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I have a Peugeot 2008 II, 1.2 AT, purchased brand new in 2020, from a Peugeot dealer. In the first 15000 km I have had the following issues:

1. Climate Control died completely during winter. Fan not working, no air coming out of the vents, completely silent.

2. One lid from the right side, at the end of the wipers’ grill flew away from the car in one of the first days, when driving on the motorway. Another lid from the rear bumper was getting opened all the time when driving or when washing the car (not falling off though because it has a small tail inside that keeps it attached to the bumper). I had to buy both lids and replace them.

3. At aprox. 9000 km the steering wheel started to make a cracking/clicking noise at every turn (this is the only defect which has been repaired so far).

4. Air conditioner not working. It was blowing hot air and a white powder was being blown inside the cockpit. The white powder turned out to be the insulation. The dealership said they have repaired it, but they didn’t – see point 6 below. After this repair the car started to make a squeaking noise when turning left. The noise came from the right side and resulted from the improper mounting of the dashboard after the AC repair. Another dealership mounted the dashboard correctly later on.

5. There is a ticking/clicking noise coming from the dashboard during cold weather only. It can be heard when driving or when the car is standing with the engine on. Dealerships were unable to identify the source of the problem.

6. Air conditioner broke again. This time blowing a bit of cold air but not enough to cool the cockpit. It also sprayed liquid through the air vents inside the cockpit.

7. There is a vibration that can be heard at exactly 2000 rpms. Every time when the engine reaches 2000 rpms it can be heard. Dealership provided multiple answers: first they said they cannot hear it, later they said they can hear it but it is normal, and later said it is a problem with the fuel pipes.

8. General assembly quality is awful (vents move/vibrate, headrests vibrate, something in the back of the car makes a noise when driving through pot holes, cruise control lever moves and vibrates when driving). The cruise control lever is assembled so badly that in a couple more years I’m afraid it will feel like a joystick.

9. The notification “Keep hands on steering wheel” appears all the time when the cruise control is on. Sometimes it disappears by itself, other times I have to move the steering wheel to get rid of it, but reappears after a couple seconds.

I have been in four Peugeot dealerships, two in Spain and two in Romania, and they are unable to repair the car, or even identify the source of most of the problems. The only one which was repaired is the steering wheel clicking noise, as mentioned above.

I have made three official complaints to Peugeot. One of them I have sent to Carlos Tavares and other high executives of Peugeot and the car is still unrepaired. This proves they don’t care about the customer, they are only interested to sell.

I hope this helps anyone who considers buying a Peugeot.

I will make a complaint to the local Bureau of Consumer Protection and also file a lawsuit.