Pick n Payrotten product and horrendous service from the manager gerrit and customer service agent

Yesterday Sunday my husband needed Fish so we sent my brother to go get it from PnP Canal Walk since last time we bought it there and it was fresh from the ice and the lady who helped us even cleaned it for us. Unfortunately yesterday they had a rotten product on the shelf. The moment my brother got home we asked him what is it that is smelling so bad and we checked in the grocery bag it was the fish. It was so off and not even cold enough not sure if the fridge wasn't working or its just a fresh product that was not stored at the right temp. Immediately we drove back to Canal Walk not on basis of the money we had spent but the audacity of PnP Canal Walk to release such bad fish, To top it all if we had prepped it like that it would have turned to be terrible food poisoning for the entire family. What is absurd is the fact that when we got to Canal Walk the lady at the Customer Service desk did not even apologize after we reported this, her first question was do you want new fish or your money back ???? With shock i asked her is this all you are going to say and she responded "oohh do you want to speak to the manager" Then my husband responded yes please. The lady by the name Hendrick T Hendricks called the manager Gerrit who came and did not even look at us, did not greet and did not even apologize and he only had the conversation with the lady at the Customer Service desk asking her if the customer wants a refund or new fish. My husband then responded and said we want new fish obviously and we followed Gerrit to the fish Kiosk. When we got there Gerrit uttered we do not know what you guys did with the fish you might have kept it in your car for an hour and now you coming back with it. Woooooow we do not have fuel, time and parking money to waste just to enjoy rides to the mall for the fun of it. He was defensive and blamed us for a rotten product. The purchase was done at 18:01 PnP Canal Walk my brother coming back home and us going back to the mall and a refund was processed at 19:11 not sure if well kept fish would get off in an hour and worse off, it wasn't even a hot day. We could have gone to any other store, but to drive and go to that specific PnP its loyalty and trusting the product. Why would PnP have a person on the customer service desk who has zero skills of Customer Service like an apology is the cheapest thing you can give to an already fueled up customer and show the interest to assist and sympathize.
Extremely disappointed at Gerrit as the manager he would have known better on how to handle an unhappy client but he had no interest or sympathy, his service was horrendous especially from a person of his title and stature. Due to his lack of assistance honestly my husband lost it and Gerrit walked away with no apology. The lady at the fish Kiosk was the only one who apologized and mentioned that the fish wasn't on ice it was taken from the fridge. Please PnP train the team that is client facing basic customer service skills. Eye contact, listen, apologize and resolve than to be defensive and walk away especially after we waste our time to drive back, our fuel and even parking money.

Oct 07, 2019

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