Bard Optical Complaints & Reviews

Bard Optical / prescription glasses

Apr 05, 2019

Dismissive, rude, inpatient receptionist who told us to sit and wait for the Dr without looking at us until she realized we were only there for glasses. Then she turned salesperson who only showed us the glasses that exceeded our insurance allowance, I realized at the end of the visit. She...

Bard Optical / Defective glasses


Bard Optical made glasses for me that were so defective as a result of poor workmanship, that they caused me two years of double vision and migraine headaches. I had numerous tests including an MRI of my brain to make sure that there was not a tumor that was causing my double vision and...

Bard Optical / Unprofessional business ethic


The whole experience was disappointing. The doctor has no concern for the wellness of his patients. The people in the office just wanted to sell you a pair of glasses, regardless whether the glasses is necessary. Been there once and that is enough for the rest of my life!