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awful place to buy glasses

Pearle Vision not a good place to purchase glasses, the state that they offer a 30 day guarantee on glasses, but within that 30 days if you decide you do not want the glasses, THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU A FULL REFUND, and put restriction on any exchange to want to make. What a wasted experience dealing with this store in Langhorne, PA. Do yourself a favor and go to LENSCRAFTERS, 90-days UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE, no hassle, no question ask, if you don'tlike the glasses after 90 days you can have a full refund, or exchnage the glasses for another pair.

bad service

I bought a pair of DKNY glasses from Pearle 3/09 while they were having a 'sale'. Glasses were buy one get one. I bought a pair of bi-focal DKNY and a pair of prescription sunglasses. I went and picked up both pairs but they tried to give me the sunglasses with chips in the glass! That should have been my first clue, 15 months later, the hinge on the DKNY glasses broke and they won't repair them because I didn't get a warranty! So, since I didn't pay for a warranty to protect myself against their poor workmanship, I now have to pay out of pocket for a brand new pair of glasses. Never again will I shop at Pearle and I will advise everyone I know not to either.

  • De
    dedd Sep 30, 2010

    learn how to take care of your glasses, thats why prices go up because of people like you who wear glasses for that long and then something happens to them and you think that you deserve a new pair when its your fault, what a dumbass

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  • Ki
    kimber_ly Mar 30, 2011

    they have no idea what you did with your frame 15 months later. wow come on. even if you buy a mercades you still have to take it in and pay for the upkeep. its not the offices fault your frame broke. call the manuf. of the frame. I'm sure when you call they will laugh at how long you have had them

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late prescription, wrong prescription, glasses not delivered

Yup, everything you've read is true. I went to Pearle to replace some glasses I already. They said they needed 12 days and never called back. I called them after 14, and then they gave me the wrong glasses and not the others I had ordered. The salespeople tried to tell me that I was wrong (i.e., that I had not been using the same glasses for over a year). A true and complete scam that everyone should stay away from. Easily one of the sleaziest companies going.

fraud alert

I have used Pearle Vision for my families vision needs for over five years. I have spend in excess of $3000.00. I usually get our pupil measurements at the time of the exam. I called today and the staff at Cartersville, GA refused to give the information to me. I spoke to Mary Ann the manager and she said it was a NEW company policy to withhold this information. I stated that I owned this information and may file an insurance complaint with Mr. Oxendine, Georgia Insurance Commissioner and the Better Business Bureau. Mary Ann offered to put in lens for only $20. She never offered such an enticing price in the past even when I explained that my purchased had exceeded my insurance coverage. So I can only get a killer dealer when I may seek eyewear from the internet?

horrible service

Pearle Vision is the WORST!! We made the mistake of going there last year and have had nothing but trouble. First off, they had me pick out glasses and contacts. Then 6 weeks after I bought them called me and said that they had "misread" my insurance benefits and will have to charge me an additional $150. But since they "felt bad" they would only charge me $120. They wouldn't let me return any unopened boxes of contacts or work with me on the issue. Then a couple weeks after that, they called to tell us that they needed to charge an additional $30 for my husband's glasses because of the frame. And...we used their credit card so we could have interest free payments for six months. Guess what...we got charged interest. I called the credit card (GE Money) and they told me I would have to work it out with the store. Pearle Vision told me that I would have to work it out with GE Money. I wrote a letter to corporate to complain and they told me that they couldn't do a thing. And the final straw...we decided to get my husband's contacts elsewhere and asked them to fax over his script. They have the wrong date on file. They say it is two years old, even though our receipt says it's less than 1 year. IF YOU SHOP PEARLE VISION, BE PREPARED TO BEND OVER!

  • Bl
    Blindtodeal May 22, 2011

    Pearle vision bait and switch
    Went in to Pearle for the two for one deal, but after selecting frames was told the second pair would be discounted to a max of $200.
    When I asked which frames with lenes were less than $200, I was told there were done. So the deal is not second one free, but rather less tha half price off the second. Re-read the add, and the only relaivent fine print was "Some restrictions may apply"... I have a normal prescription and was not getting bifocals or special lenes, so aparently that means the "resrtictions" apply to all glasses.

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  • Je
    jers90 Jun 22, 2016

    Pearl vision Bait and Switch.
    Ordered crizal lens and received pearls own brand. How can a pearl vision do this to customers. what can be done to stop there bait and switch.

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defective eyeglasses

My wife and I both bought glasses at Pearle Vison and in less than 5 months my wifes pair had the coating on the lenses coming off. We went back to the store and they said we would have to pay for 50% of the cost. This is after a clerk stated that it should never had happened. We are going to contact the headquarters and complain but reviewing other complaints this appears to be a futile effor. We will now take our DRs advice which was never go to Pearle Vision. My pair always shows a blue tint but I am living with it.

  • De
    dedd Sep 30, 2010

    learn hoe to take care of your glasses dumbass

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Just over the year warranty, my glasses started to get stess cracks at the join of the arm to the frame. I took them back and they blamed me (I have worn glasses for 30yrs)and were rude. After I threatened to tell customers how they would not repair this for free they relented and agreed on a "one time only no guarantee". Well, it is 6 months later and my new lenses are cracking. This has never happened to any glasses I have had and I will NEVER go to Pearle Vision again and I am telling anyone who listens not to go there.

  • Ge
    GeorA44 Jan 18, 2010

    Had eyes tested and said they would put the paper work thru. It is now going on the l8th week and I called them they said they did the work wrong and now will be 6 to 9 months before I see my reimbursement for this. I have been to your place before and I will tell you if this is not resolved soon I would not recomend you to my friends and family and also will call the Better Business and put in a complaint there.Date I was there on 9/18/09 the servi ce was E&M Detailed/LC/30 optamap plus, refraction, visual f. The woman I talked to was suppose to be ahead of the office. If this is not enough maybe I should call the public pulse and let them know what kind of practices are going on here.

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  • Pe
    PearleVision Mar 09, 2010

    Hello, I'm Theo with Pearle Vision. I am so sorry you are disappointed. I'd like to hear more about your experience to see if there is anything I can do to help. Please contact me at 1-800-YES-EYES or email me at [email protected] Thank you.

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  • De
    dedd Sep 30, 2010

    learn how to take care of your glasses dumbass

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rip off

Pearle Vision makes you pay the full price up front. Then, sometime much later, you get your glasses that are probably wrong. I paid $550, got the glasses 3 weeks later. One pair was right and one pair was wrong. The company has been "using" my money for 5 weeks and I only have one pair of glasses. Also, they do not order new frames. You purchase the ones they have in the store that you, and who knows how many others, have tried on. I'm still waiting for the second pair. I won't be going back again in this lifetime or my next !!

  • Fa
    FanL99 Sep 22, 2009

    I am writing to you to tell you my experience with Pearle Vision in Reynoldsburg. Firstly, I have never purchased glasses anywhere except Lenscrafters, where I’ve never had even the first problem and received my glasses in two hours. My last purchase was in 2005 and I purchased no-line bifocal l lenses and blue Armani frames. The total cost was $485.00

    I tired of the blue frames and when I was your “buy one get one free” advertisement thought I could buy a new pair and also add a pair of prescription sun-glasses to my wardrobe. I know “nothing is free, ” and should have realized that this offer was too good to be true.

    I could see perfectly out of my “old” glasses, but because the prescription was more than 4 years old, was required to get an eye test. I did; the prescription did not change. As I came on a Saturday morning, I had to wait quite a long time to choose my frames. I did notice that except for one style of Versace frames, you really didn’t handle any designer frames. I chose the 2 pairs I wanted. I was told the charge was about $710. Needless to say, I was shocked, as my last single pair was $485.00 Right then, I should have said, “No, thanks.” However, thinking that maybe I wasn’t up on pricing and due to inflation, I paid the required amount. The next events I will relate to you are divided according to the number of times I have had to return to your facility:

    1st Time-to pick up glasses, only to find that the second pair was not the frames I ordered. So, we went through the entire process again, ordered the second pair, and I took the first pair home.

    2nd Time-to return the first pair, I could not see out of them.

    3rd Time-to pick up both pairs of glasses

    4th Time-to return both pairs of glasses, I could not see out of them. After much time spent, it was discovered that I wore Varilux lenses and my eyes could not adapt to the “cheap” lenses Pearle Vision was trying to pawn off on me for $710.00 I was told that to get the upgrade I would have an additional cost. I put the $181.48 on my credit card.

    As you can see, the TOTAL charges for my glasses, (which I don’t even have and it’s week 5), including the exam, is well over $1000. I am not happy, for I could have went to Lenscrafters and gotten 2 pairs of glasses for the same price. (Yes, I did go to the Lenscrafters in River Valley Mall and check out their prices.) Pearle Vision is NOT buy one get one free, Pearle Vision is let’s use inferior cheap products, raise the price on the first pair, and make the customer THINK they are getting a pair free. What a rip off!

    I think Pearl e Vision represents the despicable side of American business. Pearle Vision will most certainly NOT get me as a return customer, nor my family, nor my friends, nor my co-workers, nor anybody who reads my blog or Facebook online. If I can even prevent one other person from being ripped off, my job will be complete.

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  • An
    anonymousoptician Jan 21, 2010

    Any optical business, except for the online companies, uses off-the-shelf frames. They are cleaned, disinfected, and any screws or bad adjustments are fixed in the lab. This is not specific to Pearle Vision.

    Most also make you pay up front. Why should they tailor-make a product for you for free that they cannot sell to anyone else if you don't come in and pay for it later?

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poor service

I accidentally broke my glasses. They are 2 years old. I took them back to Pearle Vision and they wanted me to pay 50% off the current price to replace them. I simply don't have the money for this and they were not willing to budge and help me out.

  • Da
    davek Oct 27, 2009

    50% off a 2 year old pair of glasses sounds like a good deal to me. Imagine if you sold someone a shirt two years later they tore it and came back to you asking for a new shirt. Would you give them 50% off?

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  • Be
    becobozeman Apr 30, 2010

    WOW! That Pearle Vision was bending over backwards to help you at 50% off!! You wore them for 2 years- what do you expect?? You should have jumped at that deal!!!

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  • De
    dedd Sep 30, 2010

    what adumbass you wore them for two years, I guess pearle vision wore them with you learn how to take care of your glasses

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  • Ki
    kimber_ly Mar 30, 2011

    they were offering you a great deal. what did you want them to do after 2 yrs. have the girl pay for them for you? come on as for comments from dedd, wow you have posted a nasty comment on every pearle complaint. guess we dont have to ask where you work.

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  • Ju
    Juan Esquviel Jul 25, 2012

    From: Juan Esquivel

    1285 E. 1ST AVE., SPC. A
    BROOMFIELD, CO 80020
    (303) 464-7627

    I am to say the least very upset about the despicable business practices Pearle franchise located in Broomfield has, specifically the owner of this branch. I hope this complain helps arise the abuses this franchises has regarding clients who come to the store seeking services and leave with an empty packet, bad service and financially abused. I will detail my case because hopefully someone at a corporate level will do something.
    Yesterday, I talked to the owner to whom I explained that my two kids needed an eye exam and provided my insurance information, she called back to tell me that it would be 10 co-pay for that particular service. I made an appointment for today and when they went there, the doctor started doing all kinds of exams without informing my wife and throwing my daughters contacts to the trash without my authorization and were given new contacts and a large bill to pay for services we did not requested or authorized. All this happened without an adult present when the kids were treated and without explanation what they were doing or how much it was going to cost.
    All this was done when we only were requesting an eye exam that would cost us supposedly 10 per child (2). I tried talking to the owner and she would not talk to me, she kept talking to my underage kids and refused to talk to me but did gave them children a lecture about how all services needed to be paid in full at that time, I asked to speak to her on several occasions to get an explanation of services and she totally refused and demanded her money stating that that was no charity and all services needed to be paid for. I talk to someone named Chris and demanded an explanation for the despicable and abusive business practices and demanded a written document reflecting the service protocol and all she could provide was a copy of the application, she declined to provide the name of the owner. I am very upset to say the least of the abusive behavior of the owner and the irresponsible way she conducts business to make money of working families like us, I kept explaining them that our budget was the 10 dlls for the co-pay and they would not listen and she would not let my family out without paying. What really upset me is that my daughter only had a pair of contacts and they were placed in the trash by the eye doctor without approval and not having money to buy some until another 15 days.
    Since the owner would not let my family leave without paying, we have to leave a check for services rendered and the prescriptions nor the items that came with service not given to my family. This lady acted very rudely to my family not only offensive and threatening but also rude; hopefully, someone can do something about these businesses that do not have integrity or respect for clients.

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  • Ca
    castsstones Jan 24, 2013

    What would make you think that after TWO YEARS they would replace your glasses? Do you think you can buy glasses and they will replace them if YOU break them...forever? 50% was a deal!

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dishonest practice

I bought a pair of glasses from them. They stated they did not take my insurance, but would give me a discount. When I went in, I was very honest about what I wanted-a light frame, no decoration, and I wanted thin lenses and transitions that darkened. I picked the frames, and they were simple. I was told with my perscription and transitions they would be 496! As the frames were only 120, I didn't understand! I told them so. They told me it was because of my prescription.

I didn't think to try anywhere else-I neeeded glasses.

When I got the frames I realized they were not the ones I'd picked, but one more expensive. When told Pearle acted as though I was lying, even though my husband who had been with me verified they were not what I'd picked.

I won't be going there again. I'll find a place I can trust.

It should be pointed out they used to be good, but were bought by someone else 2 years ago.

  • An
    anonymousoptician Jan 21, 2010

    You asked for premium lenses with expensive thin material and Transitions. Why are you surprised that they were expensive?

    Not getting the frame you asked for was bad service, but the fact that an expensive product is inherently expensive is not.

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  • De
    dedd Sep 30, 2010

    I bet you filed a claim with your insurance and got more money back you knew what you were getting you asked for apremium product as far as the frame I think your lying you tried the frame and could see the frame and you did"t like what you picked, just be honest and tell them I'm sure they would do something for you thats why our prices are going up because of people like you. try shopping around and you will see that prices are expensive for a premium product, if you go to one of those cheap eyeglasse shop you get what you pay then, then you can complain.

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rude customer service

First of all they are very expensive. I have acute short sight from over 20 yrs and during my yearly eye...

negligent eyecare

My first complaint involved the disregard for my health and safety when the staff at this location incorrectly dispensed my contact lenses resulting in a ruined weekend, severe headache and placing me in a dangerous condition while driving my vehicle.

Secondly, and to make matters worse, many weeks later after having fallen several times, had special occasions ruined and enduring contact lense trial after trial, the end result is a refund check from the Doctor at this location as he has just advised me that my astigmatism requires a special lense. After having exhausted my time, efforts, physical well being and patience, he could not explain why he did not advise me of this after my initial exam. Perhaps he should have concencrated more on my eyecare rather than telling me stories about his wife and fishing trips!!

After my first complaint I received a courtesy call from the Manager of this location and the District Manager for this area acknowledging my complaint but there has been no follow up to date. I would not recommend Pearle Vision and will make it a point to make others aware of the negligent care I received from their staff. I am in the process of arranging another eye exam for a second opinion not only to obtain the corrective lenses that I need, but also to support the fact that Pearle Vision was negligent in handling my eyecare needs.

DR, Plantation, FL

  • De
    dedd Sep 30, 2010

    maybe you should get anew pair of eyes, if you knew and I"m sure doctor told you about this why did you get contacts why do people always blame other people for their mistakes, you knew you have had this astigmatism for years, you knew, your a liar, people always trying to blame someone else. DUMBASS

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horreid customer service

I walked in to purchase myself and my daughers glassses, Stood around while the salespeople just laughed...

lori s. weiss

on or about 12/23/08 I purchased prescription glasses at above named site for a value of $700, I have not...

broken lenses on my glasses

i purchased a pair of rimless glasses in june, 2008 from pearle vision. as of today, december 21, 2008 they have cracked 3 times. I do not have a job that is detrimental to my glasses, i do not do activities that would cause my glasses to break, i have had many other pairs of glasses that have not cracked, one pair that i have had for four or five years is the same type (rimless) but i have to still wear them because my new ones keep cracking. of course they will not repair or replace them for me unless i pay for them last month, november 2008, i paid 237.00 to have them fixed and today they are cracked again.

  • Si
    siczero Feb 12, 2009

    Um...I know for a FACT you were warned that a rimless frame will cause damage to a lens UNLESS you have polycarbonate on the lens to make then thin. Obviously, the lens were too thick and heavy, thus putting more pressure on them due to the nature of rimless frames.

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awful company

I had my purse stolen so I went to the Pearle Vision in Winnipeg, Manitoba to get a replacement pair of magnetic sunglasses, and was told I would have to order another set of frames to get the sunglasses. Oh! they would then give me 50% off of the frames and give me the sunglasses. Now call me crazy but I'm not about to pay $150.00 for a pair of sunglasses (my frames were $300); when it probably cost them $2.00 to make the sunglasses.

I'll never buy my glasses from them again. This is bad business practice and they have to stopped.

  • Si
    siczero Feb 12, 2009

    First of all ma'am, you're paying for the convenience of having clip-ons with your glasses. The company that sells those clip on sunglasses/glasses (most likely imf) does not sell the clips individually, and the frame must be sold completely. You're lucky that 50% discount was extended to you, at least you know how much you saved.

    Secondly, it does not cost pearle two dollars to make the glasses, that's ridiculous. Lenses are expensive, the store has to pay for the frame, and then they have to pay shipping to get all of it delivered to the store. Before making a complaint, make sure you're well informed. I work for a pearle, and your complaint is certainly un-informed.

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  • De
    dedd Sep 30, 2010

    people always want something for free thats why our prices go up, I suppose pearle vision stole your purse

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  • Wa
    Washington Apr 07, 2011

    I purchased a pair of Revolution eye wear approximately two years ago. I hae misplaced the magnetic shade that accompained the eye wear. I have now found out that Pearle Vision does not carry this type of eye wear any longer; No representative has been resourceful to assist me. I have become discouraged with Pearle Vision. How may I obtain the magnetic shade? I had hoped to continue and patronize Pearle Vision, but I have not been treat well. Now, I will have to find a new optical center to take care of my eye needs. I will express non-service to friends and family members.

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  • Su
    suzanne trbovich Jul 12, 2016

    i complained earlier about my glasses purchases in june 2008 that have now cracked 3 times. the pearle vision person i spoke with today, december 21, 2008 has agreed that they should be replaced, so i wish to withdraw my complaint at this time

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horrible service by ignorant employees

The frame on my glasses broke and Lenscrafters warranty of one year expired (by a month mind you) and said...

defective frames / poor customer service

On January 8, I purchased a pair of glasses for my 4 y/0 daughter. Despite treating them with kid glove...

beware of them

I also was a victim of Pearle Visions poorly done eyeglasses. I purchased a very pricey pair of Dolce and Cabana glasses in the 300+ price range which made me feel confident that there was no way anything could go wrong...well it did, and very surprisingly after the glasses were no longer covered under store warranty, about 3 months. The lenses on both eyes have so many cracks in them that I can't stand to put them on. I made a huge investment in Pearle Vision and I will not EVER do that again. I am pissed off!!!

don't shop pearle

I work for a former DOC now Pearle vision. Let me tell you, Pearle vision is horrible. Corporate is very...

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