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While at the Payless rental car facility, the vehicle I rented was stolen in the Payless lot. A police officer came to the facility and took a report stating that the car was stolen from the lot. The key for the car was given to the facility by me. Your customer service team insist that the car was left running and the keys were in the car. That is not true. The keys were given by me to Payless facility. The car was left running because it was too loud and I was at the facility door complaining to the Payless representative that the car was too loud and I was having issues shutting it off. The car was closer to the agent than it was to me. I am being held responsible for Payless not being a secured facility? I never wanted that rental. I waited over 35 minutes for my original request which was a Pick up truck. I was then informed that there were none available and that I would have to take the Charger. I have no need to wish to cruise around in a Charger. I have rented multiple times from Payless and have never had an issue.

Payless Car Rental

Oct 04, 2019

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