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I took my 3 month old Mercedes-Benz to the TOUCHLESS carwash at the Petro Canada located in Concord, Ontario...

Vaughan Gas Stations

gift card rip off

I purchased an Earls restaurant gift card at the gas station using my Petro-Canada Mastercard and the girl...


The Petro Gas station managers at 5710 111 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB T6H 3G1 are encouraging their...

Edmonton Gas Stations

rude employee and foul language

It was a very busy day at the gas stations and I was waiting in line from one side of the pumps (the same...

ripoff via overcharging and deceptive business practices

I was a major customer of Petro's (burned 2000 gallons of heating oil per year) until a few months ago...

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gas prices

I was in the petro canada yesterday sept 9/2010 i used my petro points card to have a car wash
not knowing the amount of points that the teller had'nt told me!, and my concern here is that i got
pushed in by getting a lousie 12$ car wash but had been taked for over 300$ worth of savings,
this is my complaint to the petro company that i was not aware of the points that were tooken off which
was like 8000 points, so now i can't get my 5cents off card that i have been saving for, for so long.

  • Fe
    Feshberd Jan 10, 2011

    I think this has to do with the Esso g-site cash register system.
    On the older systems all promotions have to be entered manually, Esso also doesn't have the best track record of informing it's employees of new promotions, so if you notice the price being off notify the clerk.
    As for the attitude, some people are just jerks.

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not reliable

I have had 2 scheduled 4-hour windows with Petro Oil (for annual maintenance/clealing of our water heater) and both times, they have not showed up! The window we were initially given was 8am-12pm...he never came. They said 'so sorry...we can get someone else out there...earliest appointment is 6 weeks from today...' so I made the appointment. The second 'window'...6 weeks later from 8am-12pm again...and again...they never showed up! This was the second business day that I had taken PTO off work for these appointments and the second time they stood me up! This is terrible customer service and I do not recommend this company at all if you want an oil company you can depend on!!!

  • Ja
    Jan, Petro Customer Service Aug 26, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Jack T,
    Hello, my name is Jan and I am a senior Customer Service representative with Petro. We take great pride in the service we provide to our customers, I apologize if we let you down.Can we take this offline so that we might rectify this immediately for you? You can email me at [email protected] to let me know where to contact you directly. Again, our sincerest apologies.

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  • Go
    gogo5215 Oct 16, 2010

    Don't lesten to a word anyone from PEATRO (that's how they pronounce it) has to say.

    They are the absolute worse oil service Co. They came in and took over smaller local companies who did a good job. The money PEATRO waived at these smaller compaines was too great to pass up I suppose and they sold out to PEATRO.

    Stay far, far away from PEATRO!! Trust me. Go with a local oil company. Talk a few before you decide. The home heating oil decision is a tough one. Don't take it lightly. There are many local companies who are scam artists as well. But since most own/operate there own business, they are less likely to screw you. They are not some huge oil company from CANADA of all places. Stay away from PEATRO.

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racist employee

Me and my friend wanted to buy some milk one night, so we drove to this Petro Canada gas station on McCowan and Steeles at around 12:30 am on Saturday, July 24, 2010. My friend (who used to work at that gas station), told me that there was this "nice and calm" guy by the name of AMGAD who worked the weekday night shifts over there. As soon as I drove to that gas station and pulled up near the front customer parking area where AMGAD could see all the pumps and the entry to the store, he then looked at me and gave me an ANGRY LOOK. At first I thought that maybe he was tired of his work but that was not the case because as soon as my friend got out of the car, he then signalled at AMGAD just to say "Hi!" to him but then AMGAD went over the intercom and ANGRILY looked at my friend and said to the both of us: "GET THE ### OFF THE PREMISES!" I was then shocked to hear what he said to us but my friend didn't seemed shocked otherwise cause then he thought that AMGAD was "maybe joking with him." But then AMGAD again went over to the intercom and then gave a SERIOUS LOOK at my friend and said to him angirly "GET YOU AND YOUR FRIEND OFF THE ###ING PREMISES NOW!" So we drove off and got milk at another store. After we bought the milk from the other store, my friend told me that he couldn't believe of what AMGAD just said to him and that he knew AMGAD for about 4 months (AMGAD was actually working at that gas station for about 4 MONTHS which makes him a "new guy" for that location.) and that he never fought or argued with AMGAD and that he was pretty "cool" with him. However, I also found out that this AMGAD wasn't so "nice and calm"after all when my friend told me that whenever he went over there to visit AMGAD and a BLACK CUSTOMER would come in and leave, he would constantly harass my friend if he "knew" that Black guy or not and why they always come late at that time. I then noticed that AMGAD was racist and prejudiced against his African Canadian customers. So this why I am writing this complaint, to battle against racism and prejudice at Petro Canada. I urge anyone who visits this location or anyone who is reading this complaint to call head office or the owner of this Petro Canada franchise and complain about AMGAD's evil and ignorant actions towards the African Canadian community in Markham, Ontario. The owner or general manager of that Petro Canada location should teach Amgad of how to properly deal with the customers and if he (AMGAD) fails to learn or comply to the instructions given to him by his superiors, then he should be dismissed or resign. I will not tolerate any racism or prejudice when I want to buy something from some store. Petro Canada should know that as well; that racism and prejudice is NOT tolerated in the business world. I WILL NEVER go to that location to fill up on gas or buy something from the store OR ANY OTHER PETRO CANADA location for that matter. Petro Canada has just lost a customer (me) because of AMGAD'S racist remarks and attitude towards his customers and Petro Canada will continue to lose more customers IF they don't do something about it.

racist and rude employee

Me and my friend wanted to buy some milk one night, so we drove to this Petro Canada gas station on McCowan...

price of gas

I have been charged more money than I knew about per gallon of gas, the Gas station has been bought out by...

suicidal owner

Mo, the owner of Petro Canada in Prince George B.C. on 20th ave. are making poor decisions regarding staff and the operation of Petro Canada. I was informed that he has been feeling suicidal in the last few weeks.

Resolved not environment friendly

Petro Canada is now charging $1.00 for air to fill tires. That is not only a rip-off, it is environmentally unfriendly as consumers might not fill their tires and could use more gas as a result.

I refuse to fill my car with gas at any gas station that has the audacity and environmentally unfriendly policy of charging customers for air!

I actually don't have any more to say than this, but need to add a few words to satisfy the 100 word requirement. Ooops, only 87 words, so here are a few more to satisfy the requirement.

Resolved my car was derailed partway into car was

my vechile was drailed part way into the automated car wash. We were stuck inside no one came to help, I honk...

charge for air

The local Petro Canada station at Scott Road and 80th in Delta has recently been renovated. I went in just after it had re-opened to put air in my tire that was a little flat. To my surprise, they now have a $1.00 charge to put air in tires. I have gone to Petro Canada for years, but I will no longer support this company, but will take my business where air is free.

  • Mi
    miguel invierno Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this happened to me today -- they had a perfectly good, in fact rather modern, free air machine and today it's been replaced with a $1 machine. this is on bloor near high park. I will not be going back there for gas. miguel

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  • Ab
    Abraham Jacob Dec 19, 2008

    The Petrocanada station on Goreway and Queen in Brampton had a nice free air tower. However, today when I went to top up my tires, I found that that was replaced by an air station which had to be fed with a dollar coin to activate

    I felt that this is real money grab. Universally, air is free in pumps and that is how I have known it. The only place I had to pay for air till date was at SUNOCO (50 cents) where they say the money collected goes to Sick Kids (hopefully it does)

    Charging a dollar for air is outrageous. Gas companies are probably the greediest industry. The high profits they have made make them more greedier.

    I decided not to fill up in this station so that I do not contribute to their profits. I have decided to fill up only in pumps where air is free. Hope that other motorists follow this so that as consumers we can teach them as lesson.

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  • As
    ashleycates May 06, 2009

    I work at a Petro Canada, and we have a machine that turns the air pump on for free. It does charge a dollar though if you don't come into the store. But if someone comes in and asks for change for the air machine, we will turn it on for free for them.

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  • As
    ashleycates May 06, 2009

    BUT I do agree that charging a dollar for air is outrageous. If it was up to me, air would be completley free.

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  • Ma
    mabou Jan 27, 2017
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    Verified customer


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  • Or
    orange_unicorn Sep 02, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went into a gas station in Montreal today, and was shocked and insulted when I saw that the price of AIR, which should be FREE, now costs 1.50$!!!

    I left the station immediately, and purchased a machine instead. There is NO way I will be paying gas stations for that, when we are being overcharged for gas and whatever they are selling inside the store anyway.
    Everywhere I ever travelled int eh world, air was free. It should be a free service aimed at encouraging people to check their tire pressure to avoid road accidents and flat tires on main roads.

    I tried to go to an Esso station, and it was the same price. I will be avoiding these two companies from now on.

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double charging at the pump

This is a letter of complaint for what I believe to be a poorly operated and disrespectful gas station...

Markham Gas Stations

Resolved expensive gas

This is not really a complaint about any one person, but I really hate the gas prices. I know for a fact that the Big 4 Oil Companies in Canada are making huge profits regardless of the market price per barrel. Their profits stil increase every year, the reason is because we're all so dependant on it. Our pockets get more empty, but theirs get more full with $$$ I drive 2 hours a day, and the amount of money I spend in gas is more than I spend on food, water and hydro.

Maybe with enough hassle, we'll finally get our break! It's worth a try.

  • Ma
    Marilyn Sugarman Aug 20, 2018

    I was stuck this morning in a car wash at bathurst and steeles for 15 minutes and trying to get help with no one coming and terrified until I was able to call and the man was a jerk and I got no car wash the place is disgusting

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  • Hn
    HNG Aug 21, 2018

    Customer service does not respect customers.

    The agent - Sarah- did not let the customer speak, did not listen to the customer. She yelled at the customer and did not want to transfer the call to a more competent agent. Finally she hung up on the customer. She has no respect at all.

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  • Da
    dawnofthenorth Sep 18, 2018

    Purchased apprx. Sept 1, 2017. Did not work.
    Tried to exchange Sept 7th, next time I was getting gas. I was refused.
    They did not even look at it. Told me there was no returns.
    I had receipt, but they did not look at it.
    Cancelled my gas purchase of $30.00.
    Looked for a sign that stated there was no returns. There was none.

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  • El
    Elklakeman Mar 12, 2019

    On March 6 at 2152 hours a female employee was rude and unfriendly to me. I walked in to purchase gas, she said, Hello to you to, as if i was there as her friend. I purchased gas and never get a thank you. she feels the customer needs to thank her. She has been rude the last 2 times before as well. I will not be going back there

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  • Ja
    Jameser Jun 04, 2019

    Huge lineup off customers and 1 guy taking cash like usual. So lazy!


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