2016

    Total scam. It isn't the fact it costs money, it's that it is a blatant lie to try selling service by stating unlike other sites we charge nothing. Joined today, less than 24 hours, I was extremely disgusted. The way they use chrony dirty sales tactics to wean you in, only to see to truly use this site in a meaningful way, it cost mucho dinero. Again, not the money, I dislike false advertisement. Hell, on Jdate, at least they are upfront. Wasn't this supposed to be a site where money wasn't as important as meeting possibly someone special??? Plenty of Fish just couldn't compete. Plenty of Fish is no better than all the other sites. In fact, it's much much worse. They are not truthful. That is a dangerous thing to do to people looking for love. Shame on you. I am canceling this account immediately.

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  • Ja
    Jassie7654 Sep 17, 2017

    How To Delete POF Account Permanently:

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  • Do
    Doris caron Oct 12, 2017

    I want delete all my account from pof. Fed up. Found somebody

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  • Ma
    Matthew bigm Dec 30, 2017

    There seems to be some problems for certain people on POF. i had a profile on their and no problems. I met someone and was easy to delete my profile. Sadly, the one who I met on there is having problems deleting theirs. They put in request to delete but it never did. And now there is a scammer on there who used all their information AND somehow got and put on their cell number in a profile. POF is refusing to help even though it is right in their guidelines and rules and how to submit.

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  • Mr
    Mr LM day Aug 17, 2018

    I've been trying for days to get the hell out of pof. I'm straight guy but l keep getting lesbians and gay paid to find love with a nice lady all l get is the rainbow Nation !! I'm now finding it a distressing and uncomfortable I've ask them to put me back on track but I'm just getting ignored so I tried like you all have and yes what? carnt these people are scaming.. S..ts yes now its either trading standards or the police! not sure witch one . the thing about its dressed up to look like proper decent all up front sit like eharmony or no its not it expensive boat s and lambergene scam we've all been had !

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  • Jerjonesjr Sep 12, 2018

    Under Profile section of the POF Help Center, to delete your account (whether upgraded or not), you only need to go to “Delete Account” tab, scroll down, and choose the last option. See screenshot here:
    Once clicked, the link will take you to a screen that will ask you to type in your username, password, and reason for wanting to opt out.

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  • Lu
    Lucy2019 Aug 23, 2019

    It just seems there are a lot of people having problems, I signed up the other day, and the same day it wouldn’t accept my username and pass I can’t get into my account to delete it, theres no technical help, your just put there somewhere for anyone to see, ...shocking I’ve lost control...

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