L Mar 14, 2019

Ok slotomania tech support I have been holding off on writing another complaint to see if you would actually fix my problems but nope you haven't! Currently to date I have left more than a number of complaints about my slotomania not working right so i'm complaining once again along with doing research on contacting a department higher up that will be able to help me get this settled! It's amazing how many places there is out there just waiting to take complaints! All i'm asking is for is that stupid blue circle that keeps going around and around no matter what I try to do to be gone! It interferes with everything from trying to get into a game and actually play it to it loading so slow! Could you please fix it and I won't have to complain! I'm asking once again to have this fixed asap! With being disabled and not able to get out much I really do depend on this game to make my borning days to go by faster
Please please please fix it - thank you

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