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Good day, yesterday (16 January 2020) me and my colleague we bought Mohodi(meat) for lunch as we normal buy our food there. we didnt have anything before our lunch and after. Both of us, we didnt slap because of running stomach. This mornig on the 17 January 2020 we went to the shop to complaint. But what worries us its that they dont seems to care. They're are saying the ingredients they use everyday are the same. Like now we have to go to the doctor poping out our own money. I feel like they dont care at all that we are in pain and throughout the night we didnt sleep. And this make me to wonder, are they're kitchen clean, do they understand that the food they prepare is for the people? Or we need to complain health inspectors or what? cause if they prepare food with love, they too where supposed to be sick also. Cause they should have eaten the very same food as us. Yes to them it may look as its nothing that we didnt sleep, maybe that's why they dont put they selves in our shoes. And please do something about, or come down to check the quality and cleaners of this shop. Contact me at Faith [protected].


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    pasca Feb 26, 2020

    could you plis help us as regular customers at PnP CAMPSBAY because we cant do without P nP RETAIL SHOP.The food that they sell at deli is not HALAAL, yes i understand but now the service and the responses from the shop manager is not proffessional to customersas they are using same spoon on dishing pork, chicken, hot chips and other veges yet some are allergetic to some food staff like pork.How can this be solved and how can we get hte proper and huminity and better services to regular customers at PnP Campsbay plis

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