Pizza Hutdelivery address issue


I moved to a new community on June 2017. The first time I ordered I called Pizza Hut located at 28640 S Dixie Hwy
Homestead, FL 33033. They couldn’t find my address but there was a regional manager at the time and she was able to fix the issue. I’ve ordered online and by phone and every time they have to verify my address but they are able to deliver . Today on October 14, 2017 the manager on shift says she could not find any of my previous orders and that she wouldn’t cancel it as courtesy but that going forward they would not deliver . I told her to cancel it since her tone was unprofessional and disrespectful. I order from Pizza Hut almost weekly on the weekends for my children and I have never had an issue . When I told her a regional manager had fixed the issue she stated that she was also a manager like if it didn’t matter who helped me before . I am really disappointed that a manager would treat a customer with such attitude. I canceled my order and will not prefer from there again. On Monday I will post my thoughts in social media so that people know not to go to that store any longer.

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