PetSmartBetta Fish

A Aug 07, 2018

I went into pet smart yeterday on my day off to buy my betta fish some water and while we were looking for the water we stopped to see more betta fishes and it broke my heart the way they care for the bettas is so sick the over feed them and they struggle to keep floating i'm so livid they were 7 dead and no worker knew, this was in brownsville tx! On top of that we asked to see who took care of the betta fishes so we spoke to that person and he was quickly to put blame on a previous coworker that it was her that over fed them it's completely sad honestly a shame from petsmart I will no longer buy from petsmart and I will tell all my family to not buy there aswell i'm really disappointed it hurt me to see these fishes struggling to breathe and on top of that I get attitude from the employee not acceptable i'm truly sad and super disappointed petsmart hurts be to go but it hurts me more to see all fishes not getting the proper treatment and cleaningness they deserve. All I ask is to keep updated with this store or i'll be returning again with a complain I need to help these fishes to be maintained well! Thanks for these years you've been a great help to me petsmart but no longer, more sad to say! Thanks hope you actually have time to read this.


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