Pizza Hutpizza

C Aug 17, 2018

First off I ordered my pizza online to be delivered and I ordered extra sauce on both pieces after I realized I did not order my breadsticks I called back and added the breadsticks to my order my pizza arrives with no breadsticks and my pizzas did not have extra sauce on them so I called the store they told me I had to bring my pizzas back up to get them remade so I did I went there I waited 45 minutes for my pizzas to be remade A employee from the back made smart remarks about me standing there waiting then started to get rude with me when I told him I had been waiting 45 minutes for my pizza after it was messed up in the first place and started Arguing with me and i finally got my pizza and they were still wrong so I took my stuff and left I wasn't waiting for anything else it was absolutely rediculious the manage would not fix the problem this was the worst experience I have ever had it makes me not want to eat there again this was at the hillview ky location

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