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Our verdict: With Peugeot's very poor resolution rate, careful consideration is needed. Research their service comprehensively, and read up on how they handle customer disputes. If you face issues, be prepared for potential challenges in obtaining resolutions and explore other service providers as backups.
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12:23 pm EST
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Peugeot Repair for Peugeot 208

I tried to find, without success, The "Peugeot Global Public Inquiries Director" email address.
I would be very grateful if you specify the requested email address, as I want to forward a complaint.
Best regards,

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6:22 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Peugeot peugeot 3008 GTline 2021 (chek engine at 35 kilo meter and engine fault repair needed)

after I received my new car peugeot 3008 GT on 7 July 2021 from authorized distributor of peugeot in Saudi arabia AL majdoyee by 15 minutes I found the message of( check engine at 35 kilo engine fault repair needed-attached).I went to the agent (AL Majdoyee) the engineer said the car need reprogram because there is a problem in M A F mass air flow sensor .may be response to reprogram and may be need to change .he made reprogram and return back my car and he said there is no problem you can use a car and i introduce a request to bring approval to change MAF if the message appear again .after 24 hours the message appeared again at 257 km-attached- and the air condition stop working and gas pedal not responding when i drove my car in high way and the car stopped working .i went to the agent and they change this MAF but it is not sufficient for me i need refund the car or exchange by a new one this is manufacturers defect and it is not my responsibility .i need reply as soon as possible .i need change a car by new one .my email [protected]

Desired outcome: Refund the car or exchange by a new one

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1:58 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Peugeot Getting a replacement car for my Peugeot 208 because it has been able to be fixed in over a year.

My Peugeot which i purchased in 2017 suddenly last June 2020 started malfunctioning. It was still under warranty and since that time Peugeot have had the car in their garage not days, not weeks, but months. As I write this they have had my vehicle for the last 7 weeks tyring to work out a software problem, again. At 40, 000 kms they put in a new timing belt, Amnd then a carbon clean. And then a new ECU (computer) and innumerable softwar updates, including one that totally bricked my car.
Well clearly not fit for purpose. I have contacted sop many of them including the head of Peugeot worldwide and Peugeot Australia. They haven't even bothered to respond. How is that for customer service?

Desired outcome: A replacement Peugeot

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6:48 am EDT

Peugeot New vehicle problem

I bought a new Peugeot vehicle model 508 2022, vehicle chassis number is :
Engine number is:
was never used before in Saudi Arabia by Almajdouie Motors agency, i have ordered it and waited 15 days till it arrived but when it arrived it had a manufacturer defect
the vehicle bumper has a defect Manufacturers, it has a loose rear bumper on the left side, I have received the car for less than 24 hours and the defect is from the manufacture, i was not informed of this by the Almajdouie agency and was not told of this before I purchased the car
can I replace the car and what are the procedures from here? They offered to fix the bumper and unfold the right and left sides of the bumper.
I don't trust it will be new because it's not my fault and I shouldn't have to repair something
I didn't break especially because it supposed to be new and has no defects And I don't trust that in Saudi they have the same car parts as the original manufacture i do not trust that it won't be ruined by them, i should not have to worry about this in the first place and I don't want to have to fix the car every now and then for this problem.

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6:04 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Peugeot Frequent front breaking disk

I have a frequent front breaking disk, its a peugeot 508 model 2019, since i have purchased it and every few thousand km it vibrates heavy while applying breaks. I had to change the front disks every 10, 000 km while i'm doing the regular maintainance, and i have asked them to put an end for that which never been solved and now they want me to pay for the disks as it exceeded the 10, 000 km warranty, which is totally not accepted as there is no decent car will ever change disk that frequent..

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6:19 am EDT

Peugeot complaint about poor service

Dear Sir/Madam
Re: Peugeot 308 - 8527 NV 16
On 30 NOV 2016, I purchased my Peugeot 308 from your dealership .Unfortunately, I'm much disappointed with my car due to several mechanical issued noted and the final one is leaking oil from the engine. After mechanical inspection done Monday 10 May 2021 on my vehicle and your mechanical department agreed to fix the problem under warranty by replacing a new engine. However, it will take about one month.
With due respect, I would like to state that travelling all around the Island by using my own car form part of my current job and having a car is no more a luxury but essential for our day to day activities. Up to now not having my own car incur unplanned additional cost. I regret to state the condition of the vehicle I have been using. The vehicle is leaking oil and making some mechanical noise and which is making it difficult for me to travel. Since these defects substantially impair the use, value or safety of my vehicle. . I shall be highly thankful if this is done at the earliest and that in the meantime you can provide me with a replacement car as I can't bear the cost to hire a car for one month. It should have been an option by your company to provide the car and no need for me to write an email for this to be done as part of your customer service.
Mauritius is not in lockdown any so I don't understand why i cant get a
replacement car because of covid. It does make any sense; It is just bad customer service.
I look forward to settling this matter amicably and to get a quick feedback.
Yours faithfully
Romains SAID
contact number [protected]

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8:01 am EDT

Peugeot Rifter

I have a Rifter 18 months old with 2000 miles on the clock that has broken down no power and juddering.

Contacted the dealership Simon Bailes Stockton who have been unhelpful.

I was advised by the dealership not to drive the vehicle and to get it to them for repair at a personal cost of £70. They are not sure what the problem is and have contacted Peugeot directly for advise.

Meanwhile I have now been without without a car for some two and a half weeks and if I require a courtesy car it will be at a cost of £10 per day. I am advised that this could be up to 7 days and am therefore unwilling to pay any more money for a faulty car

Desired outcome: Call from customer service and free courtesy car and refund breakdown cost

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7:28 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Peugeot Maintenance issue

Dear Sir,
My name is Saeed Bro I am in charge of maintenance department in George Abu Zeid & Co. in Amman Jordan, we have a maintenance issue with one of our fleet cars Peugeot Partner since 17/02/2021, at that time the dealership was under Al Khayat co. property with no response as they claimed that the dealership sold to other company ( Abu Khader) .
Next after following up the issue with the new dealership (Abu Khader) since 15/03/2021 till today there is no response from the maintenance department till today .
please find the VIN Number for the vehicle: VF37ANFUCJJ524344

Saeed Bro.
Phone: [protected] ext 116
Mobile: 962 [protected]
Address : 25 Ammon Street - Al-Zahra'a Estate, North Marka
Email : Bro.[protected], website :

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8:14 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Peugeot Unresolved frequent pop ups of sensor notification leading to faulty motherboard resulting in faulty car

Dear sir,

I have purchased Peugeot 208 in December 2013. Main usage is to and fro from home to workplace within 6 km distance. My mileage is very much under compared to years of purchase. Never missed sending for service at Peugeot Butterworth.

1. Unresolved issue lading to major mishap.
Repeated complaint of pop up notification at the dashboard mainly "Top up engine oil" for the last 2 years. Every complaint will be informed, sensor problem and they re-set. Lasted for a while then recur again and again.

Was again told that they will bring the matter to HQ, nonetheless due to change of distributor, we were again told that we have to wait after March 2021.
Well, 2 days ago. 21.3.2021, the car started for 3 seconds then the engine automatically stopped and all sensors popped up. Was not able to restart and had to get the car towed to Peugeot Butterworth, Penang.

I was informed yesterday that the motherboard was now faulty and a replacement will incur RM4000.00. I am certainly dissatisfied how Peugeot handled the matter.

2. Issue was only dealt for temporary, now customer have to bear the cost and damage. I am sure that Peugeot is aware that your scheduled service is costly compared to other car brands. However the outcome of your service failed to tackle repeated similar complain which has lead to major fault to my car.

I have came to the level that I am very much frustrated how Peugeot handled with complaints, that I had regretted purchasing the car in the first place

Desired outcome: Please consider the fact that we have been following our service schedule, our mileage is very much under and this the complain has been outstanding for the last 2 years, I would asked for full coverage of the faulty motherboard.

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7:42 am EDT

Peugeot Vehicle 3008GT

Monsieur Simon Kateley, Peugeot 3008 GT FB-828-JG.

Cher Monsieur / Madame,
J'ai acheté ma Peugeot en octobre 2018, depuis je l'ai révisée en cas de besoin.
La dernière prestation a été effectuée le 23/02/21 au coût de 958 euros.
Le 31, j'ai commencé le voyage q pour voir mon faible en Angleterre Après avoir passé un test Covid qui était valide pendant 72 heures, j'ai également acheté deux autres tests que je devais avoir en Angleterre. J'avais également réservé un hébergement pour 9 jours pour pouvoir me mettre en quarantaine.
J'ai commencé mon voyage et parcouru 600 km et je me suis arrêté pour l'essence et une pause. Quand je suis allé continuer mon voyage, le frein de stationnement ne se relâchait pas. La voiture était une voiture.
J'ai dû appeler un camion de dépannage. Ils n'ont pas pu réparer le problème et j'ai dû être emmené par le camion au garage Peugeot local à; ATD Dépannages, La Chapelle saint au.
Ils ont finalement réparé ma voiture au prix de 115 euros.
L'heure était maintenant après le couvre-feu et je devais passer la nuit dans un hôtel au coût de 60 euros.
Je n'ai pas pu continuer mon voyage et j'ai dû rentrer en voiture à lacapelle-Biron, c'était très bouleversant car je n'avais pas vu mes deux fils depuis 9 mois.
Vendredi, je suis allé chez des amis et quand je suis rentré chez moi, le frein de stationnement s'est de nouveau verrouillé et je ne pouvais pas conduire la voiture. J'ai dû emprunter la voiture de mes amis et y laisser la mienne.
Samedi, je suis venu dans votre garage qui était fermé. J'ai continué jusqu'à Villeneuve sur lot jusqu'au garage Peugeot où j'avais acheté la voiture. Il n'y avait pas de mécanicien là-bas, mais le vendeur a dit que je devrais attendre jusqu'à mardi pour obtenir de l'aide avec ma voiture.
Je suis totalement dégoûté de ma voiture, de votre service et de la faute sur la Peugeot; cela m'a causé beaucoup de stress et de bouleversement. Je viendrai vous voir mardi matin j'espère que vous pourrez m'aider. J'écrirai au siège de Peugeot à propos de mon expérience,

Envoyé depuis mon iPad

Desired outcome: Repair at no cost and reimbursement of costs of my trip

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6:43 am EST
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Peugeot 3008 bodywork damage to new car (9888 LFG)

I purchased a 3008 from Auto Rallye in Madrid in July last year. I noticed damage to the roof within a few days of getting the car home. (see picture) The dealer refused to help and I was referred to Peugeot in Menorca, where I live. They tried to tell me that the damage was caused by an impact to the rear of the roof and would not repair the car under the warranty. This was both impossible and insulting and I have a letter from another garage here stating that this damage could not have been caused by me. It is a bump (raised section) above the interior mirror assembly. I have raised my complaint with Peugeot before as well as Consumo, but Auto Rallye are refusing to cooperate! How can they ignore a complaint? I have spent many hours complaining and nearly 700 Euros to get the roof repaired. My email address is: [protected]

Desired outcome: I would like the money I have spent so far to be reimbursed and also would like some financial compensation for the time I have spent fighting this claim. Please call on either : [protected] or +[protected] to discuss my complaint. Thanks

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4:05 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Peugeot Problematic 3008 1.6thp premium active 2010 model

Dear Sir or Madam,

We purchased the said vehicle second hand with the initial intention for long distance family trips only about 4 years ago with around 95 000km and we have only travelled about 25 000km over the entire period, since there were constantly some type of engine or electronic problem one after the other.

The first main issue was the Timing Chain scenario which the Peugeot Agents quoted around R20 000 and I managed to eventually get it sorted for around R11 000 by Auto Works in Salt River, Cape Town, which is a very well known reputable company; then there was a Turbo issue that i fortunately managed to get sorted by the Peugeot Agents via a Campaign scenario; immediatly thereafter, then there was a major water leak issue which did not exist at all when i booked the vehicle in for the campaign story and I eventually after a long-long struggle with the Peugeot Agents managed to get it sorted out of my own pocket for around R5000 at Auto Works in Salt River, as the Peugeot Agents quoted more the R6000 and refused to take absolutely any resposibility at all.

Please note that I have all the paper work concerning all these exorberant expenses concerning the entire history over these tiring four years & all the e-mails as well concerning the Peugeot Agents messing me around from pillar to post concerning the water leak scenario.

Therefore, in my mind, it does not make absolutely any logical sense to me at all that such a phenominal well buit vehicle, which was extremely maticulously maintained by the previous original owner and myself currently; and in absoultely prestine condition should be such a painful struggle to maintain & keep on the road, as it was car of the year in 2010, has numerious innovative features concerning all the research, development & design, it has State of the Art Prince Engine, since it is used by Mini & BMW as well etc. etc.

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Update by Ian boraine
Oct 28, 2020 4:17 am EDT

Additionally, please note as well that I have taken the water leak scenario up with Peugeot Head Office in Johannesburg before I had it repaired myself (i.e. around R5000) with absolutly no joy, co-operation or giving me the benifit of the doubt at all, which is clearly indicated on all the e-mail correspondance as well.

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12:04 am EDT
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Peugeot Lack of service and repair of vehicle

Kim Mills
Unit 42 / 16 Macleay Street
Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011
21st September 2020

Customer Services Manager
PEUGEOT Australia
PO BOX 8290
Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

Dear Customer Services Manager,

RE: Peugeot Purchased 2015 - Registration No. EHX 18F
Call made to Sandra (consumer trade dept) @ 4pm 21/9/20 - recorded for reference

In 2015, I purchased my 3rd brand new Peugeot, this time from City Peugeot in Windsor, Brisbane, QLD.

I am extremely disappointed because I have had to return this vehicle 4 times over the past 4 years with the exact same fault. The air conditioning unit in this 308 appears to be defective and unable to be repaired.

Brief History:
Summer 2016 - the Air conditioning stopped working, could not source a Peugeot dealer in Sydney who had an "air-con" re-gassing machine and drove to various dealers in the hope someone could assist. Then I found Peugeot Zetland and the guy there said he would have to outsource it to a mate who had a machine. He also said the reason Peugeot didn't have them onsite was because they were so affordable and the 308 model I was driving didn't have enough cars on the road in Sydney to warrant the expense as they were hundreds of thousands to buy. He then told me it was fixed and didn't charge me.

During 2017 - My car was recalled for quite a number of "small defects". I returned and all seemed ok.

Summer 2017 - the Air conditioning stopped working again. I returned to Zetland Peugeot and they said it needed to be checked for a gas leakage and ordered some parts from France, which took ages to arrive. When they did arrive, they couldn't find them and when I called to ask why it was taking so long, they found the parts on the wrong shelf - which they then fitted and advised it was fixed.

Summer 2018 - Car was due for its service and I found out that Zetland Peugeot was no longer servicing Peugeot cars and I had to go to see Trivett Peugeot at Alexandria. Did the service ok and then the very next day, the air conditioning stopped working and I called them up and they said they didn't think to check or service the air conditioning. So, I returned the car and they re-gassed the air conditioning telling me it would be ok now.

Summer 2019 - Car was due for its service and all went ok and then the air conditioning stopped working again. I returned the car and they said they needed to run some dye through the car to test if it has another leak and the guy mentioned it was quite dangerous to have the gas leaking as it's unhealthy. I asked them to provide a hire car as I was due to drive to Brisbane for Christmas holidays within a few days and certainly did not want to be driving in 30+ degree heat with my grandmother on our road trip, but they said No and told me to collect my car and bring my car back when I return the hire car I had for a few days because they didn't have any available cars for me. I asked if there was a waitlist, or another option they could provide, and they bluntly said No. So yet again, I spent another hot summer driving around in my Peugeot 308 without air conditioning. This time from Sydney to Brisbane and back again. It was not great at all. They said once I return from Brisbane the parts they needed to fix the car needed to come from France. So when I returned, I was not happy and they took my car, put the parts in and had it back to me in a couple of days, guaranteeing me it was all fixed and like brand new.

Thursday 18th October Spring 2020 - First time we hit 30 degrees in Sydney, turn on the air conditioning and it isn't working and making the same noise again. I could not believe this. They told me they repaired this again in 2019. I called them immediately and got an answering service, I left a message and nothing back. I called again on Friday, could not get a single person on the phone, called again today, on the phone on hold for an hour, could not believe this. Today, I reached out on Social Media to Peugeot asking for help and I also called the Customer Service Centre, but all they did was ask the dealer to call me. I am at the end of my tether and had no other place to turn. I find the dealers that represent Peugeot to be incompetent and have left with a massive grievance year after year and I have had enough. This has now started interfering with my mental and personal wellbeing.

To be honest this problem has gone beyond trust and to resolve the problem I can't see another repair providing any assurance, given the history and lack of respect for me, a once, loyal Peugeot owner and therefore I request that you provide me with a replacement car or a complete refund. The car is only 5 years old and I've enjoyed only one summer driving my car. I have loved the Peugeot brand for many years, I have driven many Peugeot's in my time and have bought 3 brand new Peugeot's and I must say, I doubt I will ever be buying a fourth after the way I have been treated by a company I have I have spent almost 100k with in the last 12-15 years.

I look forward to hearing from you by COB 30th September as I would like this problem to be resolved between us. If we are unable to resolve the matter I will refer it to NSW Fair Trading for intervention.

Please contact me at the below address, by telephone or by email.

Yours sincerely
Kim Mills
Unit 42/16 Macleay Street, Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011
Mobile [protected]

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10:46 pm EDT

Peugeot Total disrespect and lack of credibility

Dear Sir:

My urgent complaint was submitted 3 years ago to Mr. Jordan in France. He was the only person who spoke English in the customer service. I sent him all the documents that proved the catastrophic case of a defective 2012 Peugeot 508, which covered 25000 km. I spent more than 30000 pounds to repair it!
He promised to solve the problem, one of which was to deliver me a new car instead. This was logically expected from Peugeot.
I called him many times, and every time he asserted that my case was to be solved as soon as possible by his manager.
Suddenly, he disappeared and I couldn't reach his manager.

Waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

All the best,
Dr. Shereen

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1:53 am EDT

Peugeot Car is in the garage for a long time

I Klaudia Nghipukuula bought a Peugeot 3008 in Aug 2017.1. After 2 Months the :" Engine fault repair needed light " popped up, I took the car to Spes Bona . They checked the car and they said there was no problem with the car. The engine fault light started popping up several times and every time I take the car to Spes Bona they gave back the car without detecting any fault. Peugeot Agency changed to Auas Motors, I started taking the Car to Auas Motors for the same engine fault error . Every time I take the car they detected some problems and fixed the car but the engine fault light continues to pop up. An Expert Mechanic from Peugeot SA came to Namibia in Dec 2019 to check the car and confirmed that the car was fine. On the 23rd of December 2019 while I was driving the car prompted me to stop driving, immediately I pooled off, the Car was overheating. They towed in the car. I got the car back in February 2020 after the garage confirmed that they fixed the car, after 1 day the engine fault repair needed started to pop up again, I took the car back and the car is still in the Garage waiting to be fixed. I am humbly requesting you to find a solution to this issue as since I bought the car most of the time the car is just the garage and not serving the purpose I bought it for. 2. The windscreen gets cracking at the same spot up to now I fitted 2 new WindScreens already and all 3 windscreens crack at the same spot even the one on the car now it is cracked at the same spot. Await your feedback. My email: [protected]

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10:49 pm EST

Peugeot Peugeot Tepee Braking System

We have our Peugeot Tepee for close to 5 years now. My main complain is the unresolved squeaking sound in the braking system and unusual need to replace the rotor discs to eliminate the problem. Frustratingly, even if the rotor disc are replaced the noise remains. We have owned a number of cars already and it is only with our Peugeot Tepee that we experiencing the need to replace a rotor disc and, in the case of our Tepee, all for of them twice already in a span of 5 years. I guess the same complains are common to Tepee users as well.

I hope parent Peugeot can help Tepee owners and find a resolution to the problem with their parts supplier. We wish to keep our van for a few more years but the burden of the cost of replacing part/part (brake system) that is commonly acknowledge as rarely replaceable if kept well maintained is really frustrating and irritating.

Yours truly,

Manny Comanda

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5:06 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Peugeot after service; 508 model 2016 reliability of its part and warranty

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Cars
The issue that I have experienced was: I was a Peugeot 508 proud owner since Jan 2016 based in Egypt, my company offered me car budget and to had 508 I double the budget from my own pocket in the same time another four of my college made the same, every four years we renew our cars, Unfortunately during the four years the cost of maintenance was very expensive due to high price of the spear parts and also due to major problems in the car engine like ( high pressure pump, turbo, turbo tube, turbo seals ...ets) due to that as the company pay a share in the care maintenance it know study to prevent us from paying Peugeot brand again.
Sorry for long introduction but I just found that I have to transfer the status of your reputation in Egypt know because I really love the care and I am very sad that I may not ride that brand again.
My problem with the car is
120, 000 Km service cost me around 14, 000 EGP and that was for changing consumable parts and that was ok with me
140, 000 km service cost me around 14, 000 EGP and that was for major parts in the engine ( engine chain, and chain pulley, chain gear and its bolts also engine valves cover and many things related to it. the question is the good-wheel warranty must cover all of that but Peugeot authorized workshop didn't announce me for that.
150, 000 Km service cost me around 10, 000 EGP and that was for changing air condition blower which was had problem from the 120, 000 km and they suddenly found it, also the same question of the good-wheel warranty?
today problem is after 160, 000 Km service done next ride was 300 km at the end of that ride the car engine starting became very difficult and not smooth and then engine fault alarm appear. after check by Peugeot authorized workshop they found that high pressure pump and turbo tube and its bases need to change and that will cost me from 14, 000 to 18, 000 EGP and my company refused to pay its shear in that which main I have to bay it all.
After search I found that this care has problems in the high pressure pump and the turbo and it has to change after 100, 000 km to avoid sudden failure and it has to be under warranty cover.
your soon replay and action is highly appreciated.
best regard,
My car : chassis # VF38D5FCAGL000908 MOTOR # 2212464
Last services done in Elsaba Auto service
It occurred on: 26/01/2020
This meant that losing money
losing time
losing my car
do the necessary action
I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply to this email address. [protected]
Yours faithfully,
Ahmed Elomrany

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2:27 am EST

Peugeot elect control windows lifter front lh, rh and back rh

My husband bought a new peugeot 508 /allure 2.0 diesel in 2013.
The car was a company car that drove to the Perth airport and home.
Passengers rarely sat in the car.
The cars window problems started on 28th Aug 2019 with the RH elect control window lifter braking.We found this very unusual as passengers never sat in the back and cant recall ever putting the window down.
This was a very costly as it was $820 for parts and labor, for a window that we cant recall ever putting down.The car had done 85000km.
4months later the front passengers front LH window does the same thing.I order the parts and repair with Peugeot and within a few days the drivers RH window does the same, another $1600.I believe there is a major fault with this control windows and this is not acceptable.Even the Peugeot service dept. were shocked.They said this is very unusual, normally its just the drivers window that goes.I have had many new cars and in this time I have never had to get a electric window repaired in any cars that i have owned.I believe this is not fare wear and tear. The model is 508S4ALLDA12,
vin VF38DRHHACLO72986 engine DYDZ4031135.Please can you look at this complaint carefully as I still have 1 window to still go. Regards Valerie Dobson perth Australia

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9:38 am EST

Peugeot spare part

Dear Peugeot person in charge,

I require urgently help that my car auto gear has intermittent problem to shift the gear from N to D. Once happens, my car is stalled and can't move since gear position still at N. Already diagnosed at Penang Peugeot Service centre, according to the technical advisor, it is related to Gear Shift Lever faulty. The service centre already assist me for the claimed but unfortunately no spare part available. Hence I urgently urge for your help to secure the spare part ASAP.

My particular as below :
Car # plate: PKY8986
Model: Peugeot 508

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4:39 pm EST

Peugeot peugeot 508

Good evening, I own a Peugeot 508 2014 model. I am a person doing all maintenance in the power of attorney after I completed the maintenance of sixty thousand kilos. I have on the screen that there is a problem with the level of oil so I went to the power of attorney. They asked me to do the seventy thousand kilograms, knowing that i did not exceed . They confirmed that there was a problem with the lack of oil in the car and they changed the rocker cover as a solution at the beginning so that they could find out the problem and after only a week the oil was shortened again so I was crowned informing them if he had a problem in the cover and they changed for the second time. Now, after only 4 months have passed The oil was reduced 4 kilos and when I asked them they told me it was not their problem and I have to do on my personal reform. Do this client Peugeot customers service?, which is the right to buy a car will not be reached seventy thousand kilometers there is a problem in the motor and that the company is not responsible for repair. I am very upset about the agency and their dealings with Peugeot customers. It is the right of a large company like you to keep its customers.

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Update by may daoud
Dec 23, 2019 8:33 pm EST

Bonsoir, je possède un modèle Peugeot 508 2014. Je suis une personne qui fait tout l'entretien dans la procuration après avoir terminé l'entretien de soixante mille kilos. J'ai à l'écran qu'il y a un problème avec le niveau d'huile alors je suis allé voir la procuration. Ils m'ont demandé de faire les soixante-dix mille kilogrammes, sachant que je ne dépassais pas. Ils ont confirmé qu'il y avait un problème avec le manque d'huile dans la voiture et ils ont changé le couvre-culasse comme solution au début afin qu'ils puissent découvrir le problème et après seulement une semaine, l'huile a été raccourcie à nouveau, j'ai donc été couronné informant eux s'il avait un problème dans la couverture et ils ont changé pour la deuxième fois. Maintenant, après seulement 4 mois se sont écoulés L'huile a été réduite de 4 kilos et quand je leur ai demandé, ils m'ont dit que ce n'était pas leur problème et je dois faire sur ma réforme personnelle. Est-ce que ce service client Peugeot clients ?, qui est le droit d'acheter une voiture ne sera pas atteint soixante-dix mille kilomètres il y a un problème dans le moteur et que l'entreprise n'est pas responsable de la réparation. Je suis très contrarié par l'agence et ses relations avec les clients Peugeot. C'est le droit d'une grande entreprise comme vous de garder ses clients.

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