Philippine Airlinesineffective ticketing personnels


I am writing with great hopes that you take immediate action with the incident that happened this morning. My family had been patronizing philippine airlines for so long now, especially with our flights to the usa. We had been very happy with your company's services until this morning. And I can't tell you how embarrassed and disappointed I am with the incident. I arranged a flight for my german friends to coron, names marco and melanie sauer. I specifically told them to buy tickets from pal because of the quality of services pal has given us. So I bought tickets last saturday (Smx) and even if half of the trip wasn't covered in the promo period, I bought the tickets for them (Mla-coron-coron-mla-mla-cebu-tagbilaran-mla). I asked about the extra 20 kg luggage and they told me to pay in any ticketing office for the extra luggage before their flight so it will only be 350.00php for each bag (20kg). So on jul 10 (A day before the flight), my brother went to the ticketing office (Ayala alabang-petron) and paid for the extra 20 kg luggage but the lady said my brother could only pay for the mla-cebu and tagbilaran-cebu because they do not have a tag for coron (??!!) and that the passengers may just go to the airport. She said the fee in the airport will only be about 700.00 php (But they paid 3, 700.00php!!!). So earlier (Jul 14) in the airport while checking in for coron they were charged with php3, 700.00. My friends were so confused and already frustrated with the 3, 700.00 fee in the pal check-in counter. The pal check-in personnel (Ground stewardess) kept on insisting to me that they had to pay that much. So they paid that amount because it seemed like there was nothing more to do. If we had known we had to be in the airport 4 hrs before the flight (Because that was what the airport pal personnel told them) to avoid these fees then we would have done it. But we weren't told about it earlier!). I even asked your employees from smx and ayala alabang twice and they gave me different instructions. When we called the main office (Jul 14), they told us that the ticketing office in which we paid for the extra luggage (Ayala-alabang-petron) should have let us pay for the coron flight, that it shouldn't be that expensive and we should go back to that ticketing office to pay for the coron-mla additional luggages. So why wasn't it allowed?! So we went back this morning (Jul 15) to the ayala alabang pal ticketing office ang again they said prepaid check-in is not allowed. This is all so confusing!

We never had problems with these things before in our domestic and international flights with pal. I don't understand why this is happening now. Such a waste of time and money! I want to bring this to your attention and would await your response. It is so unfair to be paying for such an amount because of a mistake in your employees' part. It is so humiliating to my german friends to be caught in that situation with the most esteemed airline in the philippines, the flag carrier, and the worst part is, it wasn't their fault. They will go back to manila on the 14th and I refuse to believe they will need to pay the same amount. I am demanding for a refund of the overpriced luggages they paid for or if you have a better idea on how to account for your own employee's ineffectiveness in doing their job, then we want to hear that as soon as possible. I hope that the philippine airlines would recognize the respect that we had for the company, take immediate action and inform us on what you can do.

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