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stole my bonus by restricting account.

I've just sent this email to pokerstars, but
I dont expect to get any answers. Also a picture of what happens if you tell customer service the facts.

How can you justify taking 40 dollars of bonus and compensating that with 20 dollars of bonus?

This question. I've asked it a thousand times, and you don't give me any answer at all. And I think We all know why.

I have been restricted, ignored, lost my bonus, ignored, mislead and lied to, ignored, lied to, and half compensated in between to be ignored and mislead again. As you might have noticed this has caused me to become real bitter and angry about this whole situation going on from 21 november over a message i sent on 3 november, up untill now.

Do you seriously feel that this is the customer service you should provide? Thats pathetic, unreal. You just ignore anything you want to ignore and repeat every nonsense you want to repeat. You dont give a [censored] about truth, right or justice.

Fact is that when i got restricted i had a pending bonus with a current value of 40 dollar and a bit, and 5 redemption points left to play.

I did evertything to let you guys know. I have sent several messages which all remained unanswered. I came on chat and i told that my bonus would expire because of this restriction i had. The 'support' employee told me that this could never be the intention. And that if i would lose the bonus because of my restriction, i would get this compensated.

So i tought it would be allright, but i would just need some patience.

The day before my bonus would expire i tried to get in touch again, and even sent log files for prove of the situation. No response whatsoever.

Then after my account was reinstated, i was hoping this would be easy. I would get my bonus back with the same amount and redemption points i had when it expired. At least, thats what I was thinking, and seems quite logical, right?

But no, i have had to put a lot of time, messages, chat conversations and frustration in getting back this.

1 time 10 dollar bonus with 10 redemption points

1 time 10 dollar bonus with 5 redemption points.

Both times I have said this was still not right, and anyone could see why this is not right.

The least i should be able to expect is to get the same amount back. But somehow you have all kinds of other theories about the whole situation which change every time, and when i come up with another question i get ignored or blocked.

As you might understand, I'm really dissapointed about how this all has and is being handeled. And I would hope to get a one time decent answer from you to explain me how you can justify what you have done.

If this gets ignored again i will think of other possible steps i could take, because as i have also said this is not only just about 20 dollar. It's also about trust, honesty and justice for me. I hope those are important words for you as well, but honestly I have my doubts.

I wish you a good day, and hope for some trust to be restored.


stole my bonus by restricting account.

  • Updated by Remmmm · Dec 17, 2019

    Oh and ofcourse I'm blocked again, still without getting any answer

    Op dinsdag 17 december 2019 schreef :

    We have identified that you have been contacting us several times through our Live Assistance with the same queries, multiple times, although you have been warned about this behavior.

    Also, you have elected to ignore these requests and have continued to contact us and also use profanities in your communications with us.

    We have now suspended your account for 3 days.

    Should you wish to have your live assistance privilege reinstated, you will need to email us after 20/12/2019, apologize for your behavior and confirm that you accept our Terms and Conditions, accessible from the 'Help & Support' section of our website.

    Your account will remain suspended until you fulfill the above requirements.


    Stars Support

my poker account has been verified but still over a month on I can't withdraw any money

I came 16th in the Sunday million last month and won £3800 but since then I tried to withdraw it and had a lot of problems. My poker account was frozen and then it got verified after 3 weeks but still over a month on I can't withdraw any money. I am just getting bots respond to my concerns so I don't know what action to take from here. Any help would be great.

username: jackpayne10

Jack Payne

payment not received

it happened 23.11.2019.
i won a sports bet in basketball nba
its was 3, 70 x 188.30
i was payed 175dollars instead of 675 dollars
i want explenation and my money, when i posted a bet reward was 675 dollars, when i won a bet it changed to 175 dollars, i dont know what to do, i know how much 3, 70 x 188, 30 is, i want my money otherwise i'm gonna sue pokerstars, thank you

payment not received

yesterday I had 31m chips went to play this morning and only have 19m12 million chips disappear overnight

I have had 12 million chips disappear overnight this happened once before and I can't keep affording to buy more chips. Please help
I am retired and have been playing for many many years, this is the second time my chip count has been millions off I am retired and just cannot afford to keep buying more chips,

I just bought about 28 million a couple of weeks ago when you had the 75% bonus and had over 32million now I have 19 million

Please help

  • Updated by doriralf0 · Nov 13, 2019

    This is my third attempt to complete this compalint

    i am retired and have been playing texas holdem with play chips which have to be purchased. I just bout an additional 32 million within the past few weeks. Had a total of 36 - 39 million

    logged on to play this morning and only had 19 million.
    As i said, i am retired and cannot afford to keep buying chips.

    Please help

profanity used at table/ harassing women

One particular player named LEGACY3000 kept insulting a female player. He possibly also goes by the name xxARISENxx. It was uncomfortable for me and I assume the other players as well. He called the lady a "bch" and of course we all know what that means. Please persuade the player to be more friendly and not degrade women if possible. He likes to go off on other players but demeaning a woman is a line that shouldn't be crossed.

fail to take money from pokerstars


Im trying to get my money of from poker star but they dont allow.
I sent all the docuemtns from muchbetter account but they still request the same think over and over again.
I also have a letter from muchBetter wich they didnt even see. im send documents for almost 1 month without any sucess.

I can show you the documents if you need may i send it to you?



How can you do millions of transactions everyday, but have such a user unfriendly payment system.

Banks have to be safe and.
If I do transactions with a bank for millions of dollars it's easy and safe.

But when you spend thousands on pokerstars and you want 200 dollars back, you better prepare for a week or even months of verification. Supposedly to make it safe.

What a joke.

frozen account

My account has been frozen for over 2 months and they are now just ignoring my emails and there is no number to call to get an answer, this is the worst site ever and would warn people not to use them. I have a page worth of email correspondence were they state it will be dealt with "shortly" but now they have just stopped communication all together. I've only been with the site for a short time but am so disappointed in the service and how legally they can hold onto my money. I will be consulting a lawyer to get advice to sue to the company.

  • Bd
    BDavies Oct 02, 2019

    Very similar experience myself - any update?

    If they have any concerns over whether players are legitimately playing they should do investigations prior to funds being deposited. Allowing people to deposit, then freezing accounts and holding onto funds without any communication is theft.

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  • Jt
    JTme Oct 24, 2019

    I have also been a member for over 10 years and they have restricted my account due to some transfer I did to my friend. I cannot play or withdraw my funds. I have provided them all my documents & explanation about the transfers as requested and sent them multiple emails chasing for updates and nothing. It looks like they have gone radio silent. Such bad customer service! I have been waiting 2 weeks for access back to my account. Utterly ridiculous for a site that’s supposed to be a front runner in the industry

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illegal display and charging games

I had about $35 in my account on Pokerstars. On May 21-22, I played Freeroll games and a game that the buy in was about $0.11.
I want the history of how much I've been charged from May 21, 2019 on.
I have clearly selected "all games > game: No Limit Hold'em> Buy-in: MICRO, FREEROLL" - and now I noticed some Scoop games have buy-in of $22, $55, I don't even know if I registered for one of those thinking it was a freeroll, given many SCOOP games are freerolls. You can't do that. You're tricking people into spending more than we want.
If the options I selected are MICRO, FREEROLL, in no way you could have charged me more than $20 in a night.
I want the money back for whatever game this was. I want the history of what I've been charged, and I want this higher fee refunded, since I clearly selected MICRO, FREEROLL as the buy-in I'm willing to spend.
I'm sending a picture attached to this email, so you can see that I have selected MICRO, FREEROLL and more expensive SCOOP games appear in the list, as well as freeroll SCOOP games, which can very easily confuse the player. If we select that we ONLY want to see MICRO and FREEROLL games, that's what should appear. ONLY.
You can see in the picture that there are FREEROLL SCOOP games. Why are there expensive SCOOP games as well, and why do they appear for me if I want only FREEROLL AND MICRO games appearing for me??? It seems that this was made on purpose, to confuse the player and make us spend more money that we don't want to spend.

This is an awful situation, please don't do this anymore, and please refund the value you unlawfully took from this tricky situation.

illegal display and charging games

game site

The site is intended to have fun, etc. especially on play money tables.
Noone can usually get a word in edgewise because of aa band of people, who on a daily basis, will stalk people just to tell lies, say rude comments. They do this to try to aggravate several players, Poker Stars must think it's funny because thery allow them to break the rules. The worst are the Canadians. Worst Canadian player ZEE333 and worst USA player SpiMo69. They both use different accounts as well. Couple of both these players fake accounts got shut down. About time. AND NOW comes a "Newbie" known as SNUGUMS1 starting the stalking and harassment of people they don't even know right along with Sky Beauty 7 and ZEE333 and SpiMo69. Evne talk the same.
I've only been playing for few yearsbut every table i go to sit at, if they are there, they constantly are ttacking people.

  • Updated by 14Susan · May 20, 2019

    EVERYDAY they stalk harass several players...some more than others for no reason

  • Updated by 14Susan · May 20, 2019

    Pokersatrs does not stand by their rules when it comes to chat guidelines, reporting thereof, nor their stlking and harassing policies NOT even security..people hving more than one accpunt especilly Canadians

  • Fr
    Frank_420 May 21, 2019

    those people need their accounts shut down.

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  • Fr
    Frank_420 May 21, 2019

    I recognize those players. yes they do that on a daily basis, so what's new! They even share account and have more than one. lol

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Username: penrhosacker

Name: David Ackerman

81 Lloyd road
South Wales
Sa5 9eu

email: [protected]

On Monday 6 may 2019 I changed my pokerstars password to make it more secure but as soon as I did this my pokerstars account was frozen, I have contacted them many times without an answer there is no phone number to ring so I went onto my nephews account to speak to there live person and as soon as I did this they then threatened me saying I should'nt have used another account and that we could be blocked. The reason I did this is because I needed to talk to someone I have got funds in my account and not funds from poker but funds I deposited myself.

Yours Sincerely

David Ackerman

error and don't want to pay

I won 46 euros on a bet next day they changed the X to a draw even if it was 1:1 and they took my money. Now they dont want to pay and saying unfortunately due to error it was settled as draw not an X and it was 1:1
Funny how they paid it out right at first and then they take the money saying there was an error.
This is shocking never ever play on pokerstars

error and don't want to pay

frozen account

This is the third time my account has been frozen. The last two times resulted in my account being emptied of the funds. I didn't realize Full Tilt Poker was PokerStars or I would never have opened an account nevertheless deposited money. All the complaints you read are true about stealing money, rigged games and being asked for verification over and over while the account remains frozen and they hold your funds for days on end. I also received the your account is restricted pending further review it should only take a couple of minutes - it's been 2 days. The only way to reach them is through email which they just ignore and only reply to ask for further verification which you provide and still no action on their end. I have no recourse but leave complaints and write negative reviews online. I can't understand how they are still in business since this is not an isolated incident but common practice for them.

  • Mv
    mv1054 Mar 22, 2020

    I sent a deposit to the wrong account and was told to email support. I emailed support numerous times, including the deposit details. No reply back. They obviously don't care about customers. They are hidden on some far away island and can do whatever the fuck they want. DO NOT PLAY THIS SITE!!

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hi recently closed account due to your site not being understanding about a 25 doll free bet which I thought should have been credited but when I questioned this they said I had made the mistake and you wouldn't be giving me the free bet even though the amount bet and spent on site you just wasn't interested in keeping me as a customer which is ok cause there are always others sites to use but im just don't understand why you would treat your customers that way very disappointed but as usual im just a little fish in a big pond but if you keep doing this you will keep losing valuable customers just a thought my user name was jamster1974 if you wanted to look into this many thanks for reading

security investigation in the middle of my gametime

25 -10- 18 i was playing ..lost my money, deposit 300 euro and go one with roulette and spin and go ..and boom
account blocked .. i received a mail where they say . because of a security investagation my account is closed and it will only take a vew minutes
then i received a mail to provited a nvew documents, so i did ... end since then the only contact i get is live chat and they can do nothing and asking for my patience
the security department with an [censored] named Jason doesn, t even react .it takes 2 days now and they won, t sent my money back

What the [censored] is wrong with everybody overthere ?

open my account or give me my money back

  • Da
    Danbo1992 Nov 28, 2018

    Same problem for me pall, they play us like we are some kind of idiots.
    May i suggest 888poker? Might not be as big as Pokerstars but at least they don't hijack your money :)

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  • De
    Devaler Dec 05, 2018

    Same for me. Won't send my money. I call it theft

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  • Wi
    wingding188 Mar 08, 2019

    Same here they are the most corrupt and inept poker site out there. I can’t believe they’re still in business never mind the biggest online poker site. It’s a complete scam!

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  • Va
    VahidNB Jul 24, 2019

    same for me...i can only call it despoiling...i dont know which organization can stop them from despoiling.!!??

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pokerstars casino

Pokerstars casino is a scam like many others. The first deposit you make you will more often than not have a relitivly tidy return. After you sort all the paperwork out and they let you withdraw it all changes from there. Every time you withdraw then a day or two later make a deposit every slot eats your balance so quickly you do not get to enjoy any games. My personal experience and experiences from close friends are all the same. The other day after winning in poker I made a £250 withdrawl. As soon as that hit my bank account the casino took £200 in 60p spins within an hour. That's the equivalent to not winning at all per spin and getting your line bet back every 30 or so spins. This is not an isolated incident at all. This happenes time after time after every single withdrawl. Pokerstars live casino is the only way you may win. Despite saying they are heavily regulated, I find it difficult to believe after testing the rtp of around 30 different games in their casino. The average rtp I recieved was just over 24% and not the advertised 90-96%. To be clear I tested over 500 spins on each slot as it is a factor of time spent and money wagered. Unfortunately there are so many like this out there and the so called authorities that are supposed to prevent this happening fails on every hurdle. Just to be very clear I am by no means a sore looser. If luck was such a factor then by shear statistics alone I wouldn't find myself writing this. It is ashame I feel I need to say anything. However significant changes are required for this site to be anything less than fair to all players. Not just those who are willing to wager $2+ per spin or play high roller games. Such sites are played mostly by normal people who want to enjoy games even if it means loosing. Not be so far out of pocket in a significantly smaller amount of time. You can go to any physical casino and spend the entire night there for less and even if you loose significantly you feel it is fair. Pokerstars casino leaves you feeling cheated and disrespected as a valued customer that has their profits at over $500 million per year. My advice is stay clear.

tv advert for las vegas

Your uk television advert for winning a free trip to Las Vegas says at the end that it is the " only " place this can be done.
This is not factual as in the uk red tooth poker offers this as part of their Vegas 100 incentive.
If pokerstars do not adjust this breach of communication, I will produce this evidence the uk ofcom for them to deal with your false advertisement

pokerstars support service

Pokerstars frozen my account 1 week m unable to play at this site.i hve mailed them so many the begining they said it will be solved as soon as possible.they didn't even tell me the time it's gonna take to resolve the they r so careless..they stop replying to my mails.i have some money in that account.i want it back but they r not refunding it as my account has been frozen.what should I do.neither they r refunding it nor they make my account enable.what m I supposed to do.they don't have any toll-free no.worst service of any poker site I have seen ever.

about being an error of the game

I would like to know. when a pair of JJ beats a pair of AA .I played sipn and go. I have a picture of it. I played with 2 more people .ot to the fins in the poker table. that is, I played the 22 hands after which the game puts us all to give all in . at the end i see one of the guys beat me white JJ and i have AA. relay guys. what's is this?so i lose my money this is not fine . I assume that this is not okay in my opinion and to many players playing on your site.So we are losing money because of this maybe a tournament.the prize was not great but unfortunately he took it ... as long as you put us to give all in it does not matter how many chips we have. I was second with my best hand

about being an error of the game


I attempted to cash out only $40. The declined the withdrawal and asked me why I was cashing out. I said I...