Playtikamy slotomania game has crashed. unable to play since friday.

L Sep 29, 2019

Started Friday, Sept. 27, 2019. When I click on the game, it stops loading and screen says .not connected and 'try again'. After a couple of retrys, the game screen goes away and an error message appears on my tablet screen that says 'Unfortunately, Slotomania has Stopped'.
My wifi is on and strong through all this, so I'm thinking I can't connect to the Slotomania site, I've restarted. I've uninstalled and re-installed. I've attempted to clear the 'cache'. I'm player #73 in Westland, MI ' Game is Platika 3..19.0, my device is lt02ltespr, the Build ID isKOT 49H.T217SVPSRQA1. Each time I tried to get on, when the error message showed, I sent the report. (My clan was close to getting the key and I still had a few million points, so I'm really miffed...) I would like to get back on the game.

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