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Oct 30, 2007

Payless Car Rental - over charge repairs

Payless Car rental at SFO has tried to charge my insurance company the full cost of replacement of a windshield for a small rock chip. The insurance company says they can fix that for 50 bucks and will not replace the whole windshield. As such payless says I am responsible for the full cost minus the 50 bucks the insurance co pays.
Seems like a scam to me to charge for a whole windshield when it could be fixed for less but I guess thats the rental car business.

Oh, and for Roger, you can't rent a car with a broken or cracked windshield. It's a liability issue.

It seems you must have paid for Renter's Liability Insurance which covers you on 3rd parties, not your rental car. To cover the rental car it is called Collision Damage Waiver. This seems expensive for a bumper, but I can promise you that the next customer would complain about the chip in the car. I'm not sure what a bumper costs to replace, but you need to pay for the product, installation, an administrative fee to those processing the claim, plus lost time and mielage fees for not being able to use the car. When you look at it that way...I dunno, to each their own. But if you have any doubts, you can ask for copies of pictures of the damage and insurance estimate.

Jul 24, 2009

I rented a a car ( with Payless car Rental in Montreal, Airport Hotel Hilton, initially charge was suppose to be 344.56 Canadian $.They made me pay extra $25 a day for insurance which I was ok to be on the safe side . They lied about unlimited milage.
When return the car I had a very small stone chip on the rear bumper, sign the paper and took off for the plane to Europe.
Next day they took $870 and two days later $850 from my Visa. I was stupid enough to think they have made a mistake and withdrawn same amount 2 times, but they did not think so. They do not answer my calls and it seems they do not care.
I am Canadian working for NATO forces in Europe, this could never happen over here. Such a company would be closed by customer protection service next day, at least talking from my 3 years life experience here.
So I am short for more than $1700 CAD, initially hoping I got a good deal for $344.56.
I have contacted the Visa and now I am calling to give them very hard time since they were the one to advertise this company on their booking website. This is the biggest scam I have experienced in my life.

Sep 03, 2008

We have also rented a car at the Orlando airport location and received a bill today for $576.00. They are claiming there was a dent in the door. This ia such a scam. Can anyone tell me what to do or what they did? I filed a report to my credit card company and have not yet heard back from Payless car rental. Please help or give advice at [email protected]

Apr 28, 2008

OMG! This happened to me too. Payless is a scam!Never rent from them!

Nov 28, 2007

My wife recently rented a payless car in tampa. i didn't fall for their bait and switch with the extra insurance. we returned the car in pristine condition and now they are filing a claim to my insurance company for what, i don't know. this is outright fraud. i had this happen to me years ago on a car rental in ireland too (with another company). DO NOT RENT FROM PAYLESS. THEY ARE FRAUDS. stick with major companies like hertz or national. i have never had a problem with them.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Payless Car Rental - False advertising!

I made a reservation for a rental from Payless Car Rental in Orlando. I asked for a economy car. When I arrived I was offered a bit nicer car at a added cost. When I declined the increased price and asked for what I reserved, an economy car which they advertised as a Hyundai accent I was given a Large Nissan Titan gas hog. I asked for a small car for economy, ease of driving and yes price. The car I was offered for an increased fee was the closest thing to what I reserved and was available but not given. I voiced my dissatisfaction but was told that was it. Take it or leave it. 11pm on a rainy night in Orlando doesn't give much opportunity to walk away. The truck was not the only thing available. Small cars were sitting all over the lot. No where in their terms was anything mentioned about providing what ever they choose no matter what was reserved. The only mention is economy or SIMILAR. A big truck is not similar. It caused much worry and concern and difficulty as far as driving and parking not to mention over $40 more in fuel than the car I reserved would have used.

I have the same thing happen. Recommend other complain to the Better Business Burea, Florida Attorney General and the Orlando Internation Airport.

Aug 17, 2006
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Payless Car Rental - Very poor customer experience

Payless offers a lower cost service online for car rentals. However, once you arrive at the desk to pick-up your car they use a series of bait and switch type behaviors to add a series of...

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