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Petco reviews & complaints

Petco complaints 413

Petco - Wrong Item Delivered


I emailed and spoke to a rep about the package I received today. The item inside the package is a completely different item I ordered. I emailed her the picture, and she said there is nothing you can do for me! Is this how you treat your consumers?

r.[protected] is the email address associated with the order.


Please refund me my money or send a return label I will gladly return the item.

The email I sent to the rep- her email address is [protected] and the picture is in that email.

She told me to "go to the store and return it" . If that was the case, I wouldn't have ordered online!

Desired outcome: I would like the correct item

Petco - Wont return or refund ineffective items

r Summary Subtotal$107.98 ShippingShipping$0.00 Tax$9.02 Promotions-$20.00 Surcharges0.0 Total$97.00 Payment Methods credit card (ending with 1845)$97.00 Shipment 1Tracking #...

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Petco - Grooming

Date of service: 11/19/2021 - 12:30 PM
Pet's name: Fluffy 4 month old Maltese puppy (first-time grooming - requiring first-time bathing & very minor cut/trim face, paws and rear -- no body fur cut)
Head of Grooming Salon: Heather
Appointment with Breanna (absent due to illness. Advised that Breanna had called in sick early morning the day of appointment). There was no call to my contact number that Breanna could not perform the service, nor the opportunity to reschedule.
Advised service wait time from 3 - 4 hours. Wife and I waited entire time. At 10 minutes prior to the 4 hour mark, there was no indication that our pet was being cared for. Both wife and I were readily visible to the groomers; and no courtesy provided of the service status. Requested pet be returned to us. Then advised by salon head that service would be 4 to 5 hours. I paid for bathing (puppy had defecated 3 times requiring 3 bathings) and left.

Desired outcome: Recommend salon head call and advise client of situation in order to reschedule or not. Such a courtesy would provide a better relation for all involved

Petco - Unethical-criminal-behavior

VETCO: Store# 1676: 1912 North Rock Rd, Derby KS 67037. DVM Sarah Boller On October 20th, 2021, I took my 14-year-old Cocker Spaniel (Charlie) to Vetco. I needed to get Charlie's haircut at Petco...

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Petco - Grooming Service

Had an appointment at Westfield, MA
Waited in line for 30 min
Was told they won't accept me cause I'm 30 min late to my appointment but they will do me a favor and will do just this time.
Then they had me sign a new form that I never had to sign being a constant customer confirming my dog has no anxiety, depression, heart, breathing issues. They explained this is for keeping my dog in crate/kennel. Which surprised me why in the world if I made an appointment they will keep my dog in the kennel. But I signed the form and asked to make sure they cut my dog nails, they barely did my previous visit. I was told I need to pay extra $10 if I want my dog nails short. I was surprised again but agreed. When I asked when I can pickup my dog, I was told 2-3 hours.

Why in the world I will make an appointment to leave my dog in petco kennel for 3 hours?? Can somebody explain this to me?

On top of all this, stylist Kristen L. was extremely rude, and mad.

Petco - I am complaining about the frozen medium rats I ordered

Date is October 19, 2021
I have received a 25 count of medium frozen rats I ordered in the mail today and beyond inspection, they had hundreds of mites on them. These would kill my snake if I fed them to him. I am extremely furious. This is absolutely unacceptable.
I need an immediate refund of these rats at $155. I will not accept any form of store credit. I need it refunded to my debit card that I used to purchase these rats.

Desired outcome: Total refund to debit card

Petco - Grooming

I have used your grooming service for my dog leila for over 4 years. Frequency 4 times per year.. Average cost per visit $110.00, Mostly I have been very happy with your service.. Until thi...

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Petco - Thundershirt purchase

I live in Milwaukee and I had purchased 2 thundershirts from Petco on 3870 N. 124th st. I tried the x small on my male yorkie while we were there at the store. It fitted just right. Almost a week later my daughter informs me that my male dog smells very bad and she can't describe the smell but that its horrible. I removed the shirt to give him a bath. I didn't notice the laceration across his neck/chest until I rubbed it with soap and water. I'm horrified. I made an appointment t so he can be seen by the vet the next day. My dog was given ointment for the area and antibiotics totaling $95 I contacted Petco where I purchased it. I spoke to the manager and was told to take my vet to the doctor and bring items in for reimbursement. After phone tags with the managers I was given my refund for the products. I had to wait a week later for my check for vet bill from cooperate. I asked manager for detail information from cooperate and I'm still waiting. I'm not happy with this and more needs to be done. I'm considering looking for a lawyer.

Desired outcome: More needs to be done about this product. Its not safe. IT didn't come with instructions.

Petco - A product

I have bought a product made by foster and smith for 20 years for all my dogs. Life stage select premium multivitamin and mineral supplement for small dogs. This is currently the only vitamin my dog can take having ibd. Petco has been out of stock for this product for so many months. I checked online on other websites and it is out of stock everywhere. I need to know if this item will be discontinued. Every time I call petco customer service, I get no information. An item should not be out of stock for 6 or more months. When I asked the girl from customer service to give me contact info for corporate headquarters, she said I was speaking to corporate. I know that was a lie. She could barely speak english. is this item discontinued or not.??? Are you going to still be selling this item??? When?!!! Please reply. [protected]@HOTMAIL.COM

Desired outcome: I would like a detailed answer.

Petco - Service and knowledge sucks

My daughter purchased 2 tetra fish last night around 5pm for her children 4 years old and 2 years old. With the so called advise from the petco staff on jog road in lake worth, florida. They...

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Petco - Poor petcare/animals in danger/poor service

Hi. Today I was at Petco and noticed how horribly the bearded dragons are taken care of. They had zero food in their bowls, a small tank for 5 bearded dragons, and most importantly their tank wa...

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Petco - Internet pharmacy sales

On August 31 I ordered and paid for (via Paypal) 180 tablets of a medication my dog needed. Petco had the best price I could find. I received confirmation from Paypal that the money had been paid but no email confirmation of the order from Petco. On September 2 I called to ask about my order because the website showed it as "pending" on my account page. The representative told me they were out of stock and there was no ETA for when they would be getting it back in! But they took the money anyway. I was furious and asked why no email confirmation of the order, why no email that they were out of stock, how long did they intend to just sit on my payment and not tell me they were out of stock? Apologies, oh yes, she understood how frustrated I was, yada, yada, yada. I demanded a refund of my payment and she at first told me she could not do it, then changed that to if I cancelled the order, they would refund me. But it would take up to 2 days for me to get my refund. And this is after they already had my funds for 2 days. This is fraud. This company should be shut down.

Desired outcome: Federal Prosecution for fraud

This happened to me also. I put in an order for insulin for my cat (coincidentally also on 8/31/21) without realizing my vet doesn't do online orders. Petco immediately charged my PayPal account. Petco plainly states that if they're unable to fill a prescription within 10 days the order would be cancelled. A month passed with no help at all from customer service so I filed a complaint with PayPal. The money was back in my account within 2 days. I'll never order anything from Petco again since their policy is to take the money without knowing if they can fulfill an order!

Petco - employee

Went to Petco, Hartsdale NY the end of August 21.

The man cashier, the one with the tied back hair, defiantly had a attitude problem, not to mention being rude to a woman customer.

I had to hold myself back from teaching him some respect.

The woman cashier who apparently was in charge wasn't much better, you can see she was very stressed.
If you don't know how to talk to a customer, you shouldn't be in retail.

Petco - Terrible advice that killed my fish

I went into petco to buy algae remover for my beautiful goldfish's tank. Nothing was wrong with her, just not great to look at the water. The young guy told me to simply add a pleco fish to eat the algae. Sounded simple enough. I hesitated because she was in a 10 G tank which is only big enough for one goldfish. He insisted it would be fine. A week later my goldfish is dead. Turns out the pleco can attack your fish and also give it a parasite. I had one fish that could have lived to 20 years and thanks to some uninformed petco employee, she is dead. You may just say it's just a goldfish, but it was my only fish and she was beautiful and happy before this terrible advice and now she is dead. I am so upset. I've invested in all this tank equipment and one incredibly uninformed employee has made it all worthless. You have a responsibility to educate your employees and also not sell fish that are carrying parasites. I can't believe that my fish is dead. I've worked so hard to keep her alive and the petco pleco killed her.

Desired outcome: Educate your employees and pay for the tank expenses that now have no purpose as my fish is dead

Petco - Employee was awful

Treated very poorly at one of petco stores. I usually shop at online with them, and Never have I been disappointed in a store like I have been now. It's the first time I've been to their pet store in...

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Petco - Live fish purchase

Extremely condescending and rude staff . I wanted to purchase fish for my grandson's fish tank.
The staff were not helpful and discouraging us from buying any fish the staff member said that 4 tiger barbs were too many fish for a 10 gallon tank! Ridiculous! They also recommended a tank treatment that did not dechlorinate the tank. That is what I specifically asked for. She asked how long the tank was set up- I told her for 24 hours per the tank instructions. She said she would not sell me any fish because the tank should be set up for at least a week before introducing fish. Again ridiculous and inaccurate. She told me that she was "responsible for the lives of the fish". She would have to call the manager to possibly allow me to use my hard earned money to buy fish at that store.
They are so ridiculous lecturing me when the tanks are overcrowded with lots of dead fish laying on the bottoms of the tanks.
There was much more to this "sales" associates diatribe towards a paying customer.
Terrible customer service at every level
I hope someone from the company contacts me
This incident occurred at the Petco on Fort Evans Road in Leesburg va
What do u have to say????

Desired outcome: Response from petco customer service and reprimand to employee and mandatory customer service training

Petco - Grooming

Month of April 23 2021 I took my dog to get groomed she have been to Petco numerous of time to get a haircut on this particular day I get a call say oh we were removing crust from her eye & it it...

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Petco - Bloody paw after grooming! Blamed it on my dog after we returned to get help with the bleeding!!!

PETCO WARREN RD WESTLAND MI This used to be our go to place for our furbabies... Not anymore! Everytime we had our dog get a nail trim... It was an okay job and they were always great at fitting u...

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Petco - General manager

The general manger at this store, Mikki, was unbelievably rude and discriminatory towards her employees that were not white. She created a hostile work environment that lead to depression and a lack...

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Petco - Canvassers outside your Mansfield Texas store

We just got home from visiting your store in Mansfield Texas. Right next to the front door was a kiosk supporting some form of "Stop The Bullying" campaign. As we passed this by when we left your...

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