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false advertising

11/20/09 at 7 PM I called our local Pizza Hut to order the $5.99, Med, two toppnig pizza constantly advertised on TV. They tell us how concerned they are about us and that they are cutting prices because they are so conscientious. The counter to this is, "Sorry, we aren't participating". To me this sounds like classic "Bait and Switch".
I raised such a fuss they decided to honor the ad. When the pizza arrived, I found they had added an additional $2.00 "Delivery Fee".
Pizza Hut, either require all your stores to participate or don't advertise something you cant deliver.
I will put this on paper and forward it to the Montana Attorney Generals Office and the Better Business Bureau.

  • Ab
    Abused Customer Oct 29, 2009

    Website ADVERTISES specials that after you go through this horrible non-user friendly website that will ONLY take orders for CARRYOUT at the location closest to me, even though they DO DELIVER!

    The special this time is their heavily advertised Wingstreet Wings. The special states "20 WingStreet® Wings -
    Additional charge may apply for Bone-Out and Crispy Bone-In Wings. $9.99
    Coupon Code: W1

    Pretty clear cut, RIGHT???

    WRONG!!! You click on the selection and the TORTURE you with other selections that add up to FEWER items for MORE MONEY!!! I finally got tired or this game and called the store. The guys said "They don't HAVE that one anymore, you're out of luck!" He would NOT do ANYTHING to compensate me for all my time and trouble or even offer to do that deal JUST THIS TIME. NOTHING!!!

    You would think a company this big would at LEAST be able to manage ONE website, wouldn't you? How HARD could it BE???

    A reputable place would honor their OWN WEBSITE. BIG difference between 20 for $9.99 and 16 for $13. something. They have other similar "specials" that don't exist in reality according to the store. ANYTHING that meantions 10 pieces of wings with it is IMPOSSIBLE to get - they have a LARGE pizza with up to 3 toppings or Specialty with 10 wings for $16.99 - MORE BOGUS ADVERTISING!!!

    I am a VERY unhappy customer right now!!!

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  • Bi
    BigTexDallas Sep 17, 2010

    Same here. They advertise "$10 for any size pizza, any number of toppings, etc." but when you order extra chz, they hardly add any extra and charge an extra $2 per pizza. Add this into the $2.50 they now charge for delivery (up from 50 cents 2 years ago and FREE before that), they are now charging for everything they possibly can! Our delivery guy would give my wife any of the peppers condiments because he told her that as a doctor in Russia, he knows first hand that the red pepper they offer causes stomach cancer! Even when pressed, he would not comply. We have received the WRONG pizza numerous times and while they offered to make a new pizza and deliver a new one, they ASKED for the wrong pizza back!!! Has Pizza Hut gotten this hard-up for business???? This is sad. They used to be America's favorite pizza. Now they are America's most over-priced average pizza! The so-called coupons they offer are available even without a coupon and is nothing more than trickery to suckering people into thinking they are getting a bargain. Ridiculous pricing for a mediocre product. DiGiorno Pizza is far better and I can buy those for $6 a pc at the store.

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  • Mi
    MisterDolo Nov 17, 2010

    I do have to say that you a tad bit [censor]ed. I worked for Pizza Hut years ago when I was still in High School. Any food chain has the right to not take on a promotion. You see it all over. "Promotion only at select locations" and I can say that tv ad had exactly that in small print at the bottom of the screen. Open your fat eye lids.

    Secondly the 2 dollars delivery fee is NOT for the drivers. It goes towards the company insurance policy for the drivers. And the fee has been in place for a long time. Quit b!tching fatty and get some slim fast.

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bad service and quality of pizza

I have ordered veggie pizza at 2:08 pm on 11/15/2009 and it was suppose to be delivered at 2:38 pm. I called the restaurant at 3:10 pm for the pizza and lady was rude and didn't respond properly. Pizza arrived at 3:35 pm at home and no much veggie topping (hard to find the toppings) and was cold. I was disappointed. Their delivery charges (2.50$) are also pretty high than the tampa pizza hut restaurants (delivery charge: 1.50$). Pizza was like eating bread with some sauce. I was great fan of pizza hut. It's no more the same pizza hut. This is not the first time it has happened to me. But I was not the kind of person who complains in first incident itself. Pizza price has become expensive with poor quality and service


  • Am
    amanda lynn Jan 11, 2010

    I worked at a Pizza Hut, here in Indiana. Our service i have to addmit it was terrible, we have lost too many customers, customers not being waited on for over an hour maybe little less or little more than an hour. The food was incredible. So i can see what Pizza Hut is, when i had my first job. Customers leaving because the restaurant wasn't clean and nowhere to sit, tables messy, where the servers didn't come out and clean the tables.

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  • Ke
    Keeta Mar 03, 2010

    March 3, 2010, Wednesday.My sister, Ms. Escoe ordered 1 large pizza this afternoon at 1:00pm. It was so BADDD!!! it looked like an hard cardboard, it been sitting out 4 like an hour under a warmer!! it was stail, no flavor!!! i would never tell nobody to visit yal at all because yal sucks!! papa john pizza is BETTER!! I WILL NEVER VISIT YAL RETAURANT AGAIN!!! My name is Marquita B. This is really SAD hate to say but it is. She wasted her money. GOODBYE!!

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I called Pizza Hut tonight to order the special they advertise on TV as Any Pizza, Any crust, any size, any topping just $10.00.

When I was placing my order I asked for stuffed crust which I was told it was $1.00 more. Then I was told I was only allowed to have 3 toppings on the pizza and if I wanted more they would cost $1.99 more per each topping. And they only had medium pizzas. Some deal! I know where I won't be spending my money any longer. I think if they were charged with false advertising this crap would stop.

  • Bo
    bobtheman Nov 14, 2009

    The ad probably said "At participating locations". The location you called probably wasn't participating.

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  • Mi
    MisterDolo Nov 17, 2010

    Sounds like you're a hefty one. Logically Pizza Hut cant be giving you more than three toppings as it cuts into profits. DUH. And they charged you the extra buck for stuffed crust for the cheese used. Do your research cheese costs are kicking the pizza industry in the bawls right now.

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employee discrimination

To whom it may concern!!

I am writing to you and I am writing to in confidence that something will be done about this issue!! On the behalf of me and a majority of the employees at the thompson store!!! As employees at the pizza hut company feel that there are issues with the store and with jorge!! First thing is jorge we fill that jorge is very rude and abnoxious and crude with no sense of professionalism what so ever!! He is always come to work with an attitude problem walk around on a power trip, he always rude to his employees and uses foul language like shut the ### up, and I dont give a dam, or who cares I dont, or what the ### is your problem, or even in intends to degrade certian employees in the store who are afraid to speak up cause there afraid to get hours cut, or suspended by george cause tll this day he still intends and countinue to do underhanded things in and around in the store!!! We also have another issue we dnt want to discriminate against our team members but there are some employees that dnt speak english who cant answer the phone when customers are calling to place orders over the phone especially during the busiest hours of the work day, cause when we are overwelmed with work it is fustraiting to others!!! Also there are a few crew memebers who choose not to do there work and if they do they do them halfway, when there are people who are there and do there work and deserve the credit for there job well done, and still there are others like a few of the drivers who are taking things and george was told numerous times about different incidents of the nature and he ingnores or try to turn the whole conversation around, blame the delivery drivers when its really one of the drivers there cause hes been there for quiet sometime, and george wont hear of it, and as far as the food costs go jorge has disciplined employees for not using the measuring cups or what not and he himself doesnt use them along with other employees as well, so if hes gonna discipline them for that purpose, and he complains about the dough missing at times but he refuses to aknowlage that at time when he proofs the dough he over cooks it along with pan, hand tossed, breadsticks, personnel pans and he just leaves them there, cause its not the first time an incident like this has happend one incident happend and he wasted 12 pizza dough and that is very unperfessional of him as a gm, especially if he at times sits in the dining room talking about things not realted to work that are rude disgusting unperfessional, sexual and nothing having to do with work...

It is obvious that george is stressed and over worked and overwelmed with his work, and at time missariable at the place of his job, his attitude, his anger, his doings and professionalism says it all, there are people there who deserve to move up and who are team players in this resturaunt who are willing to save the store and work as a team to make things at the thompson store a better work enviorment for all the employees at the thopson store, who wanna work and who are willing to put there 120% in and make things right at the store, instead of walking around and doing nothing most of the time, getting into things there not supposed to or in that fact snooping, or intimadating other employees cause they are trying to help others well they laugh in others faces or copp an attitude and george is aware of it and still intends to do nothing about, as he sits there and laughs about it and says dont worry about it, just like everything else.

We try to make things work at the store we always give it our all and try to work as a team, and theres a few gentlmen there that are pizza hut material and desreve to move up in the compan and will make the comapny grow, and willing to do the work in the store, not cause there moving outta there parents house, or cuse they do favors, or they kiss up to george in that fact, were all not perfect and we dont walk on water but these things need to be looked into and some of us are affraid to speak up cause jorge might cut our hours or give us a few days of work or tell us cause we are having shortages on the food or were slow and I can understand that, and about the overtime, but if thats true how come he can stay 2 hours over and catch up on his work or sit there and talk about nonsense, or let different people clock in early when he's to lazy to do the work himself or he will finish what hes doing and that s if he does it right he just walks out leaving a few times without doing prep even or on a busy work day, or when theres nothing to do he will order food and sit in the dining area and eat and carry on, and jorge has a loud voice and it carries to where we can hear him in the back, also he came in sick yesterday, sneezing, coughing, hacking, going back and fourth touching and preping food when hes sick like that, that very unperfessional and just out in out sick, hhe runs the chance of getting others sick and the customers, and he was told to go home and didnt listen till 7 something he left with an attitude throwing stuff and pacing back in fourth in the store, how professional is that, when he can sit in the back and watch the camereras looking at the employees work or he will sit in the dining area and watching everybody in the kitchen work, if he had time to do that, or watch the cameras he would see the real problems in the store, and agian he refuses to see that...

All we want is for something to be done about this matter, I feel strongly if we all put our heads together as a team we can work in this store and make thing better, rather than agaisnt each other we all need our jobs and we all have famalies, especially in this daring economy we are in, we sincerely hope that this matter is taken care of and not over looked, we will reach or write higher levels of corprate to slove this issue in the store, things like this matter dont have to go on for evrybodys benefit!!! And im pretty sure fabio is aware of it, who know what jorge is up to but again we appriciate your time and looking foward to giving you some positive feed back in this matter!!!

Yours truely!!

The employees at pizza hut store!!

  • An
    andy12345 Nov 19, 2009

    ^ what he said.

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  • Ma
    maher aqel Jun 03, 2016

    i was trying to complain about what was happened to my order because the delivery service did that deliver my order completely. i tried to called up the customer service and i chose arabic language no one intended to pick up my call, it was a poor service because they hold my line for more than half an hour, so what i did i phoned up again and choose the english option and unfortunately in a single minute they attended to my call. this shows that there's a big discrimination between arabs and english people which will affect your bad feedback against your company. in connection with this complaint i am expecting for your immediate action.

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  • Anon Jun 03, 2016

    It wasn't discrimination. There probably wasn't someone who could accept the call in an Arabic language because of language limitations. As I'm sure you know, the most commonly spoken language in the US is English, and Pizza Hut is a US based company. So, it's more likely to find someone who speaks English than anything else. There is nothing discriminatory or racist about this, as a language can't be racist. No matter what language you use, you can let Pizza Hut know that something bad happened. Seeing as you wrote this, you were in no way hampered by their inability to find an Arabic language speaker on that first call. This is like me calling Pizza Hut and complaining that they didn't have a Russian option.

    Stop nitpicking.

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the worst store ever!

I was employeed by pizza hut for 5 years. Recently I was fired because another employee told my current...

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false advertising

40 minutes after I placed the order (8 minutes til my order was supposed to be delivered) I had a missed...

hot pizza cheese and sauce burnt my face

On October 28 around 1230 pm went to pizzahut their lunch buffet I got a couple slices of pizza and while i...

service double standard

Pada 27.10.09 (Selasa), lebih kurang pukul 1.30 ptg, saya dan anak2 pergi ke pizza hut kangar perlis utk...

manager, trevor english

My mom and I walked into Pizza Hut and proceeded to find a place to sit. The Manager, Trevor English, immediately stopped us and said someone would seat us. We said ok no problem. We thought we were to seat ourselves. Since we were on our lunch break and after waiting about 15 minutes, we decided to help ourselves to the buffet in hopes someone would be available to seat us by the time we fixed our plates. Well, we got finish fixing our plates and still no one offered to seat us although there were several empty tables available. We went to the counter and asked for silverware and the manager came our furious. "You don't have silverware because you went on your own instead of waiting" he said. We tried to explain to him that we were on our lunch and were simply saving time but understood we still had to be seated. He would not let us get a word in and started rudely expressing that everyone else was on their lunch too. He even walked away and refused to talk to us anymore. He got ballistic over nothing really. Said something about they have to keep count. We asked one of workers who he was and she said the manager. We could not believe a manager would act that way towards customers, especially over something so small. We sincerely no longer wanted to eat there and were especially worried when Trevor agrily went to the kitchen thinkin he might be preparing our food. Since we were to also bring food back for others which included 2 large pizzas, we went ahead and stayed. When we went to the register to pay, Trevor finished checking out the people in front of us but walked away refusing to ring us up so another employee had to.

food poisioning

They turn off their freezers off at night to save electricity. If they remember they will turn them back on in the morning. They don't care if a person has a allergy to something in a pizza. I told a employee that I was allergic to dill and lettuce and not let it turn any of my pizza . I found lettuce in a pizza as well as dill. I became ill in the store and a employee that knew me said I was making it up. There is employees there that are hookers and try to black mail married men that go into that pizza hut.They also harrass people when you go in there coming to your table to see why the men have not spoke to certain woman that work there. My husband abd I go there to have a meal together and don't need woman coming to the table to see why he will not have anything to do with this one gal. She told him she only wants to go with married men.

  • Tc
    tcounty Feb 27, 2010

    since being under new management as of june 2007, laurie pizza hut has posted nothing less than an eighty five on p h inspections. this includes zero food criticals. ( a food critical is any sort of thing that may result in immediate closing of the building) also, the regular health inspector visits regularly. The lowest score they have had in this tenure is a ninety eight, including three perfect scores in a row. They have also been told that they have the cleanest pizza hut that the inspector has ever seen. Further more, the products of lettuce and dill are used only on taco pizzas and samwiches. so, since the pickles dont even go on the samwiches not sure how dill was in the food. and as for the lettuce, if you had a taco pizza or a samwich how did you not notice that there was lettuce on it? there are also only three waitresses that cover the floor. they are all sweet ladies and they along with thier families woulod appreciate it if these allogations were just stopped. further more, if there was any truth to these silly slanders there are proper steps to take as opposed to blogging on the internet. if you believe some one is a prostitute you should file a police report about it. if you have suffered food poisining at a resteraunt then you should maybe consider a law suit if proper compensation was not presented by manager. i'm sorry that you have had a bad experience at this particular pizza hut, because i feel strongly that it is the pizza place if not resteraunt on this side of the lake. in closing, i hope that a little bit of facts might clear the way to more sensibe thinking about the situation. these allogations are very serious and not appreciated. thank you for your time

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  • Mi
    MisterDolo Nov 17, 2010

    Like we care if they are hookers! I say more power to them! LOL People with such allergies shouldnt eat out, you are taking your life into your own hands.

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this is not a complaint!!

This is not a complaint!!! I just want to say winterset pizza hut is the greaterst pizza hut I 've been to! And there pizza wow!!! Very good! The pizza is wounerful and the waittresses are very kind. I told one of the waittreses that there bath rooms are the cleanest in town. Not kinding!! The place is clean and the employees are the nicest people. The manager has done a very good job of training them! Everybody needs to go to winterset pizza hut just once because they will keep going back. I live in leon iowa thats about 2 hours from winterset and I try to go every wed. I took my family there over coverd bridge weekend and they wear raving about it. I called and talked to a waittress janel and asked her if there was a reward for the good employees she said no that the owner doesent do anything like that. He needs to!!! I asked for the managers name 'sara ' ijust got to say very good job!! Thank you!! It been a long time sence I found a good place to eat... Kattie and family..

rude and horrible customer service

I have been going to this place for many years, about 2 weeks ago I placed an order on the phone and went to pick up after 20 minutes. I was told that they had no record of my order. I know someone was lying as when I was on the phone we had a conversation over what coupon to use etc. Etc. On top of that the manager was so rude, instead of apologizing he was very cocky and said "do you want me to make pizza or not???

I am never going back again
They have lost a rewgular customer

  • An
    andy. andy Mar 18, 2010

    worst customer service ever, ordered a pizza at night, got confirmation email, would receive pizza at 8:52pm, never received it, left an email message no reply back. called in the morning and the call went to international customer service, guy could hardly spoke any english, told me that they will call back or will write back--- still waiting (had to cancel my transaction with the store but no apologies from anyone) ----- absolutely ridiculous
    will never get a pizza from them

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unfair employees treatment

Went today to pick up my paycheck that I desperatly needed and I, along with 2 other employees were denied our checks because the manager was too busy. We were told to come back after the buffet rush. The only problem is that there was only one customer in the entire store and a fresh, fully stocked buffet. A 30 second process was completly turned down due to power tripping managment. Classic.

  • Lu
    LUECK Mar 20, 2010

    Pizza Hut
    Anderson, SC

    Encourages it's teen aged workers to stay later than the law allows, and does this by telling them to "clock out" so that their clean-up time is not subject to the minimum tax amount that they would be required to pay by counting their tip money. My daughter who is a high school student, has been working there. Because the idiots who manage this restaurant can't keep help, they have turned her 20 hr a week part time job into a 40 hour a week job, half of which they don't pay for. She works from 4 to 11 just about every evening then they had the nerve to bring her back in on Saturday or Sunday, from 10 oclock in the morning to closing (usually after 1 pm)

    After suffering from exhaustion she was out of work for 4 days with a doctors excuse, they fired her! I know their actions about having the help work "off the clock" has to be illegal--- how do we hold them accountable? I am SO glad that she is out of there!

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  • Ti
    TIMAAY! Feb 13, 2011

    My son is being treated the same way. Tried contacting corporate, but they stated that it was a franchise and that there is nothing they could do about it.

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My name is dana gonzales I was employed at pizza hut for a year and a half. I recently left on maternity...

not happy 2 visit the shop

hi my name is james.

on 5/10/2009 around 10.45pm i was went to the kota damansara pizza hut with my 2 we are 3 person only but we want order 4 person set meals. so we call ur one of the staff to take order ;it's was attend by one malay guy not sure the name.we order with him set meal 4.this set was include with 4 soups, 2 regula pizza, 4 bread stickn one jug the guy take order was say that no soup.i ask him this set was include with soup rite;n he answer me yes sir but soup was finish ready, so u can u order some other meals sir. i ask the guy if no soup just can u replace with the garlic bread.n he went to asking his manager.after he coming back he answer me, we can't replace sir n can't order the set.i very anger went the guy say can't order the set.this pizza shop is 24 hours shop n how come the soup was finish very fast. how come the manager can teach the staff to tell like that to the customer.i ask the guy to call ur manager, he went call manager but she don't want come n attend me.the manager is malay lady can recarganice from the uniform. .he tell to the staff she will replace with bread stick only.but i asking i don't want bread stick.because cost for bread stick is rm 2.10 only.but soup cost ic rm 3.5o.if u in my side would u pay extra money for less won??.same also i ask the guy n ask him to replace with garlic bread.he say can't sir.i tell to him asking ur manager.he went to asking on more time n anwer mewe can't say can replace u bread stick or can't order the ste meals.i asking him call ur manager to answer me .he went call the manager but the manager don't want to come n never giving me any answer until 10minit.i very unhappy 2 visit this shop because of this manager atitude.n went out with my friend n go next shop kfc n service was provide very very excellent n good customer services.i wont go n more this pizza hut shop because of this manager atitude.plz train her before give her manager posting.let her train very well.i thing she was scared to antted customer.but in theys i very happy with the guy come atted me n one malay gilr she name is zasi or zasa i not sure.the both very customer skills n better give them the manager post then the manager now.

if u want asking more detail. just call me [protected].james

  • Hm
    hmmmmmm Oct 09, 2009

    for your info Mr.James, i'm very sure it's not the staffs fault only because they're not the one who set the rules...but it's because they were asked to give such an option to you...i would say it's neutral...mistakes from both side...

    you as a customer and they as the staff and manager of the particular pizza hut branch...all I could say is "put yourself into their shoes"...then you'll know how the system we are aware that every organizations have their own system whereby the staffs will have to obey...

    for example, if you are the manager of the company and a customer is dissatisfied with his/her order and he/she ask for something that is same price or more, but your management doesn't allow to do so, how will you face this situation? Will u break the rules of the management and just give whatever the customer ask for or will you tell the customer that he/she can't exchange with what he/she ask for????? And if you're the boss/owner of the company, will u let your staffs to break the rules or do something which may not bring profit for your company??

    Next, the staffs...the only mistakes that the staffs may have done is being "impolite"...maybe they especially the manager was quite harsh to you (i'm not sure about that)...but if she was, then my advice to her is to be patient when meeting problematic customers...

    So, Ms.Manager...if you're reading this comment, my message to you is "be patient in handling customers"...the most important practice in Customer Service line...

    WELL...CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!! (Famous slogan)

    Back to you Mr.James, I hope you are clear enough with my statement here...In short, Boss says to staffs "DON'T" while customers say "DO" or the other way round...the staffs are actually the runner or middle person who don't have the right to make all decisions...So, it's not the staffs that you should blame but the system of the management itself...

    Last but not least...BE COOL MR.JAMES

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debit/credit card transaction

I purchased a carryout order for $14.87 and paid with my debit card. When the transaction came through it wa...


hi, saya hashima hashim... im a teacher. 09.09.09 around 10.15pm i went to pizza hut limbong kapal with my family. we get a good greating from a guy. then he bring us to sit and menu. my complaint is about 1 of ur staff that came and took the order from me. if not my mistaken her name is LIZA. SHE LOOK SHORT AND NOT WEARING TUDUNG. she nt gv us a simple smile, bt when time she took order she was busy with her phone. the pizza hut was not buzy. her service are very bad. after that one of ur came and send us drink. after half and hour we order, we just get the drinks only. actually we must have 2 soup, 2pepsi, 1 g/bread. but why we dnt get until wait so long. what wrong with ur pizza hut? we ha seated at D1. on that night the manager on duty is MR.AZUANDY. but the manager playing and talking with the girl name of liza.. my husband was tention. then lastly a indian was came to our table and she follow up. then after few mints we get the soup, g/bread and pizza.HEY COME ON WHAT HEEL GOING ON???I HATE UR MANAGEMENT. pls lah try to give us a good service... we have give u service charge because we need a good services... not bleddyservice like this. try to make improve. tq.

not delivering

They are the most worst guy in the indian industry as they are not able to define what they are meant to, last day i order for pizza and the manager says that they dont know about the location where i am calling from if they recruit the people like them then i am sure they gonna succed in the ### market as they have no place to go elsewhere they are ### and they remain the ###...piss on you PIZZA HUT...lick my dick yo...

  • Bu
    buddrick fizzlemeister Sep 10, 2009

    WTF? You are completely ###ed ###. First you can't speak worth a damn. Second of all what is your complaint? That they didn't know where you are calling from? Wow, please cancel your internet connection and have yourself castrated so you cannot pollute the world with your offspring.

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  • Kn
    knreeves Sep 27, 2009

    I have to agree with buddrick fizzlemeister... You are a ###.

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hosting a scam site, shopper discounts and complete savings

I went to Pizza Hut website to order Pizza and somewhere in the process I got a popup and thought I had said NO.. but I guess no is yes. I received 2 charges on my credit card.. Shopper Discount and Complete Savings (both from the same company). When I saw the bogus charges come up on my bank account I called the number given at this site [protected] and demanded them to reverse both charges. If you get nailed.. be sure to tell the you want BOTH cancelled and a refund. They tried to tell me they would cancel my "membership" but I could do whatever for the next month. So not gonna happen. I made sure I told them I want my money back immediately and made sure it was for both. I then called my bank to let them know what had transpired. AND GUESS WHAT!!! I was told by my bank that Papa John's does the same thing. BEWARE of ordering pizza online.

hosting a scam site, shopper discounts and complete savings

  • Ma
    Maryo Aug 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi JAS251948

    I just read your post and want to give you an official response on behalf of our company. It’s important to me that your concerns are addressed and that your issue is resolved. If you have questions or feedback, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-889-8776. Alternatively, you can contact me directly at [email protected] If you contact me directly, please reference this post.

    Consumer Affairs

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service charge means full service.

To pizza hut (Outlet in sitiawan, perak)

I paid the service charge with the expectation that i'd be served from the moment I sat down until I walked out of the place. And I strongly believe that the service charge includes packing the left-over of your customer's meal when your customer requested so. That means, when your customer said, "could you please pack the left-over for me?", what your employee should do is go to the table and pack the left-over for the customer. What your employee shouldn't do and should never do is ask your customer to pack it herself; because if I have to pack the left-over myself, then why on earth did I pay the service charge??? Service charge means full service. Please take note of this and never let such thing happen again. You used to have such a good reputation when it comes to customers' service, but over the years, your reputation had gone down the drain. So if you prefer your reputation to remain down there (In the drain), I would suggest, close your business. By the way, I believe your employees need to learn how to smile.

  • Cu
    Customernotalwaysright Aug 19, 2009

    Actually almost all restaurants do this now because apparantly there are too many complaints about waiters/waitresses putting leftovers in the wrong way (too sloppily/mixed together/ not enough room) and so they make the customer do it so they can do it the way they want themselves so there are no more complaints. But of course not everyone can always be satifisfied, haha. Oh well, i prefer doing it myself anyways!!

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