G Jul 27, 2019

Well, I am really considering NOT bringing my dog to Petsmart grooming ever again - or doing business with you - period. On June 28, 2019, I requested the Pawdicure - not the Pawdicure PLUS. All they did was the nail trim and the grinding. I checked the grinding after I got home and it wasn't completely done. A few nails were still as they'd just been cut and no grinding... PLUS I asked the gal who did Toby's Pawdicure about the cologne and the bow that was part of the "Pawdicure". She said "it doesn't come with that on the regular Pawdicure". Oh yes, it DOES! It states right there on the sheet on the counter. She just ignored me when I said "oh, but it does!" This is why I have just been getting the $10 nail trim but I thought I'd give it another try with the "Pawdicure". This isn't the FIRST time I've been short-changed with the Pawdicure and each time I've mentioned where is the bow or the bandana? They just ignore me. I'm tired of this - take it off the package if your groomers aren't going to give the customer what is listed. I'm ready to take my boy somewhere else to get his nails done AND maybe I'll just switch to Petco or somewhere else to get pet supplies as well. The Petsmart on 119th Street in Olathe KS isn't the friendliest store and especially not in the grooming area. Most of them in the grooming area have an attitude. Granted they were busy but this has happened even when they aren't. Don't advertise something you aren't willing to give to the customer.

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