Pizza Hutreckless driving by pizza delivery driver

P Aug 01, 2018

I live in Oklahoma City. I was on my east on Lake Hefner rd around 1845 this evening when one of your pizza delivery drivers past me going 60 mph. This is a residential road with jogging trails, bikers, walkers, etc...the speed limit is 35 mph and this older pizza driver was well over the posted speed limit. I followed him to the pizza inn delivery store on wilshire and may ave, just to ask him what the hurry was, and that no pizza is that important to drive like that. He told me to F off and to mind my own business. I told him it was my business that my concern was the people in the neighbor your speeding in. I want to file a complaint, this older man has no regard for others safety. He drives a Blue Toyota Solara with Oklahoma License plate CPK-893. Fire him...

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