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Pokerstars.com / account blocker and money frozen

allinnn on Oct 2, 2017
hellou! i made an account and played with it and now they froze it. alinsv was the nickname. after a while i wanted to play again but it was froze so i mase another acc, alinsv2. after i depose 20$ i should have got 30$ prize too. they took my deposit and froze the second too. what can u do...

Pokerstars.com / company ripping people off

user1733288 on Sep 22, 2017
I can play poker for money down the street and you [censor] money grubbers want me to pay for chips to win nothing...[censor] you! You [censor] scam [censor]. Oh I forgot theres a casino wwith in 5 miles. So [censor] you again...[censor]! Oh write the 7 digits here to verify if your not a...

Pokerstars.com / I have just been conned and pokerstars are absolute experts at it

james pickering on Feb 2, 2017
so from the beginning I place a 10 pound bet that has a bonus of two further 20 pound bets after being placed. lucky me my football team are winning after 70 minutes so I cash out as they are playing Liverpool. I am happy with my 70 pounds of winnings and I go to cash it out as I really...

Pokerstars.com / account frozen

Wael Hamdan on Jan 9, 2017
To whom it may concern Yesterday i logged into my laptop and opened outlook.com to send an email to pokerstars support to delete my account. but my mistake i sent it from my father email which is assigned to another account at pokerstars. now they have blocked his account instead of mine. but...

Pokerstars.com / rip off

Dave Perry on Jan 1, 2017
I joined Pokerstars.com on Christmas day 2016 deposited £100 through PayPal and my account was not credited with the funds and I contacted Paypal. Who stated that the transaction was fine and it was ok to proceed. Yet Pokerstars have said there was a charge back by Paypal but have not retuned...

Pokerstars / pokerstars

Ian456 on Oct 30, 2016
I won £1000 on PokerStars but when I went to withdraw they said I've got to verify account I've sent about 100 pics of docs that they say are not clear enough so they won't give me my money there is nothing more I can do every pic I've sent is clearly readable they have no intention of verifying...

Pokerstars.com / promotional challenges limited payout/reward

Leaf McClary on Aug 21, 2016
About a month ago I started playing the Pokerstars Challenges (eg. "Jacks or Better;" "Poker Challenge"). I am speaking specifically about any challenge that promises a cash reward (daily challenges are typically easier to complete, but only payout a ticket to a scheduled tournament, with...

Pokerstars.com / freezing my account within minutes of a deposit?

ticked off in Ontario on May 11, 2016
I deposited 140.00$ Ca. a couple of weeks ago to play in some tounaments on a Sunday. I try to enter after depositing and the site won't allow me to register. I get an email 7 hours later saying my account is under investigation. After a few days of asking questions why my account i...

Pokerstars / online random dealing

Reviewer73113 on Dec 25, 2015
I have been playing online poker for the last 10 years and I have played in live games at the casinos all around the U.S. I have come to the conclusion that online dealing is anything but random like the websites proclaim their dealing system is purely random from a random generator of...

Pokerstars / freezing my money and won't release it to me.

Reviewer39796 on Dec 15, 2015
I was playing a tournament that I paid cash for. All of a sudden I was disconnected and couldn't finish the game. I immediately sent an email to pokerstars and they told me that I was hacked and now I need to send them a picture of my identification that is clear and show all pertinent...

Pokerstars.com / software crashed no refund

Reviewer76275 on Sep 23, 2015
I was playing PS and system crashed. Was not my end and connection was good. They told me I was using a outdated software program and this is the reason it crashed. Would not supply me with refund. Dont bother playing with them. The FBI were right in shutting them down. They are fraudulent.

Pokerstars. Net / fraudulent actions

sopbiebugsme on Mar 18, 2015
This poker site (play poker) is totally below standards for play money poker.I have lost (through THEIR internet connection) not my internet connection, as I have a very strong server...a few million play money chips. The end was today when I was all in for a million six and low and behold...

Pokerstars.com / fraud

NoMoreFraudulentPoker on Mar 2, 2015
I have played real poker for at least 2 decades and I have been playing Texas Hold'em for close to 15 years now. I used to play at pokerstars.com years ago and quit for obvious reasons and now people from America cannot play for real money, which is a great thing, but my belief i...

Pokerstars / account is blocked for nothing

Rajesh_asi on Feb 6, 2015
Guys, My PS id is rajesh_asi Could you please help us in getting my money back from pokerstars. They blocked my account for allegation of creating multiple ids...and I gave them my reply belo I have created only rajesh_asi which is my id, rest of the ids are of my family members & friend...

Pokerstars / theft of money

bogogota on Sep 16, 2014
Here are the simple facts:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 1. I have never played on PokerStars and wanted to give it a try, opened an account and deposited $600with my visa. 2. My account was immediately frozen, I didn't play a...

Pokerstars / riged site

allen loyer on May 16, 2014
This is a rigged site that just wants to take your money to buy these fake chips. You have no chance of wining because they want you to buy more fake worthless chips. One should stay away from this site because one can not win here its rigged so bad they should not be allowed to take money...

Pokerstars / odds to win

Ulkiukas on Mar 1, 2013
well, I'm playing at pokerstars for few years. I have won few tournaments, but after 15k win I noticed one thing: if I have preflop 90-95% chance to win - I loose like 90-95% of playing hands. For example: I have AK, pushed all in, and other called with A9, he has 3 outs (that'...

Pokerstars / statistics

mule_wagon on Sep 19, 2012
dear pokerstars i play on your website everyday i have won tickets that i have no idea how to use as well as lost money due to connection issues this however is not my complaint i would like to know what kind of random generator is used on your website when playing poker with a deck of...

Pokerstars / banned for no reason

mepco12 on Apr 11, 2012
I play poker on pokerstars as does my wife and daughter. We only play the low cost games. Mainly 10 cent games. My daughters computer stopped working so when she asked I didn't hesitate to let her log on to her own pokerstars account on my computer so she could play a game. Next day I...

Poker Stars, Absolute Poker, Full Tilt / fraud and money laundering

Tom59 on Apr 15, 2011
As of today April 15th, all three of th4ese sites are banning u.s. players from playing with real money. It's about damn time. The card programs are horrible, the game doesn't represent real poker at all, and everyone of these ### owners belong in jail. The poker pro's that helped advertise these sites should also be charged.

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