Pizza Hutgm horrible service

D Nov 26, 2017

Isn't the waitress fault but it took 25 minutes for us to get our BREADSTICKS and 30 minutes to get our food so it took them 25 mins to get our appetizer out which is ridiculous and before that charging us for sauce because we wanted our wings naked with the sauce on the side like really? When has Pizza Hut ever done that and we placed out order around 5:50 and it's 6:35 and I haven't gotten my wings yet like really almost an hour for 18 WINGS
"Pizza Hut a family friendly franchise what a joke." Not even 5 families here I understand there's a drive thru well crap if you can't handle having people inside why have both I'll never eat here again and trust me I know a lot of people they won't come either and the fact that I asked to talk to the GM 3 times and "if he gets a chance to talk to me, he'll come" like please customer is always right is food policy and retail. He finally came after 1 hr and apparently knew nothing about anything.

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