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Good day to the manager,

My wife on Sept 12 for 1120 am flight to Los Angeles (only a layover) but flight to Vancouver with an end destination to Edmonton was not allowed to board by the Philippines airline front desk reception and the supervisor yesterday. My wife is a permanent resident of Canada with a valid US visa in her old passport which was left at home(we have been going to the US a plenty of times) but since we went home to the Philippines for emergency reason my wife and I accidentally left the US visa in the older passport). The lady at the front desk called the immigration on a cellphone very quick and refused for us to talk to the officer ourselves as we asked her a few times, and just said "no she's not allowed to board" (I want this worker's name by the way because she shouldn't be at the front desk, very aggressive and ignorant). The supervisor came out and all he asked us to do is buy another ticket that won't pass the USA, with our baby with us it was a very tough situation. My baby had to go with my wife on a separate whole new flight, so we had to purchase a full ticket for both of them to fly back to Canada. This was very hard for my wife taking care of all the luggage with a baby with her in a short amount of time.
Luckily I had a chance and talked to immigration officer in Los Angeles when we got there and the immigration officer advised us that what happened there wasn't right. We should have been given the chance to talk to the immigration officers ourselves because my wife would have records on their computer and they would have been able to figure something out so I could have still went on the same flight. But how we were treated was not right and we have the right to take it to legal action.
Also, your men who are all chatting in tagalog (at least 6 of them) during this struggle were all laughing around and told us they had to open all our boxes while winking at each other before we even got our tickets for the flight. It seems like this was all fun for your employees. We don't tolerate these types of attitudes especially for someone like us who have been customers of PAL. We would like to speak to the manager or high ranking officer of PAL before we take this to a legal action. Your employees are a bunch of unprofessionals and shouldn't be tolerated. How come they are representing Philippines Airlines which is supposed to be the heart of the Filipinos right? We were treated today with no heart!

Sep 14, 2019
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  •   Sep 27, 2019

    There are no e-tickets / boardngs pass /passport attached, hereby.
    Such complaint within the sircumstances related to the valid passport (citizenship) is a useless talk.
    In addition, nobody can investigate a matter, if the complainant is unable to define the purpose
    (what do you need finally).

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