Penske Corporation / one of your truck drivers tried to run me off the interstate I had a 17 month old in my truck, it was intentional.

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I was driving on the Pennyrile Parkway in Henderson KY 5-13-19 around 5pm, I was driving the posted speed limit 55 mph. There was a car to his left, he was speeding and got on my bumper blew his horn, I ignored him, the car to the left of him sped up, I thought he was going around me, instead he got beside me and came over on me, he forced me off the road. I got back on the road sped up to him, he was swerving to keep me from getting beside him, I took out my phone and took pictures of his trailer. number P5170120, my exit was next as I was exiting I took a picture of his arm on his horn, there was a sign saying Ryder on the passager side door, It was too blurry to read the rest of the sign. This man is a menace on the road! He needed to slow down instead he chose to drive recklessly trying to intimidate myself as well as other cars driving on this road! You should be ashamed to hire dangerous drivers!! What do you plan to do about this idiot? I don't have the cords to enable me to download the pictures, however if you text me I will send them to you. [protected]

Regards, Rolanda Logston

May 13, 2019
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      May 13, 2019

    I believe this driver identified a very dangerous hazard on the road and did his best to mitigate it. He saw a female driver. He did his best to get around you quickly, but you impeded his way with the smarmy self assuredness that you were doing the speed limit. You Dudley Dooright, you. Then, once he finally made his way around the mobile death trap that was your vehicle, you tried to run down a semi with whatever hick-mobile you are driving. I might add you jeopardized your 17 month year old's safety in doing this incredibly irresponsible act of road rage and revenge.

    Cool your jets, Mario Andretti. Shouldn't you be following the posted speed limit?

    Also you do not need a cord to download pictures. Ever hear of an email? I figured since you had time to get on your space age computer and whine to a random internet forum you would be able to better utilize methods of delivering media to the end users that need to see them. Pictures would have been evidentiary and may have made you look less like a clown. But, alas. It did not.


    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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