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Complaints & Reviews

land rover car

Sir I got a mail from men named Phillips
He informed me that I win a land rover car and he is going to deliver me tomorrow but at first I have to pay a money of 12500 rs
On to his given account number
Sir I wanted to know if it is true or not can I get a solution for my message
I would be very thankful if I get reply to this message
My name is Nagarjuna

land rover car

it's true

Attn: lucky winner This is to inform you that you have won a prize money and car of four crore rupees for the year 2019 range rover motors mobile promo united kingdom. This was a...

claim that I have won 1,000,000 pounds

I received the following message:

Your mobile number just won 1, 000, 000 p0unds from land rover car company uk. to claim send name, mobile no, age, address, occupation to:[protected]

From +[protected]

The message seems very unlikely, specially having a outlook mail address, not [protected] uk. please see to this and confirm whether this is a scam or not. if it's a scam please take necessary actions as well.

My email: [protected]

Thank you.

S. silva

claim that I have won 1,000,000 pounds

regarding about won check price and 2019 suv car

30337 Sira today i came this massage i won check price and 2019 suv car in range rover company actually sir i want to confirm it is it true or not i kindly request from you sir please...

complaining about lottery winning promotion

I got an email as I had won a lottery by Land Rover and they send me e-mails telling that the parcel is in our country and they given me a track number.
Also I read all the complains made in above and I understand there is something fake thing behind this.
But they still send me e-mails telling that I need to pay for custom and release my parcel.
Checkout this thing and send me a e-mail to prasanna.[protected]

cheque of 4 crore rupees and 2019 range rover car prize

30337 I'm Usha... I got mail from Range Rover Car in UK company... They mail to me two days back I'm a lucky winner of cheque of 4Crore rupees and 2019 Range Rover Car... They mailed to...

land rover winning prize

I have paid 3lack 80 thousands INR but still they are demanding me money.Hence I requested to return my money but they are not return instead they are keep on asking me money.I urge you please help me to take back the money.They have given me different kind of account.His deplomate Philip Morris has called me.
Thank you so much!
MB no [protected]

unethical behaviour

Land rover motors worldwide®
Land rover programs & events department
Land rover motors
P.o. box 987
Office: abbey road, a whitley,
Coventry cv3 4lf
Attention: jayalakshmi
We are very sorry for the delay; it's due to the processing of your delivery. we wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being part of the winners that have been selected for the annual lottery promotions. prom felicitates with you and your family. this promotion was set-up to encourage our customers. wish was formally announce to you that you have successfully passed the requirements, statutory obligations, verification, validations and satisfactory report test conducted for all online winners.

Hence all has been set for the diplomat (mr. morris jay) to proceed with the delivery of your winning funds to your home address which you have provided to this office. our diplomat (mr. morris jay) will arrive india to deliver your winning cheque and 2018 land rover car to you and further proceed to malaysia to deliver other consignment after he must have handed over your won parcel containing a valid cheque of (four crore thirty-five lahks india rupees and land rover car}let it be known to you that all taxes has been paid by the land rover lottery promotion board here in united kingdom therefore, you will only be required to pay for the india custom tax clearing and registration charges which are 24, 800 inr only for the clearing of your cheque from the indian custom authority upon the arrival of the delivery officer to your country capital city (new delhi). to avoid any delay of carrying out his duty as stipulated, you are advised to make available the required amount of rs.24, 800 inr when he arrives to enable him to fulfill the normal indian customs clearing obligations at the international airport for your cheque and land rover car to be released and pass customs clearance without hesitation. you are advised to keep your winnings confidential until our diplomat arrives your doorstep for a maximum security of our diplomat. note: you are advised to contact this email: [protected] with a scanned copy of any form of identity card and ask him to send you the account number where you have to deposit rs, 24, 800 india rupees which are for india custom tax clearance/registration
Please note: that the india custom will demand the below list charges before delivery

Tax clearance fees: 10, 000 inr
Registration of package : 14, 800. inr

Total amount = 24, 800 inr
International courier services details
Name: mr. morris jay
Email: email: [protected]
departure date: 9/10/2018
arrival date: 10/10/2018
custom charges 24, 800/inr

After clearance, your parcel will be delivered to your given address with the enclosed bank draft, the diplomat will assist you to cash out the demand draft in any local bank where your account is been operated, register and deposit into your own given personal bank account. be informed that your prize delivery parcel is protected by a federal deposit corporation cover insurance policy (fdic), which makes it impossible that no deduction is allowed or any amount from your winning funds before remitting it to your personal account. this is in accordance with section 13 (1) (n) of the uk lottery gambling act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 1996 by the constitutional assembly directors of court bank of england.
As always, it is our full intent to provide you with dependable and quality service, and in keeping with this goal, we appreciate your understanding in waiting. if we may be of further assistance, please call us at any time...
Note: you are advised to contact this email: [protected] with a scanned copy of any form your identity card and ask him to send you the accou

unethical behaviour
unethical behaviour

Jaguar Land Rover White Plains, NY — auto purchase

Avoid. Briefly, the experience was horrible. The process was long. The worst internet sales ever. First ever where the customer is chasing the sales people. I sent credit card...

Land Rover Motors Worldwide — winning prize 3,65,00000

515888 Land rover motors worldwide® Land rover programs & events department Land rover motors P.O. Box 987 Office: abbey road, a whitley, Coventry cv3 4lf Attn b. Chandru vijay A...

winning amount not received

30337 Contact information: Land rover programs & events department land rover motors P. O. Box 987 office: abbey road, whitley, coventry cv3 4lf Whitley Phone: +[protected] Thi...

range rover sport hybrid autobiography dynamic

From: "rcjlra, c" To: yavuz kilic Cc: pils steven ; stieg johannes ; prochinigg karl ; hanschitz walter ; global customer relations Sent: wednesday, 24 august 2016, 16:48Subject...

winning amount

30337 This is mail: behalf of the screening committee of united kingdom land rover online Motors promotion, we wish to formally inform you that you have Successfully passed the...

Land Rover Range Rover Sport TDV8bad service

We totally disappointed in Land Rover South Africa overall. Here goes the story…..
We used to drive a Freelander 2 2009 I6 HSE and towing a Jurgens Exclusive Caravan (1.7 kg) without any problems or any errors continuously popping up. Unfortunately the Freelander was written off when a driver skipped a non working robot.
We then bought a used Range Rover 2008 Sport TDV8 that did not give as any problems/funny error messages within the first 6 weeks but then we hooked the Exclusive Caravan (middle October 2010). We travelled towards Sabie then the fun started. We got a low coolant message. At the first petrol stop we checked the coolant level. It seems as if the coolant blew out of the water reservoir cap and sprayed on the engine and the reservoir had foam in it. We then added coolant and drove up to Lydenburg when the Range Rover temperature gauge just jump to the red without any coolant warning or any other warning. This all happened on a Sunday afternoon. We called Land Rover SA road assist and the first they asked is it still under warranty. Yes it was (5 mnths left). So they arranged for a flat bed to take the RR to the nearest LR dealer in Nelspruit. They also arranged for a Bakkie to tow the Exclusive to our destination that was about 45 km ahead. We also got a rental vehicle waiting for us at the resort. That Monday they did all tests and said it is the coolant reservoir and replaced the unit. We got the RR back drove for about 60 km (without the Caravan)then the warning made its appearance again. We took her back to the dealer in Nelspruit. Then they did more checks. Now they need to replace the engine cause the error shows engine blown. So we got a Discovery 4 to take us home after the holiday and the RR remained at the dealer in Nelspruit for another 4 weeks. They awaited approval from Head Office. To our surprise they informed us that they only replaced the head gasket on the A and B Bank the RR will then be fixed. After repair the RR was driven back by a LR employee. All was okay and we did not tow again awaiting our annual leave. Then in August 2011 we got a Engine system fault and the RR goes into limp mode (20 km/h). Just imagine that on a highway in the fast lane in Gauteng South Africa driving at 120km/h and all of a sudden nothing and the cars behind you still driving the 120km/h. Our dealer in Midrand replaced the electrical actuator motor on the rear diff. Got the RR back, yes correct again we got the error. Then they replaced the Turbo on the A Bank with the associated turbo gaskets. We got RR back(8th August) and took the Caravan for a quick test drive on the 09th Aug before we set of on holiday starting 12 Aug 2011. All fine until we got the low coolant level message again!! Exactly the same as previously occurred. The coolant blew out again and made foam. We took RR back to our dealer in Midrand to check on the 10th Aug 2011 and they did some tests, and according to them it is just an air-bubble and RR should be fine to go on holiday. Yippy so off we go on the morning of the 12th Aug with RR and our Exclusive Caravan. Yeh once again about 120km's further we got the low coolant message. Stopped next to the road and exactly the same, low coolant all over the engine. We topped RR up, enter the nearest LR dealer in Witbank on the navigation. 600m before we got to them the heat gauge goes into the red without warning again and we came to a stand still. Called the dealer and asked for assistance. They sent a flatbed and a Discovery to take us to their dealership in Witbank. There we got stranded because the warranty expired and they can not give a courtesy vehicle or even just assist to towing us back to Midrand. We got an extended Maintenance plan that do not include a warranty. So basically to the short Land Rover SA customer loyalty / assistance in a crisis stops when the warranty ends. So we called SMH Land Rover rentals in Edenvale and they drove to Witbank with a Discovery so that we can take the exclusive back to Midrand. What a pleasure to deal with SMH staff in Edenvale, thanks. Now on Monday morning 15 Aug 2011 we called Land Rover SA as we have questions to ask. Why did they never replaced the engine while under warranty, did they only replaced the parts so that it takes us passed the warranty???? Then it would become the customers problem. Obviously no one can answer until the investigations is done. So we await and will know by lunch. NOTE: Even Land Rover SA customer care management can not assist with a courtesy vehicle so that we can finish our annual holiday seeing that they did not fix the problem while vehicle was still under warranty because if they replaced the engine as they should have we would have a trouble free holiday. We need to cancel the second part of our holiday and once again write off our deposit. It's after lunch now and Land Rover SA made a final decision to not give us a courtesy vehicle and due to the cold weather can not test and check the RR???strange yes we thought it is only the building industry that comes to a stand still during cold/wet days Oh and isn't LR a vehicle that was designed in the UK under cold whether conditions. Wonder how they manage to get a problem identified??? Maybe underfloor heating???


I bought a used Landrover L6 in 2007, very low kilometers and loved it. The warranty ran out in January 2010 and then in February, I was driving on the highway with my son and the car quit. It was minus 15 degrees out and we were stranded on the highway. It was very scary. I had the vehicle towed and was told it was the differential and it would be $4000 to fix it. We called land rover and asked if they would be willing to look at covering the car since the warranty had just run out. They said no and we sucked it up and paid the price. It is now November 2010 and once again, I was driving my son home from hockey on the highway and the car broke down. I managed to coast to an exit and called my husband to pick us up and then we had the car towed the next morning. Imagine our surprise to find out it was the differential again. I am livid with land rover since they refuse to do anything about this. I would recommend you think very hard before purchasing a land rover. They can tell you how great they are and how they last forever but I have spent $8000 in the last 9 months that says differently. Sandra

manufacturing defect

In January 2008, I purchased a 2003 Land Rover Discovery Series II HSE with 44K miles. When I purchased the vehicle the selling dealer had performed an inspection which noted the vehicle in great condition. I also received a CARFAX report noting the vehicle had a good history. In February 2008, I brought the vehicle to Land Rover dealer to have a full inspection of the vehicle. This was mainly for peace of mind on the condition of the used vehicle as determined by certified Land Rover mechanics.
The inspection report noted that vehicle was in great condition with no issues
needing to be addressed. BUT along with the evaluation paper work provided by the Land Rover dealer was a Land Rover Technical Alert. The Technical Alert stated the following;”

Discovery Series II (LT) 3A771801 – 3A808362
Oil pump failures on 2003 Discovery Series II vehicles may be the result of a
manufacturing error. Locating dowel pins may be slightly misaligned permitting
assembly of the oil pump to the engine block, but placing stress on the pump housing which can ultimately lead to leakage or failure.
Whenever an oil pump failure is encountered on vehicles within the above VIN range the only effective repair currently available is replacement of the complete engine assembly including the front cover/oil pump manufactured to the latest tolerances.

My Land Rover VIN number falls within the identified VIN number range of affected vehicles. I spoke to the dealer when he provided this Technical Alert. He stated that the vehicle oil pump was fine and that they would not address the issue if the vehicle was working properly.

Jump ahead to 2010.
While driving the vehicle on 26 March 2010, the oil light came and the engine
began to make rumbling sounds. I turned off the vehicle. Fearing the worst, I had the vehicle towed at a cost of $545 to my mechanic. My mechanic confirmed that the oil pump had failed. I spoke to the Land Rover dealer and to Land Rover of North America. Neither would cover the repair in spite of the Technical Alert published and provided by them on this condition. The estimated cost to repair the vehicle is $10, 000.

I believe that I am responsible for the ownership and reasonable risks associated with a used vehicle. BUT, the issue with my vehicle is not reasonable.
Land Rover made a manufacturing “error”, published it and then left the “error” to the consequence and expense of myself. If I had known about this Technical Alert at the time of purchase, I would have either had the issued covered under a warranty or perhaps not purchased the vehicle. These types of Technical Alerts are not disclosed to the public which left me at risk. The first I knew of the Technical Alert was after I purchased the vehicle and received the inspection report

At this time, my vehicle is of little value with an engine that needs to be replaced.
I am stuck with attempting to find the money to cover the repair or sell the vehicle for what little I can get for it and take a huge loss. To make a defective product, sell it and then leave the consequence to the expense of the consumer is unethical and shameful.

  • Ha
    HagensBermanLaw Jan 19, 2011

    A consumer-rights law firm in Seattle is investigating claims that certain models of Land Rovers may experience premature engine failure due to issues with the oil pump. To learn more about the investigation, you can visit <> . There is also a news release on this from our client at

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land rover

We are in the 4x4 rental business and most of our clients are internationals traveling from Europe on off road safaris in South Africa and other SADEC countries.
We bought a new Land Rover Defender Puma in June 09 and this vehicle has had a problem right from the word go (600km); Every now and then it does not want to start. The engine turns but there is no ignition. To solve this, you have to disconnect the battery terminal and reconnects and then it starts. And sometimes nothing works!
On every safari that this Land Rover has been, it had the same (electrical)staring problem and every time we sat with red faces making excuses for the inconvenience, paying for the customer’s accommodation, rental of other vehicles ext. We have had to recover and exchange this vehicle numerous times and this on our own cost as Land Rover DO NOT helps us. Land Rover South Africa keeps on looking for excuses not to take responsibility of the breakdowns this vehicle had/has.
This vehicle has been in for numerous repairs at Land Rover and they tried their best to find and solve the problem but it keeps on coming back. Out of the 8 months that we have had this Land Rover it has been in for repairs at least 2 months.
We have had so many losses on this vehicle that I have phoned Wesbank to lay and complaint with them stating that we cannot afford to pay for a vehicle that does not bring in any money. We ask that they put pressure on Land Rover to exchange this vehicle with another one or at least guarantee their work. If this Land Rover breaks down in the field that they will recover and replace it so that our clients can continue with their safari. It seems that they cannot guarantee that this Land Rover will have a trouble free safari!!!
If my clients rent a vehicle from me, it is my responsibility to see that they get what they paid for. That is a guarantee from us and we deliver! I do not get what we pay for from Land Rover and they don’t deliver!
What if my client has a breakdown in an area where there is no communication and as a result of a faulty vehicle one of them dies! Who will be to blame?
We have proof: a list of international clients with their contact details and their complaint/grievances regarding this specific Land Rover.

If you have a Land Rover complaint contact: [protected] or [protected]

  • Fd
    fdisker2000 Jan 25, 2010

    What do you expect from an Indian automobile company?...

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Land Rover Houston Northunpleasant experience

I am writing in reference to my recent experience at Land Rover Houston-North. My sales person was Nikki Mojica and the sales manager was Darrell Ayres.

On Friday, June 19, my wife and I decided to visit Land Rover Houston North to purchase a pre-owned 2007 Range Rover HSE that we saw on the dealership website. We arrived just before 1pm. We worked with Nikki to take the car on a test drive and then went into negotiations regarding the purchase.

After about an hour, we had completed required paper work for the purchase of the vehicle. For the next 3 plus hours, my wife and I patiently waited as we were told the car was being prepared for us. Next we went into the finance office and spent about 30 minutes signing the last of the required paper work. At 5:30, after completing the finance papers we met the sales manager, Darrell Ayres for the first time. He offered to buy us dinner and said the car should be ready in about another hour.

After returning at 6:45 we patiently continued to wait as our car was not brought around by our sales person until slightly after 7 pm. Upon getting the car, we immediately inquired about the condition of the tires. Nikki told us that they passed inspection and that is the only requirement for the tires. She handed my wife the owner's manual and proceeded to give a quick introduction and explanation of how everything operates.

At 7:30 we were finally on our way home with our certified pre-owned Range Rover HSE that only had 21, 000 miles!! We were not pleased with the 6.5 hours that it took to get the vehicle, but we finally had the car that we had been searching for.

On the ride home, my wife called and informed me of a light that was illuminated on the dash. I told her I would check it out once we arrived at our house. Upon arrival, I tried to look up the light in the owner's manual, only to realize we were given the manuals for a Range Rover Sport.

On Saturday, my wife called and spoke to Nikki regarding the issue. She stated that the light was related to tire pressure and “to have your husband to put some air in the tires, " if that didn't work then we can take it to any Land Rover dealership closest to us, as we live 45 minutes away. Immediately we began to question how could we sit in a dealership for 6 plus hours, the car is certified per the 140 point inspection and all the tires are not properly inflated???

On Sunday, I went to a service station to put air in the rear driver's tire. This tire was noticeably lower than the other 3 tires. An initial check of the tire measured only 20 psi of pressure. I began inflating the tire with air and at around 30 psi, the valve stem broke. Now I am at the service station in my 1 day old, “certified" pre-owned Range Rover HSE with a flat tire!!! I changed the flat tire and installed the spare in Houston Texas 100 degree summertime weather!!! At this point I am beyond disgusted with this certified pre owned vehicle!!!

On Monday, June 21, my wife returned to the Range Rover dealership to discuss the issue. She spoke at length with Darrell Ayres. He only agreed to replace the one tire and do another check of the vehicle. If the other 3 tires had the same problem with the valve stem, they would probably replace them too. But, he could not commit to any corrective actions until after the check was complete. My wife requested a copy of the 140 point inspection that was performed on Friday. In this inspection report, there were “X" marks in the repair/replace column for brakes and tires. Three of the tires had a tread depth of 3/32" and one tire was 4/32".

Upon seeing this inspection report, I ask the question of why are we are even in a situation regarding these tires? The report clearly states that the brakes and tires were supposed to be repaired/replaced. On Friday we were not given a copy of the report or told of any repairs or findings from the inspection. Why were we allowed to leave the dealership on Friday with tires that would be at the legal limit of 2/32" tread in only a few weeks, if the report stated that they were to be replaced or repaired?

Darrell repeatedly told my wife that the dealership would only replace the tires, if the other three had the same valve stem problem as the first. This was the wrong answer!! The dealership should replace the tires because that was an item identified in the 140 point certified pre-owned inspection checklist.

At a minimum, we should have been informed of the tread measurements on the tires and the dealership should have provided us with a quote for a new set before we left with the vehicle. Darrell also stated that he would have a different technician to check the vehicle this time to give it a fresh look with a different set of eyes. The technician on Friday was not the problem. He identified the issues with the vehicle.

The manager/sales person who disregarded the items that were marked by the technician as “Repair/Replace" and still certified the vehicle is the problem!! Darrell told my wife that he could not put new tires on every vehicle that they received or the dealership would not make any money. My response to this statement is that the dealership should not put new tires on every vehicle it receives; only the vehicles that require new tires as identified in the 140 point inspection checklist.

As of 3 pm, on Tuesday June 23, 2009, the issue still has not been resolved to my satisfaction. The dealership agreed to install four tires plus an alignment and cover only 50% of the cost.

I spoke with the service department regarding the 140 point inspection to only find out about more items that were selectively chosen to be repaired. The inspection report states that the front and rear brakes needed to be replaced. After reading the report I was under the assumption that this was completed on Friday before we left the dealership, when in fact, only the front brake pads were replaced. We were not even told that the rear brakes were low.

On Wednesday I contacted the other 2 Land Rover dealerships in Houston to inquire what tire tread depth and brake pad measurements were required to pass the certification. Here are their responses below:

'The vehicles are made to be brought back to the highest quality. An example is a new tire has 8mm of tread depth…land rover requires 5mm or better.'

'Our intent is to make the Certified vehicles as 'new' as possible. Tires and brakes have a minimum standard of 50%.'

On Thursday, Lisa Zullo from Land Rover North America contacted me regarding my situation and confirmed that I was sold a vehicle that did not meet the Land Rover requirements for certified pre-owned vehicles. She stated that tire tread has to be at least 4/32' and brakes at least 50% depth remaining.

On Friday, June 26, 2009 she called and said that there was nothing that she could do to help because on Tuesday I accepted the deal to pay 50% of the tire cost. I asked her why did this entire situation happen. Why was I sold a vehicle that did not meet the certification requirements? She would not answer any more of my questions and stated that I would have to handle everything with the local dealership.

I have not spoken with the general manager or pre-owned sales manager from the dealership. They did not return my phone calls. I was sold this vehicle under the false pretense that it meet all the certification requirements to be 'Certified Pre-Owned.'

I want the dealership to pay the other 50% of the cost for the tires and cover the cost to replace the rear brakes.

I also want to make consumers aware of key items they need to look at when buying a certified pre-owned vehicle. Before purchasing:

-Ask for a copy of the inspection checklist
-Ask the dealer to provide the specifications for when an item passes or has to be replaced
-After the certification, get a list of the items that were replaced and ask for the measurements of the items that were not.

  • Tx
    TX Dad May 13, 2008

    Land Rover Houston North will say ANYTHING to make a sale and then screw you over! When I leased my LR3, I told them that my biggest concern was that I live far from the dealer and I had heard Land Rovers broke down frequently. The salesman promised that any time the car broke down, they would send a loaner car and pick up my car. On that basis we leased the car. Sure enough, the car had numerous problems. After the 2nd time, Land Rover Houston North told me that they could no longer come get the car and I would have to drive the 60 miles, through downtown Houston to the dealership. As there was no way we were going to do that, they essentially voided my warranty. I told them that the deal was when I bought the car that they would pick it up. They told me they were sorry but they could no longer honor that deal. They were happy enough to make the sale and keep my money. In fact, when I complained that the car was a lemon, the salesman said he would be happy to lease me a different one! What a [censor]! They try to come off so prim and proper. They are the sleaziest bunch of lying [censor] you will ever meet. Beware of this dealership.

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  • Jo
    joe May 13, 2008

    Sounds like you knew what you were getting yourself into. Don't lease the car if you can't afford it. You always believe car salesmen?

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Do not purchase a freelander!!! I purchased a used 2003 freelander with 10, 000 miles on it. The freelander was under the original factory warranty and had coverage until 40, 000...

rip off

My 2004 Range Rover had only 37147 miles on it. The car broke down on a county road late at night while on a road trip with my three small kids in the car. We bought this car for safety during trips and instead we were left stranded in NC, scared, in the dark with a broken down car on an unknown road. There were no taxi, rental cars or tow trucks anywhere. EVERYTHING was closed. Our cell phone would not work since we were out of range.

We stayed on the road several hours hoping someone would come by. No one did, finally we decided to try to start it, and we were hardly able to drive – there was smoke coming out of the car. We found a dealership in Cary NC and left the car there. They called us the next day and said the differential broke, and the Catalyst assembly also had to be changed. They charged me a total of $3693.99 for the related repairs, which was outrageous. There were lots of extra rip-off charges in there like 'freight' to get the parts ($150.) Checking the service engine light ($95) I tried to explain to the customer service that the car was recalled for the differential and that the catalyst should have been covered under the 'Fed. Emissions' warranty, but they refuse to reimburse me. Our trip was ruined and we were stuck paying for a rental car for a week while they made the repairs. This car is dangerous and unsafe. Do not think you can go on a trip in a Landrover, because you could end up stranded and alone. WHAT A RIP-OFF!!!

  • Mp
    mpanico Aug 06, 2009

    We bought a 2004 Range Rover HSE from BMC (British Motor Corp) San Francisco, CA. We have had nothing but problems with it from day 1. At last, my wife was driving home from work on Hwy 92 in San Mateo (Bridge) and the SUV blew up. She was 9 months pregnant and the cars transmission went. We have never serviced it at any other dealer other than BMC & Range Rover of Redwood City. No 3rd party repairs. We had it serviced at BMC for every service and fluid change well after the warranty expired at 50K. She had to abandon the car after being told Range Rover Roadside could not be there for an hour plus. She had to then walk down the on ramp at 9 at night and call a cab. The repairs required were: New Transmission & Converter, New Radiator, Thermostat and Alternator. $12, 000. The radiator would be our 3rd replacement in 75K. The service department mentioned that the radiators go and sometimes do not message the dash and the car/ transmission then over heats. This seems to be a typical issue as the thermostat is a BMW electric unit and electric units in liquid do not mesh. Upon writting several letters to Land Rover NA, they were all dismissed as Sorry, due to the poor economic times, Land Rover of NA will not assist in any compensation. The dealership said we had a strong case, but it was up to LRNA. This is our 3rd Range Rover, bought Brand New and now our LAST. We love the car, but the company and its service reliability and honor is horrible. Please think about that when your buying a car for the family. Panico Family.

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  • Th
    the hat May 20, 2011

    I would NEVER, EVER recommend a Land Rover to anyone. Expensive cars that are built like Yugos. My 2005 LR3 has had it's share of problems. I've had to replace headlight bulbs about 12 times so far! The tail gate broke and you can't open the back. The dealer said it would cost $600 to fix... I got it fixed today at a local repair shop for $115. And that included tail light bulbs replaced. Land Rover cars are horrible!! And the dealers are blatant thieves.

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  • Fr
    Frederick Robinson Jun 23, 2012

    I bought a 1999 HSE from a guy in NW Houston. He was only too happy to unload this POS on my for 3300.00 It drives great, it blows cold AC., but since i've had it, i've spent nearly twice what i paid for it.

    first the Key FOB broke, it cost 700+ for them to send me this ancient looking control two weeks later. the sun roof track broke, they told me it would cost 2800.00 to replace the parts, later it was 2900.00 for brakes and shocks, and then the last straw was 3000k for the catalytic converter...

    back story.., one of my "wallet siphoning" trips to RR North Houston, I had a head lamp reflector lamp come off and a fuel issue that caused my check engine light to come on.

    i paid 1300.00 for that, but the week later, the reflector came off and the check engine light came back on..

    they told me the "code" was new on the check engine soon. and to bring the truck in so they can see if i had done something to the light which is really only a snap in..

    wait., what??! they told me that i had to pay almost 300.00 for a whole light assembly, but what they really did was snapped in a reflector??..

    range rover has a monopoly in the city, because not many people can repair them. they treat you any kind of way, because they know people almost have to rely on them for service.. that really sucks.., when i left today to get my reflector looked at, one guy told me it would be in on mondy june 25. then i got another call that said it would be in in a few weeks...

    i'm going to do my best to trade this vehicle in and for as long as i live, i never ever want to have dealings with the lying, cheating, stealing, range rover or their product again.

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  • Ri
    Ric Shaffer Dec 09, 2015

    Oil change turned into $3900 nightmare. Who would have thought that each service would cost a little under 1/10th the purchase price. They claim they are the only ones who can change the oil and have the filters. Its price fixing and should be illegal!!!

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keeping my car for 4weeks with no feedback

Its been 4 weeks since Landrover took my car for fixing...
I was promised that the car would be fixed within 10days.
I was not offered a car in the meantime - had to hire a car at my cost
Its now 4 weeks and my car is still not fixed
Did i mention that Landrover has not cared to call me since... i'm the one who's has to call them all the time to find out what's happening - and i never get any tangible answer

Is getting a curtesy car from a dealership while they are fixing your car (and taking more than a month to do so) too much to ask...?

i give up - honestly

  • Yu
    yusuf ismail Jan 01, 2010

    i paid R961, 000 for a 2010 range rover sport s/c on the understanding it has surround camera system - it doesnt. after doing 1400 kms, the battery is flat. i want land rover south africa to take their product back and i want my R961, 000 back

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reoccuring problems

I took my vehicle in for Electronic Air Suspension repairs. The problem was diagnosed and a recommendation made. The recommended part was replaced. After driving for less than two weeks, the same "EAS" FAULT sign came on again. After taking the vehicle 4 times back and forth within a month, and paying for a new part every new visit, I decided that this must be a case of "bait and switch". I decided to seek a second opinion from another shop, who found the original replaced part to be non functional. I discussed returning all the alleged replaced parts to the Service Shop, and getting back everything I paid for labor. The Shop refused accepting the parts. Since then, I have initiated a dispute on my credit card account, and have made my intensions known to the shop. The general manager threatened having their lawyer pursuit me. Do I have a recourse?

A 2008 Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon Or Cash Value Rs. 1,836,570.47 — fraud

I received a letter from such a company before 30 minutes approx. I dont have any connections with Singapore, from where the air mail has been delivered. 1- How did they get my...

electric window mfg defect

Like everyone who buys a Land Rover we felt we were purchasing a vehicle that was top of the line. It is a 2003 Land Rover Discovery we purchased fully loaded off the showroom floor. As of today, this vehicle only has 23,000 miles on it. It is stored in a temp. controlled garage. We are 60 years of age with no children. When the vehicle had less than two thousand miles on it we took a road trip from Colorado to California. When we returned we found grease all over the back rear wheels. Took it into the dealership since it was still under warranty and had to have the bearings and seals replaced. Then we had a oil comsumption problem. Then the high priced Harmon Karmon stereo had to be repaired twice and finally replaced. To this day, the stereo display light does at times does not come on unless (we found out ourselves) we open and close the navagation CD holder. Our BIGGEST complaint now is at 23,000 miles and six months past the 4 year - 50,000 miles warranty, both the passenger window and driver's window started popping whenever the window was opened. It is/was a LOUD popping sound. Finally, the passenger window gave out one loud pop and we found we could not raise the window back up. We can hear that the motor mechanism is still working, however what raises and lowers the window inside the door panel snapped. To make a long story short, we feel a vehicle priced at almost $50,000 and with only 23,000 miles on it should NOT have the cables break that operates the windows. We know from the sound the driver's window is on its way out. We feel strongly this problem is a mfg defect. There has absolutely been no abuse with the opening and closing of these windows. We called Land Rover Customer Service and they were of no help. They could have cared less. We then took our complaint to their Board of Appeals and got a "unsigned" letter back telling us that since the vehicle was 6 months past the warranty - 4 years - and taking into consideration this vehicle does not even have 1/2 the mileage - 50,000 miles - they would not participate in the repairs. We are so disappointed and feel taken by Land Rover. After the warranty period, their customer does not exist. They definitely do not stand behind their workmanship. This is not a problem that has been caused by "normal wear and tear." Their people even admitted something like this should not have happened, but they will do nothing to fix this obvious mfg defect/problem. I would NEVER recommend a Land Rover to anyone. Now we are stuck paying someone to fix this problem.

Rio Grande Valley Land Rover — deceptive sales!

In July of 2007, I purchased a 2007 Land Rover LR3 from the Rio Grande Valley Land Rover dealership in McAllen, Texas. The entire purchase price of the vehicle is over $60,000...

Land Rover Dealershippoor customer service!

1. I leased a brand new LR2 a few months ago and 2 weeks later found out is was a lemon--the car would die as I was driving. The dealership was going to sell me another car at a "good price" and was instead trying to upsell me and went back on their deal. I finally asked them to just switch me to another LR2. The previous one is still in their repair shop up till now (its been almost 7 months).

2. I went in for my first car service. I asked if they could let me know when my car would be ready b/c I have to go to work the next day. I have left numerous messages in their service dept and NO ONE is there.

Beware consumer!

Land Rover - Discoveryhorrible experience with landrover

I am writing to describe our purchase and service experiences this far with Land Rover. As background, I am a foreign service officer who lives/works in Africa and have owned and driven several Landrovers in Africa.

Regrettably, we have had a horrible experience both with the Landrover in Albuquerque, NM and in Chantilly, Virginia. Not only are the services associates rude and unhelpful, but they have cost us money and time that is simply unacceptable.

After buying our car in Chantilly, VA in August 2006, we found out that they did not have a second key as promised (we were only given one key), that they did not (and still have not) entered the extended warranty we paid for into the computer system and, to add insult to injury, the engine had to be replaced after 400 miles. and Chantilly did not have time for us so we had to take it to Rosenthal in Vienna, VA (who did a good job but they scratched the hood of the car while in the shop). We had to delay our move from Virginia to New mexico by two weeks and take leave from our jobs to wait for the engine to be put in (1 week after buying the "certified pre-owned car"). We called the service associate Richard Grzesiak dozens of times about the key and warranty and only once received a return call from him. His supervisor, Andy Levin, while somewhat better at returning our calls has not contacted us in weeks about our extended warranty.

In Albuquerque when they reprogrammed the new key that we finally received from Chantilly after 3 months and over 15 calls to the associate Richard Grzesiak, they deprogrammed our old key and made us pay to program the new one. Now we have one key that is not cut but is programmed, and another that is cut but is not programmed, so we have to carry around two keys. When we complained to the service associate (who charged us for the programming) he said that we should just go to a key shop to have it cut, but most shops don't cut that kind of key and clearly we should not be the ones paying for this to be done as it was not our mistake.

Overall, we have spent in excess of 15 hours dealing with Landrover, delayed our move from Virginia to New Mexico by weeks and made dozens of phone calls. We are absolutely disgusted with the service provided by landrover and the absolute lack of care or consideration given to us by Landrover employees (however, to be fair, at Rosenthall one employee, Jack, stood out as the only person who appeared to care about the shoddy service we received.) We are looking to sell our Landrover and will never buy one again. Also, we plan to tell everyone we can about our experience. If it had been one error or one service associate we would have let it go, unfortunately, it has been in two locations with numerous employees.

Land Rover Canada & J.W. Auto — stroke of luck

Please find below a letter to Land Rover Richmond B.C. Canada who sold and serviced the vehicle and the dealer J.W. Auto also in Richmond who sold me the vehicle, as well as a...