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Complaints & Reviews

Oct 28, 2020

Peugeot — Problematic 3008 1.6thp premium active 2010 model

Dear Sir or Madam, We purchased the said vehicle second hand with the initial intention for long distance...

Sep 22, 2020

Peugeot — Lack of service and repair of vehicle

Kim Mills Unit 42 / 16 Macleay Street Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011 21st September 2020 Customer Services Manager...

PeugeotTotal disrespect and lack of credibility

Dear Sir:

My urgent complaint was submitted 3 years ago to Mr. Jordan in France. He was the only person who spoke English in the customer service. I sent him all the documents that proved the catastrophic case of a defective 2012 Peugeot 508, which covered 25000 km. I spent more than 30000 pounds to repair it!
He promised to solve the problem, one of which was to deliver me a new car instead. This was logically expected from Peugeot.
I called him many times, and every time he asserted that my case was to be solved as soon as possible by his manager.
Suddenly, he disappeared and I couldn't reach his manager.

Waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

All the best,
Dr. Shereen

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    Mar 25, 2020

    Peugeot — Car is in the garage for a long time

    I Klaudia Nghipukuula bought a Peugeot 3008 in Aug 2017.1. After 2 Months the :" Engine fault repair needed...

    PeugeotPeugeot Tepee Braking System

    We have our Peugeot Tepee for close to 5 years now. My main complain is the unresolved squeaking sound in the braking system and unusual need to replace the rotor discs to eliminate the problem. Frustratingly, even if the rotor disc are replaced the noise remains. We have owned a number of cars already and it is only with our Peugeot Tepee that we experiencing the need to replace a rotor disc and, in the case of our Tepee, all for of them twice already in a span of 5 years. I guess the same complains are common to Tepee users as well.

    I hope parent Peugeot can help Tepee owners and find a resolution to the problem with their parts supplier. We wish to keep our van for a few more years but the burden of the cost of replacing part/part (brake system) that is commonly acknowledge as rarely replaceable if kept well maintained is really frustrating and irritating.

    Yours truly,

    Manny Comanda

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      Jan 29, 2020

      Peugeot — after service; 508 model 2016 reliability of its part and warranty

      Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Cars The issue that I have experienced was: I...

      Jan 03, 2020

      Peugeot — elect control windows lifter front lh, rh and back rh

      My husband bought a new peugeot 508 /allure 2.0 diesel in 2013. The car was a company car that drove to the...

      Peugeotspare part

      Dear Peugeot person in charge,

      I require urgently help that my car auto gear has intermittent problem to shift the gear from N to D. Once happens, my car is stalled and can't move since gear position still at N. Already diagnosed at Penang Peugeot Service centre, according to the technical advisor, it is related to Gear Shift Lever faulty. The service centre already assist me for the claimed but unfortunately no spare part available. Hence I urgently urge for your help to secure the spare part ASAP.

      My particular as below :
      Car # plate: PKY8986
      Model: Peugeot 508

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        Dec 22, 2019

        Peugeot — peugeot 508

        Good evening, I own a Peugeot 508 2014 model. I am a person doing all maintenance in the power of attorney...

        Peugeotguaranteed parts

        I drive Peugeot 508 model 2016. When I have taken my car to 105000 service maintenance I wanted them to look at the headlight.

        They turned to me and informed me about inopeartive of the engines of the headlights . I have had different type and model of cars for 45 years.

        To change the engines will be costed to me over 1000 Turkish Lira. I did not accept that and wanted to change them free of charge. They made only 250 Turkish Lira discount.

        Since this is not my fault and such a failure should not be happened to that standard of car in three years I am looking forward your decision and Inform Turkish Regional Office.


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          Nov 03, 2019

          Peugeot — 408 -1.6 turbo - engine fault : repair needed

          Thanks for your extended warranty for PLG6106 (Peugeot 408 - 1.6 Turbo) Malaysia registration number. After a...

          Peugeot208 - front window sealant

          Dear madame/sir(s)

          I'm a peugeot customer and very disappointed with the brand quality and customer care.

          I have a 208 bought in 08/2016, in portugal, in an official partner (www.caetanomotors.pt/) and made a warranty extension last year before it finished.

          Last august I took the car for the annual check up and maintenance (same place where I bought it) and told them that last time I went to wash it I watch that a drop of water was sliding on the inside of the front glass, and if they could check that. When I went to get the car they told me that they couldn't confirm that and if it happened again I should that the car again. And that happened a few weeks after when I washed the car - 2 lines of water sliding on the inside of the vehicule. So I took it there, the official maintenance shop, and they acceded the problem and send the request to replace the component through the warranty and sended the request for peugeot portugal, and it shouldn't have any problem. But a few days (!!??) later they told me that the request was refused because that wasn't covered (!!!???) but because I was a faithful costumer with all the maintenance made on the brand official partners they would pay half the price and I would pay the rest (!!!???). Which I refused because there is no reason for a car with less than 3 years with no accident or major maintenance task that justifies that water is coming inside the front glass, so if it is a structural or joints problem or even a assembly mistake. It is my understanding, as a client and engineer, that the peugeot has to assume their failure and correct it with no (more!!) prejudice for the client. At least I would assume the brand has a good costumer care and wishes to keep and add new clients but it hasn't happened with me so far. This is not my failure and the brand has failed me not to assume your mistakes whether is on the materials choice or assembly, but the car came to me with a defect and I shouldn't have to pay for it. The store (caetanoretail) failed me and peugeot portugal (process number [protected]) also but hope you don't and we can still solve the problem with no more prejudice for me (for now it's been many hours trying to solve it since august 19'). This is my last chance to fix this in a good way otherwise I will advance with a formal complain in the justice because is unacceptable that this happens these days. Hope to have an answer from you soon.

          Thank you


          Jorge costa

          P.S. Find attached a picture from the inside when it rains. I don't believe this is the kind of image you would expect to find in a 3 years old car and less than 40.000 km.

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            PeugeotPeugeot 3008 year 2014, hybrid/ diesel

            To whom it may concerns
            Please do not refer me to Serbia facilities because I am struggling with a car since this June.
            I bought second hand import from France car from semi dealer in Belgrade. Serbia is Wild West and I don't know who can say they are legal' recognized ‘ dealers here.
            Car in the beginning had difficulty in starting to drive.
            Once just stood on the hill not moving.
            I took it back where I bought it to be told computer is not showing anything. Problem escalated on weekly bases that it shows engine failure needs repear and triangle. I was told computer is not showing fault. Car now when sign comes on doesn't want ( struggles) to put in first, second, third gear. Then if I manage that it drives like normal. Minute I have to stop at traffic light it starts again. And it's harder and harder to start moving.
            They refreshed computer and it's 3 rd time and recognized peugeout deler KDD in Belgrade, Visnjicka 53 and they do not know what is wrong.
            It's not only very inconvenient for me since I am medical doctor and do house visits I am becoming laughing stock about this Peugeout. Who can help please
            Dr Ristic

            Peugeot 3008 year 2014, hybrid/ diesel

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              • Updated by Dr Ristic · Oct 29, 2019

                I need help to contact me or this ‘Peugeot’ service and help solve the problem or say car is for trash for 5 years since manufactured

              Peugeotfront shocks for my peugeot 208 gti

              I have taken my vehicle for diagnostics in Richards Bay .After waiting 3 weeks for my vehicle spares to come from Johannesburg (im from Richards Bay) it has arrived and my vehicle booked in to get repaired. In the afternoon I received a call and I was told the incorrect Shock has arrived from the warehouse and they are still looking for the correct one. I have contacted Peugeot SA numerous times with no success. The people at Peugeot SA just dont care about you they are not willing to assist and they dont even call you back as they said they would. This is truley the worst service and vehicle experience I have ever had in my life i regret ever purchasing a Peugeot. And my vehicle is still not fixed and i am batteling with transport, they wanted to offer me a courtesy car but I need to pay for it and thats the most baddest thing ever as if its my fault the correct spares didnt arrive. Im really fedup and dont know what to do. But for sure when vehicle is fixed i am selling it to get out of the Peugeot family.

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                Peugeotadblue tank pump

                Car purchased 27.10.16 from MSCar Peugeot dealers, Portimao, Portugal. It has had full services to date and was taken into a Peugeot garage for an engine fault last week. The fault was diagnosed as having a faulty adblue pump and the cost of repair was over 800 euros.
                The kms on the car is 25, 000 which is a very small amount of kms for the pump to break.
                This pump was obviously faulty when the car was built.
                Have I any redress whatsoever with the seller as the pump was not fit for purpose.
                I have got the faulty pump and the reservoir for inspection if need be.

                Alison Webster

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                  • Ma
                    Martin A Oct 24, 2019
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Hi Alison, I’ve just been given a similar repair bill after the Adblue pump was diagnosed as being faulty. 3 years old always serviced by Peugeot and even the Adblue has been only topped up by them. Did you write to Peugeot?

                    0 Votes

                  Peugeotla venta de un coche

                  Por favor encuentre corrrespondencia de atención.[protected]@caetanoretail.es

                  Estimado señor Señora, gracias por su carta del 28 de julio de 2019.¡Primero tiene la fecha incorrecta! Nuestro reclamo fue enviado el 27 de agosto de 2019. ¡Un error! Nuestro vehículo fue comprado en base a su evaluación de vendedores de nuestra conducción. "¿Cuántos kilómetros conduciríamos cada año?" No en nuestras condiciones de manejo y dónde vivimos. Su propuesta de 'recompra del automóvil y pago del monto de la diferencia. ¿Quién paga esto? Esta oferta ya fue realizada el 14 de agosto por José Manuel Casero. Sugirió que compramos un auto nuevo a 4000 € más. Nuestra oferta es que compre nuestro 82bp usado en rojo y lo cambie por un turbo de 82bp usado en rojo. También es necesario que haya "lecciones aprendidas". Creo que cada vendedor debe haber probado, capacitado, conocer los motores de cada automóvil nuevo y conocer la potencia en diferentes terrenos. El cliente debe ser consciente de esto. Muchos clientes viven en las montañas. Debe haber una mejor evaluación de las necesidades del cliente. El tipo de conducción, cuántas personas usan el automóvil y dónde viven. Esto debería ser una evaluación formal. El cliente debe tener una prueba de manejo donde vive. También lo enviaré por correspondencia a Peugeot es, Peugeot.com, vicepresidente y director general de Peugeot España y Portugal, y actualizaré la oficina del consumidor. Todos desean ver formas de mejorar las ventas al cliente, especialmente a los residentes no españoles.

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                    Peugeotproduct and service

                    I have a peugeot 301 model year 2014.
                    Since more than one year I noticed petrol leakage I went to service center, they confirm the that there is leakage between the hatch and the tank and it is not included under service as the plastic parts is not warranted, the I went to work shop and they use glow to fix.
                    Then I smell again petrol and in the service center they discovered another site of crack in the plastic pipe between the fueling opening and the tank and they told that the cause may be the heat . And they refuse to fix or replace. Although they were agree with me that it is not my fault and it is a manufacturer error.
                    I attached a video showing the tank full of petrol

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                      Peugeotmodel 2008 / year 2020 / fuel consumer and wheels’ angles problem

                      I bought this car almost a month and a half ago, exactly on the 16th of July.
                      Peugeot 2008
                      Year 2020
                      In Egypt
                      1st of all I received it with a problem in the angles of the wheels (the car goes to the right, when the steering wheel is in the centre)
                      2nd and very surprisingly its a fuel killer,
                      Unbelievable that till now I made only 3800 Km and it consumed almost 440 Liter of Fuel (95)
                      Is this possible for a brand new car?
                      Not 4x4!
                      And only 1600 cc!
                      To consume all this amount of fuel all alone, or there is something wrong!!!
                      I went to the authorized maintenance service center in Egypt 3 times!!!
                      1st time I spent 6 hours (incl. 1000 Km usual maintenance)
                      2nd time 3 hours in another authorized center.
                      3rd time 6 hours in the same center.
                      And after all this...

                      Conclusion, None of the above 2 issues are solved!! Actually they didn't even consider the fuel problem a problem :(

                      Please advise, because I am very upset of this car specially it is marketed that it makes average of 6.5 not 11-12 Lr per 100 Km


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                        PeugeotComplaint against your agent mansour - Egypt

                        I want to do complain against Mansour your agent in Egypt as i bought peugeot 301 from Belal showroom and they gave malevolently the spare key and informed me that the master key will be available within 2 days then we discovered that the master key is broken.

                        Belal office advised that they ordered new key from peugeot but one month passed now andcwe did not receive the key.

                        I called your agent in Egypt ( Mansour) to check with you if Belal really ordered new key or not and if it when it will be available but no care from Mansour and no reply from Belal.

                        I kindly ask for your help.

                        Thanks in advance and best regards
                        Dina El Sabrouty

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                          Aug 20, 2019

                          Peugeot Malaysia — bad customer services in relate to parts recall

                          Hi, I have been driving a Peugeot 3008 for few years now. Early this year, there is a problem with my aircond...

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