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I am super frustrated that I chose to buy a Peugeot because I really loved the 3008, not knowing what poor service the brand will render me. The customer service staff is full of lies and keep on asking for your contact details each time you call to follow up on your complaint. This shows they never did anything to help you to begin with.

The panel beater dealing with my car repairs is even hopeless now because the Arnold Chatz Constantia Kloof dealership that ordered the parts does not even respond to their emails or take their calls. I had to intervene as the car owner. The dealership told me they will look into it. 20 min later, they call to say the parts will arrive that same afternoon or the next morning from the warehouse. Two days later, I again, call them myself only to be told the warehouse made a mistake and there is still no ETA on the parts.

I honestly want to change the car now because of this poor customer service and the car is not even old, I was still enjoying it.

VIN: VF3M45GYVNS081058

Desired outcome: I want the parts to arrive as soon as possible as it has been a month now.