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CB Retail Stores PG Glass Poor management and no accountability
PG Glass

PG Glass review: Poor management and no accountability

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On Friday 10th November I arrived at PG Glass in Centurion at Heuwel road at 14:30 as I had an appointment for fitment at 15:00. I was asked to arrive early to get the admin out of the way.

While checking for my claim I was told by the lady that they put the order for my windscreen but it did not reach their head office (or something like that), what they can see is the order is through on their side but did not reach wherever it had to reach because of a system error.

I told them that I knocked off early to come for my appointment now I get there and there's no windscreen. I asked them to send me something to prove that they will do the fitment from Monday the following week (13th November 2023) as they said they had now sent the order and it will arrive on Monday. I told them that I will not come back as they had already wasted my time they need to come and fit it at my workplace and this was agreed upon. Come Tuesday(14th November 2023) I sent an email asking for feedback because they were quiet (I can send you the emails) where I got a response saying they do not have vehicles to come to me as promised, I must come to the shop. Now they are going back on their word, clearly they told me they will come and assist me at my workplace just to get me out of their hair.

I told them that I can't do that as already I knocked off early the other Friday to come to the appointment. Fast forward I call Thursday (16th November 2023) to make an appointment for today, Friday (17 November 2023) at 14:30, whereby I knocked off early again. Meaning I am losing hours from work.

I got here at 14:30 and I was told that they used my glass on another client, they will go fetch it at Pretoria CBD. The manager (John) or who introduced himself as the manager the other Friday arrived with his boss (FYI both managers left the shop at the same time leaving the shop unattended, this is a huge sign of negligence and unprofessionalism and probably buddy buddy with subordinates, they came in holding plastics of stationary which shows they both went out to buy stationary) and started playing "hot potato", he started blaming one of the ladies saying they never gave him feedback all the time from the other Friday, and they didn't tell him my windscreen was used on another client which I saw as just rubbish. They only attended to my car at 15:20.

Now the real manager came and tried to cover up for John but he's excuse was still rubbish. I wasted so much time, they don't care at all about employees and I could see that my glass was just given away on purpose.

John is just one useless manager or Junior manager that just makes excuses and blames his employees for everything, he is not accountable for anything, he is just a sorry excuse of a manager. According to him he did nothing wrong and everything is everyone's fault.

When John was talking to me alone he lied about one of the ladies then his boss and the lady he is accusing came to join us, all of a sudden he changed his story and started insulting my intelligence by telling me I did not understand him properly.

Because I am used to businesses doing this, I recorded all our conversations that took place on 10th November 2023 in case any of them want to deny.

Ultimately John is one useless superior.

Claimed loss: Time lost from work, frustration for incompetency

Desired outcome: John must learn to be responsible

Nov 22, 2023 2:30 am EST
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18 Skeen Boulevard, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, 2007, ZA

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Nov 22, 2023 2:48 am EST


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